Is Hair Transplant Safe?

Is Hair Transplant Safe?

The demand for hair transplants is increasing day by day, and people who have obtained satisfactory results suggest that due to modern technology, hair transplant surgery successfully ends with a natural appearance. Hair transplant surgery has become a reliable surgery that everyone can use today. Anyone who has enough hair follicles on the scalp for hair transplantation and wants to find a solution to the permanent hair loss problem can get rid of the hair loss problem by obtaining the support of hair transplant surgery. Hair design is as important as the technique used in hair transplantation. It is necessary to make the most suitable hairstyle design according to the person’s face shape, hair growth direction and age. The front hairline grows slowly from the hairline to the tips of the hair. It should be shaped naturally. The transplanted hair should not suddenly grow like a grassy man. The density of the person should be appropriate for the age. Because it is difficult to correct in the later stage, the hair transplant must be very accurate. Because the transplanted hair will cause more trouble than the subsequent baldness. In short, it can be said that hair transplantation is a very safe treatment.

People who want to complete the hair transplant process without affecting their daily life are most afraid. The pain after transplantation often leads to abandoning the hair transplant. However, in a hair transplant center composed of experts in the field, their goal is to perform the necessary medical procedures so that people can complete the treatment in the most comfortable way and leave the center with the best results. With these, you no longer have to worry about hair loss! Since hair transplantation is usually performed under local anesthesia, the operation can be ended by talking to your doctor and spending a pleasant time during all operations.

Hair Transplantation Advantages

Hair transplant is a hair transplant technique in which only grafts are taken from the scalp at the donor site where the hair follicles will be taken, without the need to take tissue. In this method, there is no need for stitches, without cutting, without the need for traumatic surgery, hair transplant is performed. It does not need to wait long between sessions. Currently, for hair transplant operations, this method is usually preferred. Since there is no surgical intervention in the procedure, patients can decide to have a hair transplant more easily and use their preference in favor of the FUE method.

In hair transplant with this technique, hair roots are taken one by one and transplanted into the balding area. Before the hair roots are removed, the hair at the donor site is shortened by 1 mm. Local anesthesia is used to remove hair follicles and the area where hair transplant will be performed is numbed. Procedures for patients are completed more comfortably and without traces. Compared to other hair transplant methods, it has quite superior advantages.

Hair Transplant Risks

Before hair transplantation, obtain information about whether the person is suitable for hair transplantation and its physical condition during the hair transplant inspection process, as well as information about the situations that may be encountered during and after the operation. Hair transplantation under proper conditions and environment is a risk-free operation. Compared with other techniques used for hair transplantation, the FUE method requires more time. The number of hair follicles taken in the session is a certain number.

It takes a certain amount of time to obtain and place these hair follicles. When a large number of hair follicles are needed, the course of treatment may take longer, or a second course of treatment may be required. In FUE technology, it may take longer to complete the hair transplant. Therefore, for some patients, it can be said to be thankless. However, none of this should be considered a disadvantage. Because this technology has no negative effects on health. Therefore, the most preferred hair transplant technique is considered FUE.

As a short-term and temporary side effect after hair transplantation, during the healing process, itching, redness and tenderness may be observed in the donor and transplanted area for a short period of time. In addition, some undesirable results can be found in hair transplant surgery that is not performed under proper conditions. In people under 30 years of age, hair transplantation performed without calculating the area of ​​hair loss or hair transplantation using hair follicles taken from areas prone to hair loss may require hair transplantation in the future.

In hair transplantation, the donor area should be preferentially selected as the nape area. It is not recommended to stay away from sexual activity and strenuous exercise within three days after hair transplantation, so as not to affect the blood pressure in the head area. The patient did not notice or complain that hair transplantation would affect sexual activity.

What is the safest hair transplant?

Experts suggest that Follicular Unit Extraction is the current platinum level for hair implants. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is an advanced surgical hair transplant technology. Conventional hair transplants are more intrusive. This surgical treatment does not leave a longitudinal mark and does not require sutures. FUE extracts single hair follicle at a moment from your donor location. You can return home the same day as your operation because it is a one-day outpatient treatment.

Yet, the safest hair transplant method is highly dependent on your surgeon’s training, your overall health, and so on. That is, the best person to decide on the safest way is your surgeon.



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