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Plastic surgery in Turkey is a safe and good option for people from abroad because they have a chance to get the best plastic surgery results at affordable prices. Many people prefer and recommend Turkey because of excellent results and services.

The average cost of plastic surgeries in Turkey ranges from 1700 USD to 8050 USD depending on the surgery type. Either combined aesthetics such as mommy makeover or small operations like labiaplasty is cheaper compared to other surgeries.

Plastic surgery clinics in Turkey offer all inclusive plastic surgery packages. Patients can benefit from having transportation and accommodation services without any effort.

You can get information in this article about what plastic surgery clinics in Turkey offer, why people choose Turkey for plastic surgeries, cost of plastic surgeries in Turkey, plastic surgery payments, best plastic surgeons in Turkey, frequently asked questions such as legal age to get plastic surgery, before and after plastic surgery photos.

Cost of plastic surgery in Turkey

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Prices in Turkey
Surgery Cost in USD
thigh lift $ 3550
penis enlargement $ 4100
rhinoplasty $ 3150
brazillian butt lift $ 4600
vaser lipo $ 3300
neck lift $ 2850
liposuction $ 2700
breast reduction $ 3450
breast lift $ 3300
eyebrow lift $ 2450
gynecomastia $ 2800
fat transfer $ 1850
breast enlargement $ 3800
abdominal etching $ 3100
labiaplasty $ 2250
face lift $ 4300
otoplasty $ 2100
bichectomy $ 1750
blepharoplasty $ 2100
arm lift $ 2050
canthoplasty $ 1700
chin reduction $ 2292
mommy makeover $ 8050
tummy tuck $ 4200

Reviews and Experiences

Why is Turkey surgery cheaper?

Turkey, like a few other countries abroad, provides excellent medical care and cosmetic treatment or procedures at a lower cost than most of what other countries in Europe or the USA charge. However, some of the various reasons behind Turkey’s low prices for any type of plastic surgery, Are the low cost of living, taxes, foreign currency exchange, And the last main component to Turkey cheap cost is the government subsidies which are a key factor that influences this pricing, allowing Turkish clinics to provide trustworthy procedures at inexpensive prices.

Nevertheless, you should bear that in mind clinics that charge prices that are unnecessarily higher or lower should be avoided!

Is Turkey a good place to go for plastic surgery?

Yes, Turkey is an ideal destination overseas for plastic surgery or any other medical procedures. Aside from being one of the popular medical tourism destinations in the world, Turkish hospitals and private clinics are led by qualified doctors and surgeons with over 20 years of experience and have performed thousands of procedures, the efficient treatments, and affordable plastic surgery costs, making the country one of the top ten locations for people considering plastic surgery of any type abroad for the last decade.

Furthermore, what makes Turkey an even better choice for a good plastic surgery alternative is the country’s ideal geographic location, which is near to Europe and Asia, making it easier to reach for individuals all over the world with lower air flight costs.

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What plastic surgery is Turkey known for?

Turkey offers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures, such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift, eyelid surgery, and bbl or Brazilian butt lift, among others. Even though Turkish doctors and surgeons are incredibly successful in all of these procedures, hair transplants and dental implants are far superior. However, choosing Turkey for any type of plastic surgery would not be a mistake.

What is the legal age for plastic surgery in Turkey?

The legal age for plastic surgery in Turkey is normally 17 for women and 18 for men. However, in exceptional circumstances where a child’s health or growth is compromised, any plastic surgery can be performed at a younger age, although revision surgery may be necessary.

There is no maximum age as long as the patient is fit and has no health issues. The surgeon will always ensure that patients are considered as a candidate to have a plastic surgery operation, which is normally determined by consultation beforehand.

What do Turkey’s all-inclusive plastic surgery packages include in Turkey?

The Luxurious medical tourism packages in Turkey for patients undergoing any form of plastic surgery will include an accommodation in a 5-star hotel, free hospital stays (if required), a private transportation, free consultation, and, eventually, the operation that you desire.

Certain packages may include additional benefits such as lunch and dinner, plane tickets, and so on. However, this will depend on the package you select and the type of procedure you are undergoing. Turkey All-inclusive Cosmetic Surgery Packages are considered as one of the best options available among the several overseas countries that provide medical treatments and plastic surgery.You can check Klinik Haus for more detail.

Why should I consider plastic surgery in Turkey?

