How much is the Best Hair Transplant in Turkey?


Dr. Yetkin Bayer in Turkey can provide you with the greatest results. Dr. Yerkin Bayer’s pricing list includes VIP Hair Transplantation for $3,250.

Furthermore, depending on your requirements, you can choose any price between $2,000 and $4,000.

On the other hand, the results will be fantastic; the success rate of a hair transplant operation performed in his clinic is nearly 100%. That is to say, if you want a bushy look on your scalp, Dr. Yetkin Bayer, with his low charges, is your best bet.

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In Turkey there are two types of hair transplant clinics:

  • The first type is established clinics that have been practicing hair transplants for at least a couple of decades with reputable staff and high patient satisfaction rates.
  • The second category is clinics that have multiplied exceedingly all over Turkey in the last two to three years, yet they claim they have been in business for years. These centers have one direction and one goal and it’s commercial.

Now that’s out of the way, The So-called medical tourism in Turkey is almost old news by now. Turkey has made its stamp with cosmetic surgeries and with hair transplant after the very successful 2023. it becomes a very clear estimation for those who suffer hair loss, male-pattern baldness and females hair loss.

Please don’t take the cost difference as an idea of what puts hair transplant in Turkey further or making it the ‘’ideal destination’’ for people who suffer hair loss, there is more to it.

And we will do our best to provide you the needed information or to make it more understandable.

Quick Facts

LanguageTurkish (Dr. Yetkin Bayer Clinics have native European speakers)
Visais not required for a trip of at least 30 days per visit
Time difference with Europe3 hours
Time difference with the USA8 hours
Medical Tourism CentersIstanbul, Izmir, Antalya
Popular RegionsAlanya, Kemer, Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum
Best period for the tripFebruary-September
CurrencyTurkish Lira (EURO, USD, POUND are also accepted.)

Why Is The Price Of A Hair Transplant In Turkey Lower Than Europe?

As some might think Turkey thrived recently in the aesthetic department due to the prices they offer, but the reality is, there are reasons for having an acceptable cost.

One of the big factors Turkey supports is the domestic manufacturing of any goods and products over importing. As a result, it eliminates shipping, logistics, and customs costs from the final pricing stage.

This concept contributes to low health care costs and price of hair transplant in Turkey. 

But the simple understanding of this matter really goes back to economic differences.

In the US or UK and Europe, average wages play a big part in what really can be considered ‘low cost’ here in Turkey and not just the wages but the cost of living is higher.

Besides the US, UK, and other European countries, they earn their money in dollars, euros, and pounds. That’s another side to what can be considered ‘cheap or low’. when you compare $2500, to the average Turkish wage 2500TL which is about $500.

And that can answer why hair transplants are cheaper in Turkey. It’s a matter of understanding how the world works. The low prices have everything to do with the economy and nothing to do with’ the quality’.

Despite other clinics using this matter and taking advantage of the low cost of equipment, labor, and using it as a gate to bring numbers of surgeries, As we mentioned above, their goal is only commercial.

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How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey ?

Average Hair Transplant Cost Per Country
Average Hair Transplant Cost Per Country
The average cost of a hair transplant operation in Turkey ranges between $2,000 and $4,000 while the cheapest hair transplant could cost around $1,600.

We will provide you a brief detailed cost of hair transplant in turkey

Based on what we know and as an active hair transplant performing clinic’s  perspective

And here is an idea of what shapes the factors for hair transplant turkey cost:

  • The presence of an expert doctor
  • Hair Transplant method or techniques used
  • Hospital facility or private facility
  • Qualifications of the medical team
  • The extra services provided (accommodation, transfer, interpretation)

And another factor that is seemingly not very true, or at least from our clinic perspective and how we do hair transplant procedures in our clinic (Dr. Yetkin Bayer clinic) Istanbul turkey.

‘’The cost of hair transplant in turkey doesn’t depend on how much hair follicle will be planted nor its a factor of hair transplant turkey cost.’’

  • The average cost of FUE hair transplant in Istanbul is $2000
  • The average hair transplant with Direct Hair Implantation (DHI or Choi Pen) ranges from $2500 to $4000
  • The average of one session of plasma injections (PRP) is between $150 to $370 and the total cost is determined by the number of sessions the patient needs to undergo to reach the result.

Compared to the United States, UK, and several other European countries, you can expect to pay up to $15,000=$25000 for a single treatment. That’s 90% save up for what turkey is offering.

And if you put the cost aside and compare ‘what actually matters’, which is the outcome of hair transplantation, The quality in Turkey is perfect.

