Hair Trasnplant Turkey

Hair fall and baldness; a lot of us suffer from these two problems that develop and develop gradually. At first, it starts with hair falling, and it ends with baldness and leaves the person with a bright clean head.
Lately, there were a lot of anti- baldness medicines and medical drugs, but all of them are temporary solutions and their effect ends after you end using them.

The best solution for baldness is hair transplant. It gives the patient permanent and satisfactory results.
Here are some advices that are given to you by Dr. Yetkin Bayer as well as some information and precautions you should take and the most important things you should be aware of about hair transplant Turkey:
The first advice is:

How do I choose the right doctor to perform the operation of hair transplant in Turkey?

If you have decided to go under a hair transplant operation in Turkey, you should make sure that the person who is giving you the information is the same doctor who will perform the operation to you.
A lot of hair transplant operations in Turkey and especially in Istanbul are performed by persons who have not got correct education, and they do not have any certificate which enables them from practicing that job. They practice it secretly. Although they have a lot of advertisements; they cannot prove themselves if they were asked to give any tangible evidence. The minorities are real doctors and they are conferred by the ministry of health to do their job in honest ways; on the other hand, the rest are nurses who lack the skill, the experience and the practical knowledge which they need.

Ask about your doctor carefully before choosing him.

Make sure that the doctor has the enough knowledge and experience to perform the operation and has a good skill in his job.
Ask about the techniques and the methods which the doctor is going to use during the operation.
Get in touch with other patients of the same doctor and ask them about their operations. Ask about the negative and positive points they faced during the operation, and of course you will ask about the results of their operations.
Always remember that the skill of the doctor and his long experience are the things that will decide the result of the operation.

The second advice is:

How can I make sure about the doctor who will perform the operation of hair transplant in Turkey, and what is the way that protects me from any false doctor?

Before you make your decision about the doctor who will do the operation to you, you should ask him to show you real forms or samples instead of created pictures. Although there are a lot of centers that have very successful methods of advertising, you will find that there are a lot of hair transplant teams that do not have enough number of patients as a reference to their work. Do not go under the operation until you make sure that the doctor who will perform it realizes the importance of every single hair and considers this his principle. During making the deal about hair transplant in Turkey, you should know clearly who will perform the hair transplant. Is he the nursing assistant, the trainee, the person who has not got any education and claims to be an expert at hair transplant, or is he the doctor who will do the operation himself and supervise it from beginning to end; from anesthesia to harvesting the graft to opening the canal to planting it?

Do not forget that all of the eulogy, exaggerations, decorations, and pictures that you see and hear in the virtual environment are not reliable enough, so get closer from it carefully.

Ask your doctor to show you his certificates and all the papers which prove that he is a real doctor and that he is authorized by the ministry of health to do his job. Ask the doctor to give you certificates which prove that he has done a lot of researches to make sure that he has the enough knowledge and the perfect experience.

Money comes and goes, but the hair you lose will never come back. That’s why if you have the chance to get it back, do not lose it because of getting low prices. Unfortunately, in many cases, the person who performs the operation is not a doctor, so you have to make sure who is going to perform the operation to you is a real doctor and that he has the enough experience and skill to do such operations.

The third advice is:

Will the results of the operation be better if the number of grafts was bigger?

Of course, the bigger the number of grafts is, the better the results are.
That also depends on:
The density of hair in the giving area.
The kind of the graft and the number of hair in it. Some grafts have different numbers of hair in them (from 1 to 4 hair in the same graft).
The experience and the skill of the doctor who will do the operation and that he should know which grafts he should eradicate and which ones he should keep.
The doctor should take into account the distance among the eradicated grafts and the remaining ones.
The distribution of the eradicated grafts in a skilled and professional manner in the receiving area and transplanting them in an organized way.
Non-condensing in the receiving area at the expense of the giving area.
A professional doctor is the one who gives you a natural result without any effects that show that you have gone under an operation. He takes into account the most important point in hair transplant by which you can get the perfect result and the wanted natural appearance which is the way of transplanting the graft into the scalp in a way that allows the hair to grow in the natural direction like the rest of hair.

