Drooping of the outer corner of the lower eyelids is frequently caused by drooping of the lids as they age. However, it can also be caused by skin tightening as a result of inadequate cosmetic surgery, sun damage, and skin cancer surgery.

The average cost of Canthoplasty in Turkey is around 1.700 USD (1600€) which is the best price option compared to abroad. Here you can find out and discover getting Canthoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey, canthoplasty costs, our clinic’s patients reviews, before & after photos from the best doctors in Turkey plus all-inclusive packages for a Canthoplasty in Turkey.

At that point, the operation which is named as canthoplasty comes into the stage. Canthoplasty, also known as canthopexy, is the name given to an eyelid operation that is performed to strengthen the lateral canthal tendon and the surrounding supportive tissue. So, the main goal of the surgery is to strengthen the tissues of the canthus in order to keep the eyelid and eyeball in their normal posture and relationship.

The treatment is as follows: surgeons raise the muscles in the outside corners of the lower lids, similar to lifting one end of a hammock. Canthoplasty can also be done to alter the shape of the outer corner of the eye if needed. However, depending on the patient’s condition, a more thorough treatment is required, and a new lower-lid tendon must be fashioned to fix the lid laxity.

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What is Canthoplasty Surgery?

Over time, the lateral canthal tendon which you have to control on your eyelids may lose its strength and your eyeballs may not stay in their natural position. At that point, thanks to advanced technological devices and experienced doctors, clinical medicine offers you a cosmetic surgery which is called canthoplasty.

The surgical procedure, canthoplasty, is to repair and strengthen the tendon which is formerly mentioned. With this operation, you will get the control on your eyebrows and eyeballs again.

Tens of thousands of people undergo this operation with the aim of getting well again, as well as those who were born with this disorder. As you might imagine, sagging eyebrows can make you look older than your normal age, and the problem in the eyeballs can get worse. So if you want to live a normal life without facial muscle problems, you may be a good candidate for this surgery.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Canthoplasty ?

Candidates of a canthoplasty have no exception from those who will get any cosmetic surgery. Nevertheless, there are still certain details which say whether you are a good candidate for a canthoplasty or not.

Here are these details;

  • Non-smokers
  • The ones who do not consume alcohol or too much coffee
  • Male and female individuals who have reasonable expectations about the outcomes.
  • The patients who are nor forced or urged by others to get cosmetic surgery, including canthoplasty.
  • Patients with drooping, sagging, or baggy lower eyelids are typically suitable candidates for this sort of operation, especially if the existing appearance and shape of the eye is giving them concern.
  • If you have under-eye bags, which can make people appear fatigued or melancholy.

Canthoplasty procedure: 

The Canthoplasty procedure simply changes the shape of the eye. however, Canthoplasty encompasses a variety of procedures including:

A lateral canthoplasty, An epi-canthoplasty, And a combination of canthoplasty procedures depending on the patient’s condition.

However, Canthoplasty is a relatively quick surgery lasting 1 to 2 hours for most patients.

Before your surgery, the surgeon will ask you to stop smoking at least four weeks before the procedure and to stop taking any blood thinners medication or herbal supplements at least two weeks before the procedure.

In general, your surgery steps will involve: 

  • Your procedure will begin with the surgeon injecting local anesthesia, as the surgery is normally performed outpatient, The majority of patients won’t require general anesthesia
  • Your surgeon will make a small incision and it is typically made at the outer corner of the eyelid. to cut the lower canthal tendon and then reposition or tighten it.
  • The tendon is then pulled into its new position to support the eyelid and reattached with sutures.
  • Finally, the surgeon will make certain that the incision is made within the natural crease of the eyelid, in order to minimize scarring after surgery with natural eyelids. 

After surgery, soreness, bruising, and swelling are common, however, these should subside after the first week,  patients also should avoid exercising, rubbing their eyes, or applying make-up in the first week, 

And usually, patients return to work 2 weeks after the surgery even though some can go back even sooner.