If you have ever imagined having plastic surgery but have been put off for various reasons, now is the moment, and probably the most significant time, to learn about Turkey. Turkey is most likely the finest destination for you to receive the plastic surgery you’ve been wanting for a long time. Turkey, which currently ranks in second in Europe and ninth internationally in terms of the number of plastic surgeons, is an important and common tourist spot for a variety of reasons.

To begin, you will be greeted by a group of talented and well-disciplined surgeons who speak fluent English. Second, the rates of success in any type of operation are extremely high, placing the country in second place in Europe in terms of success. Last but not least, you just have to pay one-third of what you would if you went to a clinic in Europe or the United States. So you’ve got a lot of reasons!

Why do people recommend plastic surgery from Turkey?

People are a kind of being that loves communicating and convey nearly each and every feeling and thoughts they would like to make a sense about. And, the best and the most reasonable subject to mention to the others is the novelty and the success feeling that they feel. So, the ones who take a plastic surgery in Turkey for nearly nothing to compare with the amount of money they would have spent in an European or US clinic, they want to share this goodness with the bellowed ones.

The main reason for this is not only because of the will to communicate but also the will to talk about the goodness of a dream. Yes, Turkey is the exact destination for you to think about getting the plastic surgery that you wanted so much. Give a chance to those of you have heard!

Do I need a visa for surgery in Turkey?

Because there are some categories and conditions, there is no straight response to this issue. Simply said, there are three, and occasionally four, types of categories that determine whether or not you require a visa.

For instance, if you are from a European country such as Germany, Argentina, Honduras, Israel, and Brazil, you can visit Turkey for your plastic surgery without a medical visa. On the other hand, if you are from a country such as Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, and Barbados, you can apply the visa you need when you arrived. Lastly, you can even get the needed paper which is visa by online.

So, all travelers to Turkey must get a medical visa unless they are from visa-exempt countries and territories or are nationals of those countries who are qualified to apply for an e-Visa online.

Is it safe to get plastic surgery in Turkey?

The most basic concern posed right before traveling to Turkey for medical reasons, particularly for cosmetic treatments, is if it is safe to have plastic surgery in Turkey.

The answer is certain due to the high success rates of the surgeries performed by the world’s most competent surgeons. As their academic knowledge combines with the high rates of application of that methodical information, the experience that they have places them towards the highest of their respective fields in the entire world. On the other hand, in those clinics which are controlled for 7 days in a week, all the surgeries will be dealt in the most sanitized rooms in the world.

So, Turkey is probably the best and the safest place that you can take with your money!

How and where is the payment for the plastic surgery procedure in Turkey made?

You will make the payment when you arrive turkey with credit card or cash.

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Why should I consider plastic surgery in Turkey?

You should consider plastic surgery in Turkey because of several reasons The most fundamental explanation why Turkey is selected for plastic surgery is that the nation has a large number of well-educated, talented, and qualified plastic surgeons, as well as the fact that the operations are done at a considerably cheaper price. Furthermore, the country’s effectiveness statistics in any form of operation are insanely high, putting it at the top of Europe in terms of achieving the goals.

Why do people recommend plastic surgery from Turkey?

People recommend plastic surgery from Turkey for several reasons. First and foremost, the patients mention the affordable prices. In other words, those who have plastic surgery in Turkey generally pay a quarter of the price of what they would have paid in a European or American facility. Furthermore, people claim that they have reached their goals regardless of the operations they have obtained. So, the recommendations can be attributed to the success rates of the surgeries and the experienced doctors.

How long does aesthetic surgery take in İstanbul?

The time taken for aesthetic surgeries in Istanbul is between 1 to 6 hours. That is, the time it takes to do surgery varies depending on the technique and the person, but most surgeries take between 1 and 6 hours. Your visit might extend anywhere from 3 to 7 nights in terms of accommodation. Every procedure specifies the duration of overnight stays that are necessary. You are welcome to come on Sundays; however, surgery will not be performed on that day.

Why does Turkey have the best plastic surgery clinics in the world?

Turkey has the best plastic surgery clinics in the world for several reasons. Firstly, it is an excellent choice because of its low pricing, excellent service in world-class facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology, and high-quality, inexpensive treatment. Also, Turkish doctors’ methods and talents might be rated among the best on the planet. Additionally, Turkey also has international, state-of-the-art cosmetic and aesthetic procedure facilities that provide both non-surgical and surgical healthcare options at very reasonable pricing, as well as extensive follow-up services with 24/7 assistance.