How Long Does Transplanted Hair Take To Grow?

How Long Does Transplanted Hair Take To Grow?

After hair transplantation, the time of getting new hair varies depending on the person, but it takes about 6 months. After this period, new hair planted begins to grow. A person who has had a hair transplantation wants to get their new image as soon as possible. After hair transplantation, when the healing process ends, transplanted hair takes to grow immediately within 2-3 months, but it takes about 1 year to get the desired natural state. Although this process varies from person to person, this time can be shortened according to the structure of the hair and environmental effects.

After hair transplant surgery, a rather impatient waiting period begins. A person who has undergone a hair transplantation wants to pay for all this trouble immediately. But after undergoing hair transplant surgery, it takes about 6 months, although the time for a person to get new hair differs depending on the person. After this period, new hair that is planted begins to come out. After years of baldness, it should not be too difficult to wait another 6 months to have healthy and hair that will not fall out again.

Healing process after hair transplantation

The healing process after hair transplantation covers a wide period of 12 months. We can explain this process as the healing of wounds, the beginning of the roots to feed, and the process of shock shedding. The newborn process continues as new hair begins to grow, which we can call, and then these hair hairs get used to their natural growth cycles. Finally, it can be summarized as thickening and strengthening of Hair. After the first ten days of intensive recovery and smooth transition of the process supported by medication, according to the structure of the head with washes, the “crust”, which can be seen less in some people and more intense in others, begins to gradually disappear.

While continuing the washing process, which allows the crusts to pass faster, the sensitivity of the scalp and planted hair should not be forgotten, washes should be done as recommended by your doctor. It is observed that itching on the scalp increases with the beginning of the healing process. In this process, it is absolutely necessary not to scratch the area where the hair transplantation is performed. Although it appears that the hair grows 1 – 2 mm, these hair hairs will fall out soon after. In the nape area where the hair follicles are taken, the healing process begins, and within the first 7 days, exfoliation may occur on the scalp.

In addition, the depth of the channels opened for the placement of hair follicles is to a certain extent and should not exceed this measure. The needles used should not be wider and larger than the thickness of the needles taken from the blood vessel. If doctors are sensitive about this, it will be very useful for you to easily go through the next process. After the first six weeks, hair planted with the FUE technique falls out in an instant, this is a very normal condition. It is absolutely out of the question to be afraid of. This shed hair comes out again in 4 to 8 months and never falls out again.

Hair Growth Stages After Hair Transplant

After the first 2 weeks of hair transplantation is the process of binding the wounds in the area of the transplanted. After grafts taken from the donor area are placed in a rare area, there is a process of retention and adaptation to the tissue in this area. Then there is a normal shedding process called shock shedding. In the later period, however, the hair begins to grow gradually. In the five and six months, the hair length reaches up to 1-2 centimeters. But in the process of hair transplantation, it is not a process in which the patient and the doctor reach the exact form of the hair they want. Because the first hair that comes out is not like normal hair, but rather in the form of soft hair.

Hair transplantation has a process that must be completed day by day for the first transplantation. In this process, of course, the most important thing is to be patient and occasionally undergo the necessary care of the decayed hair. It is absolutely not true to create the perception that every hair transplantation result will be the same or give the same result. However, good or bad hair transplants will definitely grow and the results of these hairs will definitely affect both the experience of the transplant center and the state of the hair care of the transplanted people.

Can transplanted hair grow immediately?

Because there is no shock loss in the donor site, hair starts to increase soon after the transplantation. This implies that the donor site, which needed to be trimmed for quicker access as stage of the plan, will be restored with fresh hair in about a week.

However, if we are talking about the recipient site on your head, no, the transplanted hair does not grow immediately. Firstly, it falls of, and you may even be concerned. Yet, try not to panic, as that is a normal process. Fresh hair will start to grow at the start of the fourth month following your hair transplantation.

How many months after hair transplant do you see results?

For the result of hair transplant, you need a process that requires patience. Planted hair begins to come out from the fourth month after shock loss. After 12 months, a 90-95% process was completed.



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