In Turkey, you can find several clinics, experienced surgeons and sterilized operation rooms for any kind of cosmetic surgery including thread facelift surgery too. Simply, a thread  face lift is a treatment that uses temporary stitches to generate a subtle but perceptible lift in the skin. And, the costs of the operation in Turkey are relatively inexpensive. You’ll need around $3000 to get a qualified procedure there. So, if you are considering having a facelift, the thread lift treatment may be the ideal solution for you.

What Is Thread Face Lift Surgery?

Thread lift surgery, a less invasive alternative to facelift surgery, claims to tighten your skin by injecting medical-grade thread material into your face and tightening the thread. Furthermore, people in their late 30s to early 50s who are in generally good health and are just starting to see the signs of aging may benefit the most from the gentle influence of a thread lift.

Those who are unable to get a surgical facelift due to medical issues that make general anesthesia risky may opt for a thread lift as a safer alternative. In short, thread facelift surgery is a surgical procedure to give you a second chance after your forties.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Thread Facelift?

If you are having a facelift surgery, you may wish to have as little scarring and pain as possible. People in their late thirties to early fifties who are in generally good health and are just beginning to show signs of aging may gain the most from the gentle influence of a thread lift. In addition, those who are unable to undergo a surgical facelift due to medical concerns that make general anesthesia unsafe may choose a thread lift as a safer alternative.

So, the candidates are the;

  • Individuals who are healthy and do not have any medical disorders that could interfere with wound healing or recovery following surgery, as well as those who do not smoke or abuse substances.
  • Individuals who have reasonable expectations of what the procedure will entail.

Classical Face Lift VS Thread Facelift

Traditionally, an incision around the temples in the hairline begins in front of the ear, continues down in front of and around the earlobe, and then returns to the lower scalp behind the ears. The excess fat and skin on the face can then be removed or redistributed as needed. Finally, the underlying muscle and connective tissue are retightened and re-adjusted.

The trade face lift procedure, on the other hand, is less invasive than traditional facelift surgeries and gives you a more youthful appearance on your face.

The advantages and specialties of the thread facelift method;

  • This procedure takes about 45 minutes to complete, and you can go back to work right away if you like. Finding a qualified, licensed specialist is the key to a safe, effective thread lift.
  • Thread lifts are a low-risk operation with a short recovery period, but side effects including redness, bruising, and edema might occur.
  • Thread lift surgeries are less successful than facelift operations, and studies on their long-term utility is limited. The results of a thread lift last for one to three years.
  • A thread lift is less expensive than a regular facelift, however it is not covered by insurance. The cost varies depending on a number of factors, however the average is $3000.

Thread Facelift in Turkey

Thread Facelift Procedure 

It is a very natural act that you may want to know what the procedure is and how it works. Thread lifts are used to lift and tighten breasts, particularly after pregnancy and weight reduction; however, many people prefer thread lifts for facial areas such as jowls and jawline, brow line, under-eye area, forehead, and cheeks that sag or appear less tight with time. And, if you are considering a thread facelift instead of having a breast lift, you may be wondering how the technique works on the facial area. 

First of all, it differs from traditional facelift surgery, as the name suggests. As a result, it’s not unreasonable to expect the thread lift procedure to vary significantly based on the area you’re targeting as well as your provider’s preferences and experience. Nonetheless, the basic technique is usually the same. You will be asked to recline in the room where the therapy is being administered.

Alcohol and topical anesthetic will be given to your skin as it prepares for surgery. The threads will then be put beneath your skin with the use of a tiny needle or cannula. This could take between 30 and 45 minutes. Finally, once the threads have been injected, the technique of insertion will be eliminated. You may feel a slight pressure or tightening under your skin.

To sum up, the procedure of thread facelift is a specialized technique which gives you a youthful appearance in the face by tightening facial muscles and removing extra fat or fatty tissue. 

Risks and Side Effects of a Thread Facelift

Although a thread lift is considered a low-risk operation, there are side effects and the possibility of problems. So, it is common to encounter the following symptoms following a thread lift such as bruising, swelling, bleeding, and minor discomfort at the site of the thread injection. 

On the other hand you may experience:

  • Allergic response to threading material chemicals
  • Bleeding as a result of the operation accumulating beneath your skin
  • Dimpling or tugging showing where the threads have been introduced
  • Thread migration or unintentional “movement” that results in lumpy or bulging skin
  • Pain beneath your skin as a result of the thread being too “tight” or in an inconvenient location
  • Infection at the surgery site

Thread Facelift Recovery Timeline 

One of the major topics about any kind of surgical procedure is the recovery period of the timeline. Since you have some responsibilities afterwards the surgery, especially if the surgery is a delicate one like the thread facelift surgery, you should do meticulous research about the procedure and the recovery period.  