Canthoplasty Surgery Cost § Reviews in Turkey

Risks and Side Effects

Canthoplasty, also known as inferior retinacular suspension or lateral retinacular suspension, is a surgical technique that includes tightening the muscles or ligaments that support the patient’s eyelid’s outer corner. This treatment entails redesigning the eye and is known as a low-risk operation, nevertheless there are some risks that you may experience after the surgery.

These are;

  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Bruising
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Swelling

Although bruising and swelling are common side effects, they usually go away within a week. Some patients may experience a brief alteration in vision as a result of the operation, but this is only temporary and normal vision will recover on its own.

Canthoplasty Recovery Timeline 

Canthoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t require much downtime. It’s a same-day treatment that doesn’t require you to remain overnight. You will be able to return home the same day as the surgery. 

After surgery, one may experience discomfort, swelling, and minor bruising, but most patients can return to social settings within a week. Patients must carefully follow post-operative instructions to ensure proper healing and aesthetic results. 

Recovery Timeline 

The patient will have moderate swelling and redness around the incision sites following lateral canthoplasty eyelid surgery. Some patients may have excessive tearing. Others may experience dry eyes, which can be treated with a prescription drug. Temporary blurred vision is a frequent side effect of lateral canthoplasty, and some patients may also have temporary light sensitivity.

Analgesics can be used to relieve pain at the incision sites. In the first two to three days, the patient should apply the prescribed ointment to keep the incisions moist. To reduce swelling, they should apply cold compresses to the eyes. 

The sutures will be removed by the surgeon within two days to a week of the surgery. During the first week, the patient should rest their eyes as much as possible. The initial swelling and redness will fade over time, and no special treatment may be required. To hasten recovery, the patient should avoid any activity that increases blood flow to the eyes.

For the first two to three weeks after lateral canthoplasty, it’s a good idea to wear dark sunglasses. This will provide relief from irritation caused by exposure to the sun and wind. Because the eyes tire rapidly in the first few weeks, frequent eye rest is recommended.

During the first month after surgery, any activities that enhance the flow of blood to the eyes should be avoided. Lifting big weights, bending, and even crying are examples of these behaviors. The patient should consult with the surgeon before resuming a specific exercise routine. 

What to expect after the surgery?

Canthoplasty, like any other incisional treatment, will leave a noticeable scar. Surgeons, on the other hand, will take appropriate steps to minimize obvious scarring and disguise it within the natural crease of the eye.

Moreover, canthoplasty incisions are quite small, and the resulting scars are generally difficult to see, even by the patients. 

Why Should One Choose The Clinics In Turkey?

Plastic Surgery in Istanbul

Plastic Surgery in Istanbul

When compared to Europe and the United States, Turkey provides higher-quality care at a lower cost. The main reason for reduced expenses in Turkey is lower living and labor costs, which allow treatment prices to be more inexpensive than in other European nations. However, very low prices must be avoided at all costs.

You may have come across some very inexpensive pricing where unexperienced and untrained professionals execute the procedure, which can have fatal repercussions. So, as one may have understood up until now, there are two concrete reasons why you should choose Turkey as a destination to get a cosmetic surgery, including canthoplasty or the other surgeries which are related to face/eye or brows.

The first is the success rates and the quality, the second is about monetary issues. Nevertheless, that is not all. Turkey also allows you to combine your treatment with a fantastic vacation, especially Istanbul, the place where you can find the most clinics in the country, is a breathtaking city. While many people travel to Turkey for medical treatment, they also get the opportunity to see this wonderful city or the others.

Dr. Yetkin Bayer Clinics works with the best doctors and top clinics for each plastic surgery operation for you to have the best result and experience in Turkey.

Canthoplasty Reviews in Turkey

Before and After Photo

You can visit our Instagram page or contact us via Whatsapp to see canthoplasty results,  before and after photos in Istanbul, Turkey.

Is it safe to have Canthoplasty in Turkey?

Canthoplasty in Turkey will help you look more youthful and rejuvenated. The procedure is relatively painless and can be done in one or two hours and it’s totally safe. It is a good idea to take a friend or family member to accompany you to the hospital.

In the first couple of days, bruising and swelling will occur. Swelling will go away on its own in a few weeks. A cold pack can be applied to the operated area to control the swelling.

