The Importance of the Solution that Preserves the Roots

The Importance of the Solution that Preserves the Roots 1

The liquid or solution that preserves the roots during the hair transplant procedure has a great effect on the final outcome of the procedure. There are many opinions regarding the most suitable solution to preserve the harvested grafts, which are used as temporary storage units during the hair transplant procedure. Many surgeons have been using the same protocol during the hair transplant procedure, which delivered successful results most of the time, nevertheless there has been always this urge to achieve better and guaranteed results.

What Kind of Effects do Hair Roots Containers Have on the Final Outcome of the Hair Transplant Procedure?

A recently published article by the international association of hair transplant, discusses the controversy related to the best solution that keeps hair roots healthy and the role it plays in sustaining these roots after being removed from the scalp.

Generally any kind of solution should provide the highest level of protection and the lowest levels of pressure on hair follicles during the period hair roots remain outside of the scalp. Lowering the pressure increases the possibility of sustaining hair roots and improves roots’ growth after being planted.

What are the Best Solutions Used to Maintain and Improve Roots Quality?

Most solutions used in the containers that preserve hair roots are made of modified salt water, such as saline, and it is originally designed to support cells in the normal body temperature. Hair roots are usually stored in low temperatures between 2-8 C° in order to decrease metabolism and any other damages that may be inflected on roots out of their natural environment.


Unfortunately these conditions weakens the root protection and slows the ITP Adenosine triphosphate movement, which has the duty of maintaining its vital balance, this may lead to:

  • Changes in the cellular membrane
  • Instability of the composition inside the cells
  • Creating alien atoms
  • Abnormal water flow inside the membrane

Eventually this may lead to the death of the cells or to necrosis. All these factors may aggravate when using a solution like the saline that contains hair roots in an alien environment. On the other hand placing hair roots in an active and a supportive environment with an equivalent temperature to that of the human body; metabolism rates are going to be normal and the ionic ITP moves freely. Saline solution of equalized tension speeds up the process of ascites, decomposition, and death of the cells under the circumstances hair roots undergo in that low temperature.

Hypothermosol strengthens and sustains hair roots and maintain them healthy and intact during the time hair roots remain outside of their natural environment

In order to support cells in the external circumstances and low temperature, and in order to gain maximum use of the recession period that hyperthermia provides, the need for a solution that sustains hair roots in a healthy environment and maintains cells balance in an environment similar to the original one containing the cells. Low temperature is the ideal environment to sustain these tissue samples during storage period, and this is exactly what Hypothermosol solution does. This solution manages the pressure caused by low temperatures, and keeps balanced ions and particles with the same pH levels, it also decreases death of cells and increases possibilities of faster healing processes after transplanting roots in the new position in the scalp.


In the following pictures you can see samples of cells stored in different equalized solutions put under a florescent microscope, these pictures show the exact periods hair roots cells stayed out of its natural environment.

Hair Roots Preserved in Different Solutions

Hair Roots in Different Preserving Solutions

The florescent microscope shows how the low temperature solutions that sustain hair roots maintain the cells alive, and shows how it is different from other solutions like serum or saline.

Reinforcing the health of hair follicles is necessary to guarantee the quality and success of the procedure, in addition to hair density and taking into account scalp irritations, the rates of hair growth and the thickness of the hair. These factors are very necessary to consider in order achieving the ultimate use of the sustaining solutions, it is also an effective way to make hair roots healthier.