Hair Growth After The Procedure

When does Hair Start Growing after the Hair Transplant Procedure?

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When does Hair Start Growing after the Hair Transplant Procedure?

The Growth of the Transplanted Hair

After the first couple days after the procedure patients start to wonder about when their new hair is going to grow. Patients usually panic when they don’t see any growth of the transplanted hair in the first three after the procedure and start thinking that the procedure was a complete failure. You do not need to worry; it is natural for these things to happen. Even the transplanted hair starts falling off in this stage.

Factors that Affect Hair Growth after a Hair Transplant Procedure

planted follicles have different growth rates due to many factors most importantly the method used in the procedure and the place these follicles are planted, for example follicles in the frontal head area grow faster than those in the interior area of the head because this area includes a limited number of arteries and blood vessels that are responsible for nourishing the hair therefore hair follicles in this area do not receive enough nourishment and consequently its growth rates are slower than the remaining areas.

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Hair Growth After the Procedure

Hair Transplant procedure-Hair Growth Rates

The following results have been extracted from studies and statistics conducted on many patients who went under the hair the transplant procedure.

  • 1% of patients start growing hair immediately after the procedure.
  • 5% of patients do not start growing hair until the 8th month after the procedure.
  • 94% of patients start growing hair gradually after the hair falls off. In the first three months hair grows gradually of about 30% of its texture. In the fourth month 40% of its texture so on so forth until the hair rates are achieved at the end of the first year after the procedure.

In conclusion patients should not hasten result, because true and final results will show up with time.

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