Dr. Noyan Süalp 1

Dr. Noyan Süalp was born in 1987 in Istanbul, Turkey. He completed his primary, secondary, and high school education in Denizli, and later studied at the Medical Faculty of Romania Ovidius in English. After successfully graduating from medical school, he worked as an assistant physician in a general surgery clinic for several years.
He learned the intricacies of hair transplant and medical aesthetics and specialized in these fields at Dr. Bayer Clinics during his medical education while also working on new techniques in hair transplantation with Dr. Yetkin Bayer.
He participated in congresses, seminars, and certificate programs about hair transplants and medical aesthetics during his education. With these experiences, he grew in his knowledge and improved his medical skills.
He closely follows new trends in beauty and aesthetics and applies them to his work. In addition to all of this, he also consults and trains medical employees that work in his field.