Massage Head After Hair Transplant

Massage Head After Hair Transplant

Things to do after hair transplantation accelerates the healing process. Massage head after hair transplant is one of them. In the first 7 days, it should be applied by rinsing and massaging with shampoo, with light touches from back to front on the hair transplant area and donor area. Your doctor will give you a specially prepared lotion for washing after hair transplantation. With this lotion, you need to wash your hair as prescribed by your doctor. The lotion is applied on the crusts and left for 1 hour. This process is sufficient time for the crusts to soften. After the waiting period, you need to push the crusts by pressing with your fingertips. This short hair massage will increase blood circulation in the transplanted skin and make the hair grow faster.

Is it good to massage transplanted hair?

Definitely Massage head after hair transplant is very good. This procedure allows hair to grow healthier and faster. It triggers hair follicles. But you have to do it very slowly while massaging. If you do not do it quickly and as recommended, you may damage the hair follicles. Massage is a very delicate procedure. An important part of the care after hair transplantation is hair massage. Hair follicles obtain almost all of the nutrients they need from the blood. For this reason, the blood movement in the veins, especially in the planting area, should be high. The more blood flow in this area, the better the hair follicles will be nourished. When we massage an area of our body that we want to increase blood flow, blood starts to rush to that area. Massage on the scalp also performs this function. As you massage, blood flow is provided to that area. As the blood flow increases, it expands with the vein in the area and carries more of the nutrients needed by the hair.

Can I massage my head after hair transplant?

Yes, you can do that too. You don’t need a specialist for a massage head after hair transplant. But you have to be very careful. If you cannot do this yourself, you can go to the clinic and request a massage from a specialist. For washing, special shampoos and lotions will be recommended for you. These should be washed 1 or 2 times a day for 15 days. However, care should be taken not to make the normal hair massage movement to the transplanted area during washing. Special lotions are recommended for the area where hair transplant is performed. These are carefully applied to the transplanted area. Wait up to 1 hour. Then carefully wash with the recommended shampoo. The donor area can be washed with normal washing movements. Hair dryer is not allowed for the first 5 days after washing. You can use with cold air blowing after 5 days.

When can you massage head after a hair transplant?

For the first week, when showering and bathing your hair, you will only tap or gently touch the implanted places. Be careful that there will be no scratching or massage. However, you can clean the donor site as much as you like, which includes rubbing or massaging it with shampoos. You will usually wait at least 3 weeks following grafts before getting a scalp massage, and you can do a 10-minute circular massage with your fingertip on the transferred region of your hair. The goal is to soothe and calm the head while also promoting hair growth.

How do you massage your scalp after a hair transplant?

Massage after hair transplant is not enough to spare time. You can massage the scalp with your fingers at anytime and anywhere you want. It is enough to rub the scalp with light and oval movements and continue this for 2-3 minutes at a time. But wait for the first 2 weeks of the process to pass to massage after hair transplant. After the planted hair adapts to its place, start the massage. After opening the bandages, some patients may itch the donor area after hair transplant. In such cases, applying light pressure to this area with the help of palms so that the itch in the donor area can pass, performing light massages with the fingers helps the itch pass.


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