In order to get a natural hair density:
The natural hair density for a person is 60 – 120 group of grafts per each square centimeter. As a result of that we find that the density of hair plays an important role in hair transplant.
Hair density that we get from hair transplant is important to get the natural appearance.
The condensation process includes transplanting bulbous units in certain density in a certain receiving area.
The surgeon takes the hair from the giving area and transplants it in a studied manner as possible and he does his best to get a natural result.
How can you make sure about the number of grafts transplanted to you?
Usually hair transplant centers in Turkey promise patients to transplant a big number of grafts. They say they can transplant 8000 grafts.
The most possible amount of grafts that can be removed without any bad effects on the giving area is 4500 (100 more or less). It may reach 5000 grafts, and this is very rare.

If the surgeon told you that he can transplant a certain amount – let’s say 5000 grafts- he already knows that you cannot count them after the operation and he knows that nobody can count them for you.
Is there a possible way of counting the grafts?
Yes, there is. You can count them simply.
After the surgeon ends the stage of eradication and before the anesthesia of the receiving area, it is so possible to know the number of eradicated grafts. You can know the exact number of the eradicated grafts. All what you have to do is to ask the doctor to count them and this is your right.
In the operation room, you will find these petri dishes on a table and you will find these white fabric pieces inside it.

All what you have to do is to count the grafts on the fabric piece in one petri dish. This is not complicated or difficult at all. It is very simple. You count a horizontal line and a vertical one. Then you multiply them, and you get the result.
As you can see in the picture:
Vertical = 12 \ horizontal = 25
The result is 12 x 25 = 300
After that you multiply the number of grafts in one petri with the number of petries on the table. Let us suppose that they are 10 petries.
300 x 10 = 3000.

The forth advice is:

Who will perform the operation of hair transplant in Turkey?

The only person who is authorized to perform the operation is a specialist doctor in beautification and hair transplant.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of hair transplant centers in Turkey and especially in Istanbul that lack these points:
University certificates:
A document or an official statement issued by the government and the ministry of health that enables the surgeon to do his job.
Enough experience.
Scientific and practical knowledge.
The majority of people become victims to those centers, and they are exposed to this cheating with its bad effects. That will make the patient regretful and sorry for going under this operation.
Therefore, please be careful to these points, and always ask about the doctor who will perform the operation and get closer to it carefully. During making the deal about hair transplant in Turkey, you should know clearly who will perform the hair transplant. Is he the nursing assistant, the trainee, the person who has not got any education and claims to be an expert at hair transplant, or is he the doctor who will do the operation himself and supervise it from beginning to end; from anesthesia to harvesting the graft to opening the canal to planting it?

The fifth advice is:

What is the 100% guarantee of hair transplant ?

In reality and especially in the medical domain there is nothing called 100% guarantee because human body always has natural and physiological changes. Sometimes outside factors and compelling circumstances affect the human body. That is why there is no doctor who can give you the 100% guarantee. The patient should be careful and should follow the instructions and advices given to him by the doctor. This enables him to get the best results.

The sixth advice is:

How can you make sure about the pictures before and after the operation?

In Turkey, it is forbidden to publish pictures for patients before and after the operations for propaganda purposes. Do not be cheated by the scammers who give you guarantee documents about hair transplant in Turkey because it is illegal. It is only a game to deceive you. These websites and companies are illegal and it is used only for commercial purposes. Unfortunately, many centers try to cover the defects of operations by editing pictures using Photoshop. In addition to that computer programs that view the possible pictures of patients after the operation are only exhibition and their purpose is commercial. Do not be deceived by cheaters who publish on their websites pictures before and after the operation. These pictures are unreal and consequently they are not reliable and they do not reflect your appearance after the operation. By this kind of pictures you will be disappointed.

The seventh advice is:

Why do we consider the care after hair transplant very important?

Hair transplant operation does not end after transplanting the last hair.
The doctor should take care of his patient from the first day of the operation until 8 months after it at least.
Doctor should give intense care to his patient especially the first two weeks since performing the operation of hair transplant in Turkey.
A good doctor does not leave his patient after ending the operation. The grafts would be new and the scalp needs time to heal; therefore the doctor should stay in contact with the patient and should give him all the necessary instructions to avoid any possible problem that may appear in the future.

The doctor should keep a constant communication with the patient (at least three times a month), and should ask about the natural growth of his hair and he should also ask about the state of the patient and the works he is doing.
Giving the patient the needed advices and instructions at any time and place.

The eighth advice is:

What about the cost of hair transplant in Turkey?

