Hair Transplants Using Stem Cells

Hair Transplants Using Stem Cells

Stem cell hair transplantation is a modern technology that uses the patient’s own stem cells to treat progressive hair loss. Stem cells are a type of cell in the body that has the ability to develop into many different cell types in order to grow tissue since they have the ability to divide and create all types of body cells. Stem cell hair transplantation encourages hair growth by using the growing potential of stem cells.

Does Stem Cell Hair Transplant Work? 

Since stem cell hair transplantation is a recent hair transplantation method that is only available in a few clinics throughout the world, numerous institutes and academics have performed considerable scientific research to investigate the possibilities of hair rejuvenation.

University of Pennsylvania researchers discovered that stem cells can replace missing or dying hair follicles and restore hair loss. According to another study, stem cells can be transformed into epithelial cells and used to treat hair loss, wound healing, and other degenerative dermatological conditions.

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How is stem cell hair transplant done?

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Every day, tens of thousands of people seek expert assistance in order to resolve situations that they do not wish to have. One of these difficulties is, of course, hair loss or hair thinning. Even though humanity in the past were unable to find a suitable answer to this problem, current humans have.

This solution is hair transplantation procedures which have many different techniques. One of these techniques is stem cell hair transplantation. It simply is the procedure which uses the patient’s own stem cells to treat progressive hair loss.

As we all know, stem cells are a type of cell in the body that has the ability to develop into many distinct cell types in order to grow tissue. They are referred to as “mother cells” since they have the ability to divide and create all types of body cells.

So, similarly to this natural process, stem cell hair transplantation stimulates hair growth by utilizing the growing potential of stem cells. Micro injections of stem cells are used during the operation to infuse them into the hair follicles. These cells proliferate and divide again in the recipient location, producing new cells and re-growing the hair strand.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stem Cell Hair Transplant? 

Advantages of stem cell hair transplant: 

  • Can treat full baldness, genetic baldness, and alopecia.
  • Stem cell hair transplant is a natural procedure. 
  • Quick and more effective procedure.
  • This procedure does not need anesthesia or only local anesthesia.
  • No Scars.
  • The patient can get back to normal activities once the operation is finished, resulting in rapid recovery.

Disadvantages of stem cell hair transplant: 

  • Inflammation may arise in the transplanted areas as a result of the new hair not integrating with the scalp, depending on the patient and the conditions.
  • The transplanted hair may grow completely or remain at the same short height.
  • Needing a re-transplant after a few years.
  • The body refusing the stem cell transplant 
  • Fibrosis of the scalp may arise, reducing the success rate of hair transplantation.

How Is Stem Cell Hair Transplant Performed? 

The operation starts with a punch biopsy to remove the patient’s stem cells. Which involves removing a cylindrical sample of tissue with a tool having a circular blade that is rotated into the skin.

In special equipment known as a centrifuge, the stem cells are extracted from the tissue. It leaves a cell suspension in the hair loss sites, which is later injected back into the scalp.

The stem cells are then extracted from the fat and implanted into the scalp using a unique procedure. And It takes about 3 hours to complete a stem hair transplant procedure.

Is stem cell hair transplant permanent?

Researchers discovered that stem cells had the ability to restore missing or dying hair follicles and reverse hair loss. Another study found that stem cells may be converted into epithelial cells and used to treat hair loss, wound healing, and other degenerative dermatological disorders.

What is more, the stem cells in your body are in charge of healing and repairing tissues. These stem cells are vital building pieces that have the ability to convert into any sort of cell. Numerous mesenchymal stem cells reside in the layer of fat beneath the skin. These mesenchymal stem cells can be extracted and used to benefit from their restorative qualities thanks to groundbreaking technology. When your stem cells are put into areas of thinning hair, they can help rebuild hair follicles and restore appropriate hair development.

Although there may not be a certain answer since the recovery period and the success rates can vary from one person to another, it can be clearly stated that the method, in practice and theory, gives you permanent results.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant
Duration 5-8 Hours
Anesthesia Local
Healing Time 10 Days
Back To Work 1 Week
Almost No Scarring
Pain Not Painful
Sapphire FUE, DHI Choi Techniques
Age Limit 25 To 75
Permanent Yes

What Is The Difference Between Stem Cells and FUE Hair Transplants? 

The difference between a Stem cell hair transplant procedure involves a selection of cells that have the potential to develop into different types of cells found in the body. They’re unspecialized cells that are unable to do specific things in the body.

These stem cells are then separated from the tissue in a specific machine to leave a cell suspension that’s then injected back into the scalp in the areas of hair loss. 

And a FUE hair transplant straightforward and short involves the same goal which as are all other methods of hair restoration does, your surgeon extracted the hair follicle then implanted the grafts back to the areas of hair loss.

Is PRP Better Than Stem Cells?

PRP and stem cell therapy are two distinct treatment options, however, they are frequently confused or mistaken for one another. Here are some details to help you understand the differences between PRP and stem cell therapy.

Like PRP, stem cell therapy is a relatively simple procedure, compared to surgery. 

Stem cell treatment is the process of extracting stem cells from the body and re-injecting them into a site of injury or discomfort. They are cells that have not been assigned a function and can evolve into a variety of cell types.

PRP has a lot of similarities to stem cell therapy, but it’s a completely different treatment. The advantages of PRP therapy are numerous. Many patients benefit from PRP treatment because it aids cell repair, which decreases inflammation and pain.

How Much Does Stem Cells Hair Transplant Cost? 

Average Hair Transplant Cost Per Country

Average Hair Transplant Cost Per Country

The average cost for a stem cell hair transplant is $7,000, the minimum cost is $5,000 and the maximum cost is $10,000. The total cost of stem cell hair transplants will depend on each individual. 

These average prices are from various countries around the world that offer stem cell hair transplantation procedures, such as Turkey, the United States, and the United Kingdom, among others. However, the best way to find out how much the procedure will cost you is to schedule a consultation with a clinic of your choice; most clinics offer free doctor consultations. 

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Can stem cells regrow hair?

Yes, stem cells regrow hair. In recent years, experts have discovered that stem cells can totally assist restore hair after seeing how they can help repair shafts. Basic stem cell hair therapies involve implanting stem cells into the follicle so that fresh hair can develop from them. It’s a totally unique method of generating new hair that’s both healthy and normal.

How long does stem cell therapy last for hair?

In general, it can be said that the outcomes of stem cell hair therapy are permanent. Moreover, this is a one-time procedure for strong and active people with conventional male or female structured baldness or alopecia and no additional health problems, and while it is still new, the effects are predicted to be lasting for a lifetime.

Can Stem Cells Reverse Hair Loss?

Yes, stem cells have the ability to reverse hair loss because stem cells are fundamental building-block cells in the human body that have the unique potential to differentiate into specialized cell types. As a result, they are able to rebuild and heal themselves and the tissue swiftly. So, stem cells are harvested from your own adipose tissue, condensed, and injected into your scalp to reverse hair follicle atrophy and hence promote hair growth.