Fue Hair Transplant

Ice-FUE hair transplant is simply as what the name implies, this approach combines the use of ice with a hair transplant, notably using the FUE technique to harvest follicles from the donor area; the retrieved grafts are then placed in a prepared solution and maintained at a precise and very cold temperature. Treatments are performed prior to implanting the follicles to protect and increasing the viability of the follicles.

What is ice FUE hair transplant?

Hair strands harvested from the neck area employing DHI do not decrease their productivity while having to wait for the transplantation time, since hair roots are shocked with a tool and stored in a particular solution in the ICE FUE hair transplant process. Such hair transplant procedure is extremely professional and the most efficient method to extract the greatest value from each transplant hair.

Does Ice-FUE Hair Transplant Work? 

With its advanced hair extraction technique and experienced doctor, a FUE hair transplant only offers a 90 % to 96% success hair restoration rate for patients, And an ice-FUE is primarily an extra treatment to ensure the vitality of the extracted hair follicles before implanting back to the patient hair loss locations, the success percentage will increase due to safety. The vitality of the bulbs while they keep outside the body; Therefore, when this method applies to the target area, it will produce more new hair.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ice-FUE Hair Transplant? 

Advantages of ice-FUE hair transplant: 

  • Increasing the patient’s comfort during the procedure
  • The ice hair transplant technology will produce greater outcomes, and the medical team will be able to operate more comfortably.
  • The percentage of FUE transplantation will increase.
  • Hair bulbs inserted in hair loss areas will adjust to body temperature and ready to grow; low temperatures have an anti-inflammatory impact.
  • Both the recovery and the growth of hair bulbs enhanced 

The Disadvantage is there’s a chance you’ll have a lot of swelling, pain, and bruising. or the possibility of scarring. On some of the follicular insertion sites, the operation may leave minor and unnoticeable scars.

How Is Ice-FUE Hair Transplant Performed? 

The procedure will begin with the injection of local anesthesia, just like a standard FUE transplant technique, your surgeon will extract individual follicles from the scalp.

Each extracted follicle is placed in the Ice graft solution, which is a combination of antioxidants and vitamins meant to strengthen and revive hair follicles. This ensures that after harvesting, each graft remains in optimal condition.

Finally, once the harvesting process is complete, the surgeon opens micro channels into the recipient area, and the grafts are gently removed from the IceGraft Solution and inserted into the channels.

What Is The Difference Between Ice-FUE and FUE Hair Transplant?

The difference between an Ice FUE Hair Transplant and another procedure developed specifically to increase the existence of extracted grafts and deliver long-term results. In terms of particular methodology and extraction and implantation techniques. 

The Ice FUE Hair Transplant is identical to the standard FUE procedure. The distinguishing feature of this approach is that throughout the extraction process, the grafts are immersed in a specific solution aimed at extending their lifespan while remaining out of contact with the scalp.

How Much Does Ice-FUE Hair Transplant Cost? 

The average cost for an ice-FUE hair transplant is $4,000, the minimum cost is $3,000 and the maximum cost is $7,000. The total cost of stem cell hair transplants will depend on each individual. 





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