Here are the main elements that you should pay attention or follow for the best results;

  • Stay hydrated and avoid consuming alcohol and coffee
  • Avoid sleeping on your cheeks for the first few days following an injection. Try sleeping on your back, facing up.
  • You should also avoid intense exertion for 48 hours after the operation, until the filler has completely taken shape.
  • Touch your face as little as possible, and keep it clean and dry as much as possible until the risk of infection has passed.

On the other hand;

  • If you want, you can return to work immediately.
  • You can resume your normal routine after a thread lift.
  • The results should be seen immediately after the threads are installed, but you may notice more in the days and weeks that follow.
  • You should also avoid saunas and high-intensity workouts for the first week or so after the thread lift.

How long does face thread lift last?

A face thread lasts for approximately three years. More specifically, facelift surgical results can remain up to ten years, but a thread lift usually lasts one to three years. The considerable benefit of a thread lift may be most beneficial to someone who is in good physical condition and is just beginning to detect the symptoms of aging. A thread lift may be a convenient choice for those who are unable to undergo a surgical facelift due to health issues that make general anesthesia dangerous.

Thread Facelift in Istanbul, Turkey 1

Why Should One Choose the Clinics in Turkey?

If you are considering getting a face lift, particularly a thread facelift, you may be thinking where to go or which nation to choose.

Turkey will be waiting for you at that point. With the large cities, you can combine your vacation and medical vacation. You may be wondering how this is possible, but if the topic is Turkey, you should be prepared for anything nice.

You should choose Turkey because;

  • The clinics in Turkey are certificated
  • The operation rooms are sanitized for every single minute
  • The doctors have so much experience that you will be hard pressed to find a doctor who can compete with them anyplace in the world.
  • There are several touristic attractions that make your day  

Why Is Thread Facelift Cheap in Turkey? 

The first reason for the low prices of any type of cosmetic surgery in Turkey is economic, not quality. The use of domestic medical instruments reduces costs, allowing surgeons to offer you reasonable prices. Furthermore, due of the exchange rates, the general cost of living in Turkey will be quite inexpensive for you if you are from a country whose currency is the dollar or euro.

Finally, Turkey’s general wage costs are lower than in Europe. As a result, professional services from skilled plastic surgeons are more affordable. Thus, if you are to get a thread surgery soon, you should make your choice for Turkey as a destination to visit for it.

Is It Safe to Have Thread Facelift Surgery in Turkey? 

Thread lifts are a low-risk surgery with a short recovery period, although adverse effects including redness, bruising, and edema do occur. On the other hand, choosing Turkey as a destination for your surgery is definitely a safe bet because plastic surgeons deliver stunning outcomes for facelift in Turkey because of their significant experience.

Any kind of facelift surgery in Turkey, including a thread facelift, is absolutely safe for everyone who does not have a major underlying ailment, as long as the doctors know what they are doing and the surgery is performed under adequate conditions. So, it would be a brilliant choice if you chose Turkey as a destination for your thread facelift surgery.

Thread Facelift in Istanbul, Turkey 2

Thread FaceLift in Istanbul, Antalya or Izmir 

The benefits of the thread face lift in Istanbul are many. It is a highly effective procedure that improves the appearance of the face and neck. It is also less invasive than a traditional facelift, which means that you can resume your normal activities sooner. In addition, the materials used to make the threads are proven to be safe. You can check all included packages too.

If you are interested in Thread facelift in Izmir and Antalya, there are some things you should know, in Antalya, which can be considered the capital of tourism, this operation will cost you much more than in Istanbul, the reasons are mainly because there are not many clinics in these cities, which host many tourists in the summer months, and hotel prices are very high. 

No matter where you decide to have it done, make sure you plan to be satisfied with your visit to Turkey and do not neglect to contact the clinics in advance.

How much does a facelift cost in Turkey?

Surgery Cost

Facelift surgery is currently amongst the most popular cosmetic procedures. In Turkey, many people have facelift surgeries on a regular basis. This medical procedure’s major purpose is to make your facial skin smooth and youthful-looking. On the other hand, it is vital to know what the procedure will cost you.

Normally, a facelift surgery in Istanbul, Turkey is roughly for $4300, nevertheless, thread facelift surgery is a little bit cheaper than that with the price of $3000.