How much do hair grafts cost?

# of GraftAverage cost of hair transplant in Turkey
3000 grafts2250$
4000 grafts2500$
5000 grafts3000$
6000 grafts3500$

Hair Transplant Price List in Istanbul

Type of operationprice in US dollars
Beard Transplantation 2000 dollars3500 dollars
Hair transplant for men2000 dollars3500 dollars
Hair transplant for women2000 dollars3500 dollars
Cultivation using Choi pens and OSL fusion2000 dollars3500 dollars
Cultivation using only Choi pens2000 dollars3500 dollars
VIP Hair Transplant ( With Dr. Yetkin Bayer )2500 dollars4000 dollars


How much does all-inclusive hair transplant package cost in Turkey?

The average cost for the all inclusive hair transplant package is $ 3,000 , the minimum is $ 2,000 and the maximum is $ 4,000. And all inclusive hair transplant price includes;

  • Accommodation (3 nights stay in a 4-star hotel)
  • VIP transfers (Private car. From the hospital to the hotel, then to the hospital, and back)
  • Translator service if needed
  • Painless Local Anesthesia
  • MicroFUE maximum density pre-operation haircut
  • PRP Treatment Medications
  • Post-operative care essentials, such as shampoo, lotion, special hat, neck pillow, pain killers, aspirin,  antibiotics, etc.
  • PRP therapy to stimulate better hair growth.
  • Aftercare services for up to a year to make sure everything is going well

Hair Transplant Price Comparison (Turkey vs USA, UK, Canada, Ireland)

Type of operationAverage Price for 3500 Graft
Beard Transplantation2400$13000$11000$14000$11000$
Hair transplant for men2250$12000$10000$13000$10000$
Hair transplant for women2400$13000$11000$14000$11000$
Cultivation using Choi pens and OSL fusion2750$14000$12000$15000$12000$
Cultivation using only Choi pens2500$13000$11000$14000$11000$

What affects the prices?

Hair transplantation is influenced by a few main factors, some others might add or affect the cost difference, but the very main factors which we will provide below, might not only affect the hair transplant cost but determine its qualities.

And to ensure you will provide the right information with the right cost in your research

the following factors should determine that :

The presence of an expert doctor :

As a hair transplant center with over 23 years of experience, we think it is necessary to use the most advanced techniques but, as well as putting the tools in the right hand,

An expert doctor in the operating room is extremely important, and especially in the opening channel’s phase, which is the most complex and most important part of hair transplantation.

It influences the success of the intervention more than any other part and helps obtain

The best final result.

However, some clinic vests in technicians or nurses so that they can have a greater number of patients and lower the intervention expense. Meanwhile, if a doctor carried out a 6-8 hours intervention you can understand why it would add to the cost factor, it’s a matter of perfecting an aesthetic look, and a doctor is invested in it.

And the only way to understand if it’s a doctor or a simple technician is to be in contact with the clinic and ask to view the doctor’s background education. hair transplant is carried out for aesthetic reasons and concerns a patient’s health, you must rely on a doctor.

This is a main factor the patient needs to ensure while doing their research.

Additional services :

Most hair transplant clinics in Turkey provide additional services, which include transfer fees to and from the airport, In addition to staying in the hotel 3-4 days and in addition to cover the cost of the surgeries. And a few sides factors can define the difference in the cost :

  • Type of transportation
  • Type of hotel provided
  • Free consultation before and after hair transplant
  • Free medical bag (includes post hair transplant care products)
  • Post hair transplant services

What Dr. Yetkin Bayer clinic offers: transfer to and from the airport, a 5-star hotel stay for 3-4 days (in various locations ), the hair transplantation cost includes: two PRP PLASMA injection can be used to the Patient’s wishes, a free medical bag (post hair transplant shampoo, two different oil moisturizer ) with all the transplantation stages . and a full year follow up, post hair transplant with a professional medical consulting

For whom wishes to undergo hair transplant our consultation is zero charger

So please feel free to visit our clinic, and we available for online consultations also(contact us )

How do you determine which hair transplant clinic in Turkey is the best?

Hair transplantation in Turkey is carried out in numerous clinics, especially located in Istanbul. They offer high-quality standards, innovation at very affordable prices. In addition, the Turkish government takes the medical standards in these clinics very seriously . but besides all that, there are few factors can help determines the best hair transplant clinic on your top list :

  • The medical center has obtained a license to practice hair transplants from the official authorities, such as the International Society for Hair Transplant Surgery (ISHRS)
  • years of experience and the number of successful operations performed at the medical center.
  • Have the latest scientific developments and developments in the field of hair transplantation.
  • The doctor supervises himself on all stages of the hair transplant process.
  • Reviews of previous clients who had previous experiences with the medical center

Turkey is a top choice for hair transplantation in 2022, and we hope this information provided a little light to your research.

