Hair Care Tips after a Hair Transplant

Hair Care Tips after a Hair Transplant

 After getting your hair transplant, you may have some issues especially in the first days of the recovery period such as swelling, irritation, pain, and numbness. To reduce them and to have the best results you can get a hair implant surgery, you should follow the advices your surgeon will give.

On the other hand, you also have some responsibilities such as a good hair care after the surgery. Here is the list;

  • Spray the transplanted areas four times each day with saline or water from a spray bottle. Showering may count as one of your sessions. The idea is to carefully go over these regions over time to remove crusting.
  • Avoid scrubbing or picking at the scabbing.
  • The third day following surgery, you may shower. It is critical to use soft, alcohol-free, or medical shampoo and to avoid scrubbing vigorously. For one week, do not let the shower water spray directly on your head. Pour a cup of soapy water, or simply plain water, over this area. 
  • Avoid combing your hair, you may start to comb after seven days but be careful not to dislodge any grafts.
  • Check your vitamin and mineral levels.
  • Take nutrients as directed by your doctor.
  • To limit the amount of damage done to your new hair, try to utilize silicone-based products.
  • Make sure your hairstylist does not harm your hair while doing their job, whether it’s a cut or a styling.
  • Avoid exposing your newly transplanted hair to direct sunlight for the first two weeks. If you need to go outside for work or another reason, don’t remain out too long. If you’re going on vacation, make sure you’re shielded from overexposure to the sun and don’t go scuba diving.

To sum up, after you get a hair transplant, you should take care of yourself and your scalp to get the best results from the operation.

What do you need to do right after a hair transplant?

Do not shampoo your head for the initial 48 hours following your hair transplant process. You can shampoo your hair lightly on the third day following treatment. During the fifth days following the surgery, avoid over-washing your hair. Additionally, avoid directing the flow straight onto your head. Instead, wash shampoo out of your hair using a bowl. You can use a moisturizer to your head softly if you have itchiness.

Water is essential for life, not everybody realizes that hydrating is even more critical before and after a transplantation. You will feel more pleasant and heal quicker if you drink water.

How do I moisturize my scalp after hair transplant?

It is one of the most important issues to moisturize and care your scalp after a hair transplant surgery because the care will be the determiner of the success of the overall process.

So, you should pay attention and care yourself. Okay, this is clear, but how?

Your dermatologist will provide you with the necessary equipment to keep the newly transplanted hair follicles moist. Common techniques for preventing graft dehydration include saline solution misting of the scalp or topical administration of an ointment such as Aquaphor and other products in the market that your surgeon will advise.

While implying the product you have, you should be gentle and patient to see the results.

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