Bio-FUE Hair Transplant

Bio FUE hair transplant is a more advanced and improved version of FUE hair transplant that results in more natural-looking hair growth. The main goal of this cutting-edge technology treatment is to boost FUE results by integrating certain cell-based hair growth hormones into the surgical procedure. During the surgery, the same FUE hair transplant procedure is used.

What is bio FUE technique?

It’s a biotechnological treatment that’s based on the FUE hair transplant method. Following the FUE hair transplantation procedure, regenerating cells from the patient’s own bloodstream are simply administered or injected into the recipient site. These regeneration cells, which have been extracted from your blood, offer growth hormones that aid in the healing process. The BIO FUE regenerating cells produce organic and long-lasting benefits.

Does Bio-FUE Hair Transplant Work? 

Bio FUE hair transplant provides several adjustments that aid in the healing of the transplanted area as well as the growth of transplanted hair in terms of strength and texture. Bio FUE hair transplant results are also good in terms of hair density and volume. It also eliminates the problem of hair loss.

In the end, it still uses the FUE hair transplant procedure, which has been the primary remedy for hair loss with a 96% success rate, so yes, it works.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bio-FUE  Hair Transplant? 

Advantage of Bio-FUE hair transplant : 

  • The most important advantage of this Bio FUE transplant procedure is that it not only enhances the growth of the implanted hairs but also encourages the growth of hairs in the surrounding area affected by hair thinning.
  • It activates the hair stem cells that are transplanted.
  • safe hair transplantation.
  • This procedure also has a very short recovery time in both donor and transplanted area
  • improves hair texture.

Disadvantage of Bio-FUE hair transplant : 

  • Infection, bleeding, numbness, loss of sensation, and changes in skin tone are all common side effects of FUE transplants.
  • A patient may experience discomfort as a result of needle prick bleeding on the scalp and redness at the injection sites.
  • a patient may require multiple sittings or sessions.

How Is a Bio-FUE Hair Transplant Performed ? 

The surgeon removes a little amount of blood from the patient’s body and stores it in a centrifuge to separate the infuse regenerative cell from the blood in the first phase. 

During this process, two layers of blood are formed: one containing regenerative cells blood and the other containing eliminated regenerative cells blood. 

Once the surgeon has collected blood from the donor location, it is then injected into the site of transplanting or bald to increase its effectiveness. However, the procedures cause less scarring and post-operative pain, as well as faster and more natural hair growth.

What Is The Difference Between Bio-FUE and FUE Hair Transplant?

The difference between a bio-FUE and traditional FUE hair transplant is modernization, as both bio-FUE treatment and FUE leave no linear scar on the scalp where the grafts have been extracted. however, the best part of Bio-FUE treatment is that it rejuvenates dead hair follicles on a permanent basis and results in good and healthy hair growth, and It repairs damaged hair that is caused by chemicals. 


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