The cost of hair transplant in turkey differs according to:
The age of the person.
The uncovered area.
The adequacy of the giving area and other variables.
Please, if you do not have enough money, postpone hair transplant in Turkey because fixing the mistakes of cheap operations may cost much more money.
Every hair should be valuable to you. The graft of one hair that you lose will not come back again, and that will be a big loss that you will face. Do not lose the hair you own while transplanting hair in Turkey.

Hair Transplant in Turkey Step by Step

In the last few years cosmetic medicine has witnessed remarkable progress. Hair of course had its share of this remarkable progress. Hair transplant in Turkey; especially Istanbul has had a major share of that. This was due to two main factors; geographic location and the merits Istanbul possesses as a tourist attraction. The second factor is the experience that the Turkish doctors possesses a long with their skillful hand also the low cost of hair transplant in Turkey compared to other countries around the world.

Therapeutic Tourism in Turkey:

Turkey is most and foremost a tourist attraction especially the city of Istanbul for these reasons:

  • It is considered one of the biggest cities in the world and most famous in the field of tourism. Tourism season continues to include all year around.
  • Istanbul’s strategic location in the two continents of Asia and Europe.
  • Its position on the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara which provides a moderate climate all year around.
  • Istanbul is rich with historic locations like museums; old mosques; places; walls and spectacular landscape.

These factors has turned Istanbul into a dream to all those who have heard its name. This has also helped energizing tourist movement accompanied with the desire of seeking treatments; which led to the emerging of therapeutic tourism where hair transplant procedures occupy first place on the list of therapeutic tourism.

For More Information Communicate Directly With The Doctor

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What is Special about Hair Transplant in Turkey?

In the past few years turkey has witnessed an enormous progress and became in first place and first destination to all who are willing to perform hair transplant procedures. This is due to the following reasons:

  • Cost: the cost of hair transplant procedures in turkey is considered extremely low when compared with the cost of the procedure in other countries in Europe and America.
  • Doctors’ expertise: the number of people going under the procedure of hair transplant in Turkey has increased dramatically especially after the return of many Turkish doctors to their home country and their desire to practice their jobs in their own country.
  • Results: results have also been the reason behind so many people wanting to undergo the procedure of hair transplant in Turkey. After the successful results of having natural/normal appearance for the cases that underwent the hair transplant procedure in Turkey compared with the results of procedures in other countries like Iran; India; Pakistan and Lebanon… the hair transplant procedure that took place in turkey was by far the best and most successful and also of the lowest cost among all other countries.


Patients must pay close attention before taking the decision of going under the hair transplant procedure. The old proverb says “not all that glitters is gold”. The patient has to ask and investigate and make sure that the place where the operation is going to take place and whose hands the patient is going to place their heads this of course is to avoid any unforgivable consequences.

What Makes Dr. Yetkin Bayer Different from all other Hair Transplant Teams in Turkey?

Dr. Yetkin Bayer graduated from the university of Thrace faculty of medicine and continued his education in the field of hair transplant in the state of California; USA and remained there for 10 years and was persistent on attending conferences and conducting scientific research. He performed his first operation in the year 1994 and due to his scientific curiosity and his skillful hands he was able to invent the OSL technique/ the channel oblique that has proven its success and its results in growing hair in the right direction and natural look. After that Dr. Bayer came back home to Istanbul and is performing all of his operations in Turkey.

The proficiency of Dr. Bayer has made a lot of celebrities and high profile figures in the Turkish community do their operations under the skillful hands of Dr. Bayer.

Day after day Dr. Bayer’s skillfulness and his expertise and long record of successful operations has attracted many cases in the Arab World, the Middle East and countries in Europe.

Dr. Bayer’s care for the patient and the appreciation of the opportunity that the patient has comes as the focus point.

Dr. Bayer, and before doing anything, conducts an advisory session and if the patient’s location was not in turkey he conducts the advisory session on the internet depending on pictures and the patient’s medical history taking under consideration all minute details starting with the age of the patient to the simplest questions that when asked the patient asks himself/herself: what does this has to do with a hair transplant operation.
Dr. Bayer informs his patients before performing the procedure about the expected results and what options and solutions are best for his/her condition, and the most suitable way to distribute hair density and the transplant line before starting the procedure because the operation is not only about removing and planting… it is an operation that needs planning and taking under consideration all sides and medical follow up after the procedure until the final successful results appear. In some cases Dr. Bayer tells the patient that his/her condition is not operate-able; thus he guides the patient to possible treatments and the best alternative solutions for the hair transplant procedure.