Is Turkey a good place to get Canthoplasty?

Having canthoplasty in Turkey is as simple as going for a surgery in your home country. You will have to go through several steps and you should not expect to see the results immediately. However, you can have a better and more youthful eye appearance.

In Turkey it is important to choose a highly qualified eye-plastic surgeon. The doctor will make sure that you will not feel any pain during the surgery.

Canthoplasty in Turkey can be done using local anesthesia. It is also possible to get the procedure done under general anesthesia. You will stay in a hospital overnight and you will not be able to drive. You will need a friend or family member to assist you.

Canthoplasty in Istanbul Antalya or Izmir

Getting Canthoplasty in Turkey is one of the safest and most popular ways of achieving the eyes that you desire. If you are considering this surgery, it is important that you do your research and find out about the procedures that are available to you in Istanbul, Antalya or Izmir.

Aside from canthoplasty, Istanbul also offers a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments. You can choose from several types of cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, skin resurfacing, and eye surgeries.

Canthoplasty in Izmir Turkey is performed by experienced surgeons. However, the prices may vary depending on the city and the type of treatment you choose.

Canthoplasty in Antalya Turkey is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed on the same day. The incisions are small and the scars are difficult to see.

If you want to spend the operation in one of the 3 cities, the most ideal for you will be Istanbul. Istanbul, which is number one among the developed cities in this regard, has all-inclusive packages that clinics can offer you, including transfer accommodation.

Although the operation is more expensive in Antalya and Izmir, the number of accredited clinics in these cities, which are holiday destinations, is low, but in this way, you can have the operation safely and have a holiday.

How much is Canthoplasty Cost?

With so many options, picking a country for canthoplasty could be challenging. Of course, the most important criteria is the cost and the budget. Here is a list of expenses in various countries, starting with the lowest price:

Germany: Canthoplasty prices in Germany tend to start at 1020 Euros.

Spain: Canthoplasty prices in Spain normally start at 1050 Euros.

USA: The cost of canthoplasty surgery is around 1,700 USD. The fee for the board-certified doctor, anesthesia procedures, as well as the hospital charge are usually all included in this price.

France: The cost varies based on the procedure employed and the type of anesthetic used. It ranges in price from 1850 to 4,200 euros usually.

The Netherlands: Prices for Canthoplasty in the Netherlands are approximately 2000 Euros, depending on the patient, doctor, and other factors.

UK: Canthoplasty typically costs approximately £3000. The anesthesia, the doctor’s work, and the operation process will all be covered.

How Much Does a Canthoplasty Cost in Turkey?

Surgery Cost

The cost of a canthoplasty is determined by the amount of threads used and the number of areas to be addressed. Nevertheless, it is still to give a certain price information. The minimum cost of a Canthoplasty operation in Turkey is $1000, while the maximum cost for the surgery is $2400. So, we can see that the patients who desire to get an almond eye surgery should have $1700 in their pocket.

Still, prices can change from one city to another, depending on the location and experience of the clinics. For example, if the clinic has a view of the sea or the Bosporus, it may be more expensive and difficult to schedule a medical procedure there. However, if the clinic is located inland, it is very likely to have a cheaper price.

To conclude, there may be differences in prices for the operation which is called canthoplasty, nevertheless, Turkey is still the pioneer country in terms of offering the best prices for the best results. If you are considering getting cosmetic surgery, it would be a brilliant choice to decide on visiting Turkey.


How long does canthoplasty take in Turkey?

Canthoplasty surgery generally takes 1-2  hours. Bruising and swelling lasts 7-10 days, and the healing time is around 2 to 4 weeks. You must stay in Turkey for at least four days after the operation to conduct initial examinations and evaluate the results.

Does Canthoplasty make eyes smaller?

Canthoplasty is a technique that alters the form of your eyes. However, if you want to modify the size of your eyes, you should contact a specialist to learn more about the process and whether it is possible.          

Is Canthoplasty permanent?

Canthoplasty surgery is regarded as permanent if performed carefully and correctly by a board-certified surgeon, and revision surgeries are uncommon. However, keep in mind that it will not deal with time; as time passes, some modifications may occur.