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8 facts to expect after a hair transplant

There are 8 facts after a hair transplant procedure all patients have to expect .

Male Hair Loss and Baldness

Hair loss and baldness do not happen to all men and certainly those who suffer from it have it in different degrees. Hair line might start retreating to the crown area, or may begin at the crown area and expand in the diameter, or it even may disappear totally to leave you with a shiny clean shaved head. For some men, baldness is inevitable just like growing old. In order to avoid this problem many men resort to search for all possible solutions to restore their hair and to get rid of the problem of baldness, which is best solved by hair transplantation.
Here we provide you with 8 facts to expect after hair transplant procedures:
The cost of hair transplant procedures does not depend on the number of transplanted roots:
The cost of a hair transplant procedure is never calculated according to the number of extracted or transplanted roots, it depends on the amount of effort spent in the operation room. When the patient visits the clinic for an advisory session the surgeon will determine the amount of work needed. This is the reason why there is no final cost for this procedure.
There are many probable side effects to hair transplant procedures
Hair transplant procedures may have some side effects because the areas that went under the procedure are considered weaker than they used to be, increasing the possibility of infections and some delay in the healing process. But these side effects are avoidable by selecting the right doctor to perform the procedure and getting enough rest and medical care after the procedure.

8 facts after a hair transplant

8 facts after a hair transplant

Transplanted hair falls off after the procedures:
This surgical procedure in the scalp gives chance to new hairs to grow, these new hairs start growing in the second month after the procedure. There are some cases where transplanted hair does not fall off at all, in the contrary it continues to grow.

Healing and growing hair differ from one person to another
Although doctors determine the time for hair to grow, wound to heal and clots to disappear after the procedure, this does not necessarily mean that this period is a rule and should apply to everyone. Each patient needs a different period of time to grow hair as we said earlier this is determined by the biological nature for each patient and space of the receiving site. The number of transplanted roots also has an effect on the entire healing process.

The final results of the procedure do not show up until one year or more after the procedure.
The final result for a hair transplant procedure seems more obvious after one year or one year and a half after the procedure; by that time hair would have grown by more than one inch and then you can cut your transplanted hair for the first time. Then you can see better coverage. For the best and the guaranteed results the procedure should be performed by a specialized doctor with complete practical and scientific experience.

The permanent results of the hair transplant procedure:
hair transplantation provide permanent results; this is why patients who suffer from baldness go under the hair transplant procedure in spite of its relatively high cost. The results are permanent and natural at the same time.

Some patients may need to continue some treatments even after the procedure.
Patients who suffer from hair loss may be advised to carry on using the treatments and supplements they used to have before the procedure in order to maintain the natural hair in that area.

Patients may require another hair transplantation or another session
According to the doctor’s assessment a patient may need another session of hair transplantation in the future. There are some cases when the doctor waits to see the final results of the first procedure to determine whether the patient needs another session or not. The second transplantation is set after at least a year and for others it may take years to set a second session, some rare cases need more time to have full coverage. Second sessions are not due to mistakes or errors in the previous transplantation; it is merely an extra step in the case when patients desire a complete hair restoration.

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