All people are welcomed for Dr. Bayer either via the internet or any other communication means, or showing up at the clinic. Consulting and checking are free… it is worthy to mention here that Dr. Bayer performs only one operation per day, in order for him to be able to care and focus all of his attention on one patient only.

Assistant crew for Dr. Bayer

Dr. Bayer has a medical assistant crew with wide range of practical and scientific expertise. All individuals working in that team are skillful and with a very high standard of manners and their great welcoming of patients especially foreigners coming from outside of Turkey. The visitor or patient does not feel that he/she is a stranger on the contrary they adapt to all people working in the hospital from the very moment he/she sets foot in the hospital as if he/she are among family. Language also is not considered a barrier when it comes to Dr. Bayer, because he has a team of professional team for translation who can communicate fluently via the following languages: Arabic, English, Russian, Kurdish, Ukrainian, and Uzbekistan. The correct communication between doctor and patients is one of the focal points that Doctor Bayer concentrates on due to the negative consequences that may happen due to the smallest error in translation or misunderstanding. So that Doctor Yetkin Bayer made sure he hires a full team of translators who all carry university degrees and excellent educational qualifications.


The Cost of a Hair Transplant Operation in Turkey Performed by Doctor Yetkin Bayer:

The cost of a hair transplant procedure by Dr. Bayer is inconsistent and differs from one condition to another and does not depend on the number of roots, as it is the case with other teams of hair transplant in Turkey.

The cost of the operation depends mostly on the amount of work spent in the operation room and on the patient’s condition. Also the tools and materials used in the operation plays a role in the total cost. The tools or scrubs used in the operation are personal and for one time use only and are disposed after the operation, the solution used in the operation is different from all the other solutions as far as the price and quality are concerned, you can learn about the difference between using slain and HypoThermosol in this article. Estimating the final cost comes after presenting data and pictures that are required by the doctor before coming to go under the procedure of hair transplant and after briefing the patient on the possibility of his condition to go under the procedure.

The hair transplant procedure needs three nights in Istanbul for the operation and healing, the patient does not need to stay in the clinic or center. Dr. Bayer does not take care of residency, hotels, visas, or entry papers or tickets etc. this comes due to the fact that Dr. Bayer’s runs a medical institution not looking for any commercial profit. The final and total cost of the operation does not include any of the above mentioned facilitation. But upon request and out of help we offer some assistance in choosing the place of residence and the correct documents needed to obtain a visa. We also take care of transportation, pick up and bidding farewell from and to the airport and between the patient’s residence and the clinic this is considered as an obligation and a must if not for work but out of hospitality.

As far as the hair transplant procedure is concerned we put all the information in your hands.

FUE technique is the most advanced in the process of retaining and hair transplant, as well as in eliminating hair falling problems and boldness for both men and women without pain or leaving any permanent scars on the scalp. In addition the result is final and permanent.

Hair Transplant Procedure: Step by Step

The procedure performed by Dr. Yetkin Bayer is not like any other procedure, it is not only a matter of removing and planting, it is much more. Procedures performed by Dr. Yetkin Bayer are distinguished by the accuracy and caring for the minute details to guarantee the success of the procedure and to obtain guaranteed and natural results

Hence we provide you with the exact way the procedure happens under the care of Dr. Yetkin Bayer.


Before going under the procedure of hair transplant there must be at least one consultation session between the doctor and the patient where all possible transplant options are discussed. The way the front line is drawn, distribution of density and the numbers of roots are also discussed.


The patient, at this point, can inquire about any information he /she needs to know. The doctor asks for the patient’s medical history, diseases and medications, after that the date of the procedure is set and the patient is informed about what to do prior to the procedure.


Procedure preparations:

  • Blood Tests During Hair Transplant Procedures in Turkey

    Extracting Blood Samples for the Necessary Tests

At the day of the procedure, a blood sample is collected from the patient in order to run some tests before going under the procedure. Then the patient’s hair is shaved at the length of 0.9 ml, the scalp then is washed and cleansed. The patient puts on hi/her scrubs. The doctor draws the line of hair transplant and marks the donor area. All is set for the next step of the procedure.


