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Hair Wash After Hair Transplant

The donor parts that are bandaged for the first three days, and the newly planted hair roots that are not touched by water yet become ready for washing after the 3rd day after the procedure. It is recommended that the first washing process to be carried out by experts. You can then wash your brand new hair by yourself.

For the first washing process, special creams and shampoos are used. The processes such as foaming, rubbing and scratching in routine hair washing are among the mistakes that should be avoided for the first wash. In general, it is preferred to use nonfoaming special lotions that are specially produced for hair transplantation operations. It is recommended to be made by experts because disposing of the lotion residue is important for the cleaning the scalp and avoiding the risk of germ formation and harm to the area.

After the following washes, your hair should not be blow dried but it should dry on its own. It should be dried with a towel touching softly without rubbing or using any force especially. You should wash your hair first to get rid of the dirt collected in your hair and then your body. Thus, while washing the body, the hair we have washed before softens and washed for the second time. Softening tissues can be cleaned more easily this way.

Clots occur in the head after planting. In fact, these clots serve protective function. Washing the hair later is beneficial as it minimizes the possibility of dislocating or removing the roots. The only problem here is that microbes occurring under the clots can cause inflammation and damage the roots. When you wash your hair after planting, it is important to choose products developed for hair transplantation. The only purpose of ordinary skin moisturizers is to make the skin moisturized, as the name suggests. Moisturizing your roots requires special hair follicle moisturizer. Regular shampoo can damage the roots so you should take product suggestions from your surgeon who will wash your hair three days after hair transplantation and continue to use suggested products until the crusts and rashes are gone, that is, until the healing process is completed.


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