Buccal Fat Removal in Turkey is one of the most popular surgeries. This surgery is also known as Hollywood cheek surgery because most famous people in Hollywood had this surgery, and have thinner, sharp and attractive cheeks. 

There are many people who live in the USA or UK who choose Turkey for bichectomy. There is a price advantage in Turkey, and people have a chance to get the best Bichectomy surgery in Turkey results with professional and experienced doctors.The average cost of bichectomy surgery in Turkey is 1750 USD (1650€) which is a cheap option compared to abroad. 

Here you can find out and discover getting bichectomy surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, bichectomy costs, our clinic’s patients reviews, before & after photos from the best doctors in Turkey plus all-inclusive packages for Bichectomy surgery in Turkey.

Our all inclusive bichectomy surgery package includes transportation, 5 star hotel, translators, post-op follow up, all medications, preoperative tests.

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What is Buccal Fat Removal Surgery?

Bichectomy, also referred as cheek reduction surgery is the resection of extra fat from the cheeks to enhance the cheekbones and balance the facial proportions. Fat is taken from inside of the mouth to provide the face with a more appealing and proportionate look, and a large and puffy facial aspect that causes the individual distress is corrected.

This technique emphasizes the cheekbones, thins the face, and gives it a slender and young image. A 100 mm cut is created to approach the fat in that location during a bichectomy surgery and around 40-50 percent of the fat is extracted.

People have a Bichectomy surgery because chubby cheeks and invisible cheekbones may result in low self-esteem. Another reason for people to have this type of cosmetic procedure is that Hollywood stars stereotypically have a thin face and highlighted cheekbones; therefore, people wish to look like stars in the series and movies.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Bichectomy?

It is likely that you are a suitable candidate for bichectomy if:

  • You are negatively affected by the look of your plump cheeks
  • You have realistic goals about the operation, you are physically active and at a normal BMI.
  • You are a nondrinker and nonsmoker

Once you contact your cosmetic surgeon for a discussion, they will analyze you and tell you if you’re a suitable candidate for buccal fat removal. Also, bear in mind that it’s critical to be entirely honest about your medical and psychiatric history when questioned. Lying or omitting critical information might actually be harmful and cause health issues.

Bichectomy Procedure 

Bichectomy is a quick and technically straightforward esthetic-functional treatment. 

And your surgeon would most likely ask you to stop taking certain medications before your procedure. These include blood-thinning medications such as aspirin. If you are a smoker, you will need to quit four weeks before your surgery. and arrange laboratory testing or a medical evaluation

Your surgery will involve these steps:

  • The procedure starts with skin lines on your lower cheekbones based on the surgical plan you and your surgeon devise.
  • Then, similar to a dental procedure, numbing medication is injected into the inside of your cheeks.
  • When you’re ready, a small incision on the inside of your cheek near your upper molar teeth is made.
  •  Using a cautery device, the buccal fat pad is gradually teased out and removed.
  • And Finally, the incision is closed with sutures that dissolve on their own after about a week.

Buccal fat reduction is an outpatient surgical treatment that, usually performed under local anesthetic, if not combined with other cosmetic surgery. and takes only a few minutes to complete. The discomfort is minor, and recovery is simple. However, you will be restricted to soft meals for many days following the surgery, and bruising is rare and usually minimal.

The results of your buccal fat reduction on the other hand are permanent; however, your overall face will continue to age and may change as you lose or gain weight.

Buccal Fat Removal Cost § Reviews in Turkey

Risks and Side Effects

The desire to undergo bichectomy is a highly individual one. You must evaluate whether the advantages will meet your objectives and whether the risk and probable problems of bichectomy are reasonable.

These are some of the risk connected with bichectomy:

  • The risk of anesthesia
  • Incongruity
  • Excessive loss of blood
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory problems, as well as blood clots
  • a buildup of fluid
  • Infections
  • Salivary Gland Trauma
  • Damage to facial nerve fibers causing temporary or chronic facial muscle paralysis.
  • Nausea or other sensational abnormalities
  • Pain that doesn’t go away and wounds that don’t heal properly
  • Long-term edema
  • Unsatisfactory visual results and/or minor modifications

Bichectomy Recovery Timeline 

Your Bichectomy or buccal removal surgery will not require any long Recovery Timeline. 