Anesthesia and Harvesting:

After walking into the operation room, first of all a local anesthesia is applied to the scalp so that the patient does not feel any pain. The only pain the patient is going to experience is the instant the needle goes into the scalp, after that all wait for a little amount of time in order for the anesthetic to kick in. The process of anesthesia then continues to include the donor area where the roots are going to be removed. The process of harvesting grafts, from the donor site, starts by using a device dedicated to the removal of roots called the Micrometers FUI. This device is equipped with different micro heads and different sizes, these heads are chosen according to the nature of the roots. Its measurements are from 0.4 to 0.8 ml.

Anesthesia During Hair Transplant in Turkey


Intact and healthy grafts are chosen that carry from 2 to 4 hairs each to guarantee density in the future. These roots then are reserved in glass containers containing Hypothermosol solution, which nourishes the roots and maintain a temperature similar to the vital atmosphere of the scalp. This solution is quite different from serums and the saline substance.

  • :Sorting and Dressing

Hair roots are then sorted and classified, at this point harvesting grafts starts in with complete precision with taking under consideration the distance between roots and harvesting follicles should happen on an equal base so that no over harvesting happens from one area and leaving another area intact thus leaving the donor site looking unacceptable or unnatural. Harvesting happens moderately from all sides of the donor area until the required quantity of roots is obtained to be planted in the receiving site. After that the donor site is well dressed and bandaged, the procedure carries on into the next phase.

Opening Hair Root Encapsulating Channels:

This step is considered the most important in the procedure of hair transplant and the entire outcome and natural results that are aspired for, of the procedure counts on it. These results are the results that any patient going under the procedure of hair transplant in Turkey aspires for.


At this point Dr. Yetkin Bayer applies the OSL technique which is the channel oblique technique. This novel technique was invented by Doctor Yetkin Bayer himself, and has proved its success and has delivered natural results. These results have distinguished Doctor Yetkin Bayer’s procedures from all other procedures in Turkey. This technique depends on first and foremost on the practical and scientific knowledge of the doctor as well as his expertise and skill. Dr. Bayer takes under consideration the anatomy of the scalp tissues and the knowledge of skin layers as well as the calculations of the length, diameter, circumference, and the depth of the channel so that it is adequate to the root during the phase of transplant and prevents the chances of having the root fall off during the healing process. The consideration of the direction and the degree of obliqueness of the channel is an important thing at this point to protect the patient from the grass-man phenomena in the future.

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Studying the tissues and the scalp skin layers and taking under consideration the distance between transplanted roots, along with the healthy roots that are still in the scalp protects the patient from any side effects and negative results that may cause permanent irrefutable damages. Usually these points are not taken under consideration when performing a hair transplant procedure performed by unqualified people. Doctors on the other hand are well informed regarding every detail and matters that seem marginal and not important but has a major effect on the hair transplant procedure and its outcome.

After the phase of opening the channels is over, a break time is due where the patient has a necessary meal and then back to proceed.


Transplanting Grafts:

Hair Transplant in Turkey: Step by Step

Transplanting Grafts

After having lunch and returning to the OR the phase of planting roots starts in the containing channels prepared for it. Planting starts font-back or back-front according to each case, this continues until the last root is planted and the operation ends here.

What comes after the procedure?

All instructions that the patient is required to follow during the healing process are provided to him/her, the required medicines are prescribed with the explanation of potions that the patient need to take in order to avoid pain and side effects. The patient is then escorted to his place of residency, which means that there is no need for staying in the hospital. The next day the patient returns to the hospital for undressing and sterilizing the donor area. On the third day the patient checks in for his/her first shampoo after the procedure.

First Hair-Wash after the Procedure:

  1. Panthinol cream is applied to the scalp to both areas donor area and the planted area and rest for 30 minutes in the first time, and not less than 40 minutes in the proceeding times.
  2. The cream is then rinsed with warm water with messaging the scalp with the finger tips without applying any pressure on the scalp; only a superficial gentle touch.
  3. then shampoo is applied with gentle messaging to have some foam and make sure the shampoo is distributed all over the scalp; then rinse with the same motion mentioned earlier.
  4. After washing is done, the head is dried with paper tissues with paying attention not to move it or rub it against the scalp, only gentle pressing is needed.

Patients have to continue following this process during bathing to get rid of the flakes that are caused by the blood clots. Also patients are required to follow all the instructions given to them by Doctor Bayer after the procedure in order to guarantee successful results.

Both prescribed shampoo and cream used are for moisturizing the flakes and make it easier to remove; it is not for making the hair thicker and shinier. So after the prescription has finished you may use any kind of shampoo.





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