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What is Robotic Hair Transplant?

A robotic hair transplant is an advanced hair restoration procedure that uses robotic technology to assist in the extraction and implantation of hair follicles. Here’s a detailed explanation of the process:

  1. Consultation: An initial consultation is conducted to assess the patient’s hair loss and determine suitability for the procedure.

  2. Robotic Assistance: The procedure employs a robotic system, such as the ARTAS Robotic System, which uses artificial intelligence to identify and extract the healthiest hair follicles from the donor area. This system offers precision and consistency that is difficult to achieve manually.

  3. Follicle Extraction: The robot’s advanced imaging capabilities and algorithms select and harvest individual hair follicles with minimal trauma to the surrounding tissue. This ensures a higher survival rate for the follicles and less scarring.

  4. Recipient Site Creation: Depending on the system used, the robot can also assist in creating the recipient sites on the scalp, determining the optimal depth, angle, and direction for natural-looking results.

  5. Implantation: The harvested follicles are then carefully implanted into the recipient sites by the surgeon or a trained technician, ensuring the placement aligns with the patient’s natural hair growth pattern.

  6. Benefits: The robotic system offers numerous benefits, including increased accuracy, reduced procedure time, minimized human error, and consistent results. It also allows for a less invasive procedure with quicker recovery times and natural-looking outcomes.

Overall, a robotic hair transplant combines the expertise of a skilled surgeon with the precision of advanced robotic technology, providing patients with an effective solution for hair restoration.

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Operation Details

  • 5 Hours

    Operation Time

  • Local


  • Up to 600

    Maximum grafts in one sessions

  • 2 Weeks

    1st Checkup

  • 2-3 Days

    Average length of stay in Turkey

  • 60 Days

    New Hair Growth

  • 30 Days

    Donor Healing Time

  • 1 Day

    Return to Routine

  • 90 Day

    Healing Time

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Artas Robotic Hair Transplant?

The ARTAS hair transplant is a noninvasive robotic hair transplant treatment used to treat both male and female hair loss. To accomplish the follicular unit excision (FUE) procedure, the ARTAS System employs precision robotics and intelligence algorithms. As a result, the ARTAS robotic method might be considered a superior phase of the traditional FUE process.

ARTAS punch sizes are often substantially larger than manual FUE punch sizes. It’s a lot slower and less exact process. Furthermore, ARTAS has difficulty maximizing the viable grafts from the donor area, resulting in fewer grafts obtained from the donor locations.

Although robotic hair transplants use imaging technology to identify the best candidates for extraction and implantation ahead of the treatment, the method is still not as precise as a manual doctor’s examination and the use of the Norwood scale to determine the number of grafts needed.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Robotic Hair Transplant? 

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Service Details

Operation Procedure

Advantages of Robotic Hair Transplant:

  • Digital mapping techniques outperform human sight and improve graft selection. 
  • Less pain, and risk of infection.
  • More efficient procedures and results. 
  • Reduces the time required to complete the operations.
  • Reduced Graft damage
  • No scars.
  • Quick recovery

How Is a Robotic Hair Transplant Performed?

A robotic hair transplant is identical to an FUE hair transplant in terms of procedure. Hair in the donor area will be shaved short to make follicles easier to locate and harvest when you arrive for your treatment.

Then, using cameras, an ARTAS robotic system maps the donor area and selects the best follicles to harvest depending on the hair’s qualities. Small dermal punches will be used by a robotic arm to remove individual hair follicles, which will then be manually transplanted by a physician using innovative techniques that enable the transplant to look natural and heal properly. (Anesthesia required) 

Hair Transplant Results

Robotic Hair Transplant vs Manual

In short, the ARTAS robotic is still in its early stages and will require additional time. The goal of a hair transplant is to obtain the greatest possible cosmetic result given the number of hair follicles in your donor reserve, not only to transplant as many grafts as possible.

The only advance a robotic hair transplant can offer patients is the digital mapping of hair follicles to be extracted, However, many surgeons do use a similar machine to choose grafts before manually extracting hair from patients.  

Lastly, Robotic hair transplant is far too extensive in comparison to Fue hair transplant or any other manual hair transplant methods that have proven to be effective in reaching the desired results.

Our Clinic in Turkey

All inclusive Robotic Hair transplant Package

  • Accommodation (3 nights stay in a 4-star hotel)
  • VIP transfers (Private car. From the hospital to the hotel, then to the hospital, and back)
  • Translator service if needed
  • Painless Local Anesthesia
  • MicroFUE maximum density pre-operation haircut
  • PRP Treatment Medications
  • Post-operative care essentials, such as shampoo, lotion, special hat, neck pillow, pain killers, aspirin,  antibiotics, etc.
  • PRP therapy to stimulate better hair growth.

Cost of Robotic Hair Transplant in Turkey

Robotic hair transplant in Turkey is very popular abroad because patients can get the best robotic hair transplant results at affordable prices. 

The average cost of Artas robotic hair transplant in Turkey is 7000 USD which is a cheap option compared to other countries such as the USA and UK.

Patients can also benefit from all inclusive hair transplant packages. Accommodation and transportation are included in these packages. 

FAQ about Robotic Hair Transplant

Is Robotic hair transplant better?

The automated robotic hair transplant equipment represents a huge leap in the implementation of FUE technique. This robotics technique optimizes two critical steps in a hair transplant: follicular unit extraction and recipient site creation. As a result, robotic hair transplantation has a positive reputation among hair restoration treatments. The approach enhances the execution of key processes in the hair transplant procedure because it harvests hairs more quickly and accurately. But, it does not give you natural looking hair.

Is Robotic Hair Transplant Painful?

If you’ve heard of previous techniques that might be painful at times, you might be wondering if the robotic hair transplantation process is as harsh as they are. Unlike traditional hair transplantation treatments such as FUT, the Robotic Hair Restoration surgery is usually painless. Nonetheless, some patients may experience slight discomfort and edema following the treatment, which should go away within a few days.

Is Artas hair transplant permanent?

According to the surgeons who use the ARTAS robotic hair transplant technology, once hair is transplanted to the area affected by hair loss, hair development will continue in the same manner as it did in the donor location. As a result, the ARTAS hair transplant produces natural-looking, long-lasting results. New hair growth, on the other hand, can be detected as early as 3 months and will continue to develop significantly over the course of a year. As a result, the outcomes of an ARTAS hair transplant are said to be permanent.

How long does a robotic hair transplant procedure take?

The duration varies depending on the number of grafts needed but typically ranges from 6 to 8 hours.

Is a robotic hair transplant suitable for everyone?

Most individuals experiencing hair loss can benefit from a robotic hair transplant, but a consultation with a specialist is necessary to determine suitability based on specific hair loss patterns and donor area availability.

Why choose Dr. Yetkin Bayer for a robotic hair transplant in Istanbul?

Dr. Yetkin Bayer is renowned for his expertise in hair restoration and utilizes the latest robotic technology to ensure precise, natural-looking results. His clinic in Istanbul offers top-notch care and advanced procedures for hair loss treatment.