The Buccal fat removal surgery is a straightforward surgical operation performed in an outpatient surgical facility. 

Patients are able to return home the same day. Following the procedure. The operation takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete, but when combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures, like facelift, eyebrow lift the whole surgical duration may increase significantly.

Recovery Timeline 

  • After the buccal fat pad is removed, there is very little downtime. Many patients feel well enough to go back to work the next day. You may wish to rest shortly following the surgery, but you should feel fine the next day. You may have some swelling, but bruising is usually mild and often not visible at all.
  • After The incision is closed, the procedure is repeated on the opposite side of the face. General anesthesia is not usually required (many patients are awake during the procedure), and you can go home immediately after surgery.
  • The tissues inside the mouth usually require seven to ten days to recover after cheek fat pad removal. As a result, a patient may need to follow a soft or semi-liquid diet for the first several days following surgery.
  • Buccal fat removal is a simple surgical treatment. The full results of your surgery will not be seen until the swelling has gone down. It usually takes 4-6 weeks for this to happen.

What to expect after the surgery

During recovery, many patients have no visible bruising. There will be no visible incisions or scarring during or after the healing period because the incision is performed inside the cheek.

After a buccal lipectomy, a specific mouth rinse is sometimes recommended. The rinse can help lower the risk of infection in a patient and should be used exactly as advised.

During your recovery following cheek fat pad excision, follow your surgeon’s instructions. any information on how to care for the surgical site afterward, as well as any medications that should be used during the recovery time

And it is necessary to keep in mind that we all lose fat in our faces as we age, and one may or may not require filler or fat placement later in life. Only a modest quantity of fat in the appropriate candidate can make a significant difference.

Lastly, after all of the swelling has subsided, the final results of buccal fat pad removal are usually noticeable several months later. However, the effects of buccal fat pad removal vary depending on a patient’s diet and other factors.

Weight gain or loss following buccal fat pad excision can have an effect on treatment outcomes in some cases. The natural aging process also generates facial wrinkles, sagging skin, and other skin concerns that may have an impact on the results of buccal fat pad removal.

Bichectomy Surgery Aftercare

Some people acquire more adipose tissue termed Bichat in the cheek area than others. It is sometimes observed that thin people have more fat tissue. This fat accumulation on the cheeks is resistant to clearance with diet and exercise, and it is frequently passed from the parents through genetic inheritance. When desired, this adipose tissue that generates a more rounded face can be eliminated, resulting in a face with thinner and cleaner lines.

Yet, you may not know how to care yourself and here is the genius way to follow;

  • To hasten your recuperation following surgery, your doctor will prescribe mouthwash and antibiotics.
  • The mouth should be cleaned thoroughly throughout the first week.
  • During the first week, the patient should pay extra attention to his or her diet. Soft foods should be ingested instead of stiff and heated dishes.
  • After surgery, the patient can return to work within a few days.
  • During the first week, avoid making sudden face movements.

Why Should One Choose The Clinics In Turkey?

Plastic Surgery in Istanbul

Plastic Surgery in Istanbul

There are the main reasons why you should visit to Istanbul for your plastic surgery;

  • You will be with a carefully selected expert team of the greatest surgeons.
  • You will be safe in every way that you can think of.
  • In addition to our security, advancement, and high-quality services, you can save up to 70% compared to treatment in European countries.
  • Dr. Yetkin Bayer Clinics works with the best doctors and top clinics for each plastic surgery operation for you to have the best result and experience in Turkey.

To conclude, Turkey is one of Europe’s cheapest countries for cosmetic procedures such as bichectomy. If you are thinking about getting cosmetic surgery overseas, especially a bichectomy, Turkey should be your first choice.

Why Is Bichectomy Surgery Cheap In Turkey?

You may be wondering why a bichectomy is so inexpensive in Turkey under such ideal conditions, and this is a common query. The low cost of living, taxes, currency exchange, and government financing all contribute to lower prices, allowing Turkish clinics to provide high-quality care at low costs. Turkish clinics also provide all-inclusive packages at cheap prices that cover a wide range of services that would be more expensive if done separately.