Please consider our free consultation, not as a commercial, but as a little help to get you closer to restoring your hair.

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FAQ about Hair Transplant Prices

How much does 3000 grafts cost in Turkey?

The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is way less than in other countries, and no matter the ultimate cost of a hair transplant, having the treatment performed there can save you up to 80%. So, Turkey is one of the leading countries in terms of offering you the best prices along with the best results when it comes to hair transplantation operations. Nevertheless, you still may want to know how the exact prices are. Depending on your need and desire, your surgeon will examine your scalp and decide on how much grafts you need. If you need approximately 3000 grafts, you should have only $2250 in your bank account. 

How much does 4000 grafts cost in Turkey?

The quantity of grafts used is the most important factor to consider when estimating the average cost of a hair transplant in Turkey. During the consultation, the surgeon will be able to determine the number of grafts needed depending on the individual’s particular pattern. So, according to your needs and desires, your surgeon will evaluate your scalp and determine how many grafts you require. If you require around 4000 grafts, you should only have $2500 in your bank account. However, if you have more than that, it will be preferable for you because there will be other costs such as lodging and travel fees.

How much does 5000 grafts cost in Turkey?

The first thing your surgeon will do is check your scalp to determine how many grafts you will require to get a hairy appearance. Nonetheless, the affordable prices may come as a surprise to you. For example, if you require 5000 grafts to close the bald spots on your head, you will only pay $3000 for the procedure. However, it is preferable if you have more money in your bank account because there will be additional expenses such as transport and lodging. To summarize, Turkey would be the best place for you, especially since you only need to pay $3000 for 5000 grafts.


How much is a crown hair transplant?

Men frequently experience hair loss in a distinct manner. While some people experience receding hairlines, others experience hair loss on the top, back area of the scalp known as the crown. As one may expect, skilled surgeons must use a different approach when restoring crown hair than when re-creating a hairline. The first step your surgeon will take is to evaluate your scalp before deciding how to proceed with the operation. Furthermore, the cost of a crown hair transplant is comparable to the cost of a procedure to address other areas such as the hairline/front or mid-scalp. As a result, the cost of a crown hair transplant is approximately $2250.

How much does full hair transplant cost in Turkey?

A hair transplant operation in Turkey costs between $2,250 and $3,000, but the same operation with the same quality of treatment costs between $10,000 and $15,000 in the United States, the United Kingdom, and most European countries. The procedures are the explanation for this pricing diversity. For example, depending on your needs and desires, Turkish surgeons may choose to utilize a restricted number of hair transplants or to operate on every inch of your head. If your surgeon chooses to employ a full hair transplant, you will pay $3000 for a successful session.

How much does it cost to get your hairline fixed?

In European countries, the cost of a hair transplant can range from $4,000 to $15,000. These costs are often borne solely by the individual. The majority of insurance companies classify hair transplants as cosmetic operations. Nonetheless, when it comes to clinics in Turkey, the clinics deliver the best results at the most affordable prices when compared to other European countries. For example, if you need a cosmetic operation with an eye to repair your hairline, you may expect to pay around $2000 in Turkey. Of course, this is not a specific pricing, but after everything is said and done, you will spend roughly the same price in Turkey for the same operation.

What is the cheapest price for hair transplant in Turkey?

In recent years, Turkey has been a popular destination for medical tourists looking to improve their appearance. However, many prospective clients worry why hair transplants are so inexpensive in Turkey and whether they are worthwhile. Yes, in Turkey any kind of cosmetic procedures are being done for very low prices but it has nothing to do with the success rates or the quality that you will have, all these issues are related with the economy and exchange rates of currencies. Nevertheless, you may still want to know how cheap it can be. The cheapest cost for a hair transplant operation in Turkey is $2000. 

Can you get finance for a hair transplant in Turkey?

If you’re thinking about getting a hair transplant in Turkey, you might be wondering how you’ll pay. Unfortunately, due to the wide range of treatment expenses, there is no possibility to apply for financing to cover the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey. This is because we want to provide honest pricing based on a true examination of your hair and the work required. After the appointment, you will be able to schedule your hair transplant. To summarize, if you wish to travel to Turkey for a hair transplant, you should have enough cash or money in your bank account to cover all of your bills at once.