Bichectomy Price Comparison
$ 1750£ 4000$ 5500€3.2005900 CAD

Is it safe to have a Bichectomy in Turkey?

Many patients around the world choose Turkey for bichectomy surgery, and it is not a coincidence. Since Turkey has a solid health care system that welcomes patients from abroad, people can safely get surgery. In addition to that, surgeons in Turkey are experts in their fields. So it is very safe to have bichectomy surgery in Turkey.

Best Bichectomy Surgeons and Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey

How Much Does a Buccal Fat Removal Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Surgery Cost

In Istanbul, Turkey, the average cost of a bichectomy is $1750, with a minimum of $1000 and a maximum of $2400. Varying cities, such as Ankara, Antalya, and Izmir may have different prices.

The cost of a bichectomy in Turkey varies according to a number of factors, including clinics, doctor experience, and procedure used. When these prices are compared to clinics in other countries that provide the procedure, you can see the difference. Turkey offers international experience and medical care, as well as surgical packages that include a variety of additional services in addition to the procedure, such as airport transfer, translation, and more.

To sum up, if you are thinking about getting a cosmetic surgery, for instance bichectomy, Turkey would be a brilliant choice for you with its numerous clinics which are wonderful in every aspect.

Bichectomy in Istanbul, Antalya, or Izmir

Bichectomy in Istanbul, is the best location also known as cheek aesthetics, is one of the most common aesthetic procedures performed in recent years. It is best described as the removal of excess fat from the cheeks. Despite its optimal weight, bichectomy, which is usually chosen by people whose face is larger than their body, is a very small surgical aesthetic operation that draws attention due to its effectiveness in giving the face a sharper and more appealing expression.

The planning stage of aesthetic surgeries for bichectomy in Antalya is critical; the planning should take into account the patient’s expectations and needs, as well as whether these demands can be met as a result of the surgery. Patient satisfaction can be maximized as a result of bichectomy cosmetic surgeries performed with proper planning.

Bichectomy aesthetics can be performed for men and women over the age of 18, with normal weight and round faces. In addition, bichectomy in Izmir plastic surgery is not recommended for people who are overweight or obese, or people over the age of 45. Bichat or oil bags can fade dramatically over time and cause premature aging of the face. In conclusion, each patient should be evaluated in detail before surgery, as there may be significant differences between patients.

All Inclusive Bichectomy Surgery Packages 

Average all-inclusive package price for a bichectomy surgery is 2250 USD or 1660 Pound in Istanbul, Turkey. You can contact us to get prices and learn what’s included in the all-inclusive package prices in our clinic.

Bichectomy  Before and After Photos in Turkey

You can visit our Instagram page or contact us via Whatsapp to see bichectomy surgery results,  before and after photos in Istanbul, Turkey.

Bichectomy in Reviews Turkey


Does Health Insurance Cover Bichectomy Surgery?

If you have chubby cheeks, you may be planning to have a bichectomy surgery, also known as buccal fat reduction, to have more highlighted cheekbones and a more Hollywood-like face. In this situation, you probably wonder if your health insurance covers the operation.

Buccal fat reduction is classified as a cosmetic procedure, that is, it is considered as an optional operation, not necessary. Hence, it is not covered by health insurance.

Is Bichectomy permanent?

The answer of this question is yes. That is, bichectomy, also called as buccal fat removal, is a lifelong procedure that involves the removal of a fat deposit. Even if the person puts on weight, the inverted triangle appearance will remain.

Is a Bichectomy painful?

You will be given local anesthetic in your face if you are merely having bichectomy. After the surgery, there is relatively little discomfort. The majority of patients do not use painkillers, and most are amazed to discover that the recuperation is rather painless.

How long does Bichectomy take to heal?

You can continue to work three days to seven days after your operation, based on the type of procedure you had. Any desk job that does not need a lot of conversation will fit into this time frame. Active jobs may necessitate additional recovery period.

How long does bichectomy take in Turkey?

Bichectomy operation generally takes 1 to 2 hours. The tissues in the mouth can be recovered in 10 days, and the healing process may take 4 to 6 weeks on average.You must stay in Turkey for at least six days after the operation to conduct initial examinations and evaluate the results.