The answer this question is a little bit tricky because there is no certain answer. That is to say, it depends on the country that you choose to go for your hair transplant surgery. As you may guess, in the world, there are several countries which offer hair transplantation operation with affordable prices. Nevertheless, you cannot choose one of them without a meticulous research, at least you should not. But, still there are a lot of clinics in worldwide that you can go and get your hair transplant surgery. All you need to do is to make a research about the clinics and the success rates. If you can find an actual patient, it would be better to have an idea about his or her experiences. Long to short, it is safe to go to another country to get your hair transplant but you should be cautious.

Is it cheaper to get a hair transplant surgery in abroad?

If you are from a country in Europe or the US, the answer is clearly and directly yes! The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is roughly $3,000, while in the US, UK or most European countries you can spend around $10,000-15,000 for such an operation with the same or better quality of service.

The main reason for that difference in cost is of course has direct links with economy and currency issues. In Turkey or the other countries such as South Korea, Thailand, Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, and Croatia which offer relatively cheaper prices for any kind of cosmetic surgery including hair transplant, the general cost of living is lower than those countries from Europe or USA.

So, the answer for this question is “Yes, it is by far cheaper to get a hair transplant.” Nevertheless, you should still avoid from the clinics which offer very low prices for the surgery.

The countries that you can prefer to go for a hair transplant surgery which offer low prices

  • The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a great deal of expertized surgeons and these surgeons in the Czech Republic execute high-quality surgical treatments in cutting-edge operating rooms. For the benefit of patients from other countries, the surgeons execute cost-effective and high-quality treatments. Transportation and lodging may also be arranged locally for international patients. Furthermore, the hospital includes nice recovery rooms equipped with all modern conveniences.

  • Croatia

Croatia is one of the countries that offer low prices for hair transplantation. Especially in the last decade, the surgeons there have performed a lot of successful surgeries that put a big smile on the patients’ faces. So, if you want a hair transplant at reasonable prices, you can choose Croatia as your destination country.

  • Poland

If you are considering to have a hair transplantation surgery, Poland would be a wise choice because you can find everything that you can imagine. With its stunning beauty, the country stands for peace and sanity. On the other hand, Poland has series of successful surgeons who are expert in their fields.

  • India

After Turkey, India is the second country which holds the highest number of hair transplantation surgery operations. With its amazing and somehow fantastic atmosphere, India lures people to visit. So, you will not only find low prices there, but also successful doctors who operate as plastic surgeons with an aim to give you a new appearance.

  • South Korea

With the enhancements of the technology, South Korea has doubled itself in the last 70 years. From the peoples to the high-tech operation rooms, everywhere is adorned with technological devices. So, if you consider to get a hair transplant, getting your surgery in South Korea would be one of the best choices.

  • Thailand

Thailand is also one of the popular destinations for any kind of cosmetic surgery especially hair transplantation. The reason beyond this popularity is, of course, the success rates and the smiling patients who return to their home-lands with a big smile on their faces. In the last decade, tens and thousands of people have preferred there.

  • Hungary

When it comes to Hungary, you will not regret choosing this country as your hair transplant destination. If you are considering hair transplant abroad, Hungary would be one of the best choices for you with prices ranging from £1600 to £2500. Remember that money is not easy to win, you should wisely spend it!

  • Mexico

Doctors in Mexico are highly skilled cosmetic and plastic surgeons who specialise in aesthetic surgeries such as hair transplantation, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and others. And, the clinics there are commonly members of American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Mexican Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. Thus, you can be sure that you will get a successful operation in Mexico. So, if you consider to get a hair transplant abroad, you may give a chance to Mexico. Along with the hot meals, the low prices between $3000 and $7000 will be waiting for you.

Where is the cheapest and best place in the world for a hair transplant?

Have you ever heard of a wonderland? Yes, you have heard of it, but in your childhood. Now it is the second chance for you to hear this word again. If you have been considering a hair transplant for a long time to get rid of an open patch in your scalp, Turkey is the best option you can have.

With experienced health care personnel and doctors who serve as plastic surgeons, Turkey is the best country in the world. When you look at the success rates, you will see very high numbers and a lot of patients that return their native-lands with their brand new appearances that boost their security feelings.

On the other hand, the prices are so low that you can even save 80% of your money. For instance, if you would get a hair transplant surgery in USA or UK, you will pay at least $10000. But you can get it for only $3000 in Turkey. Do not feel confused because Turkey is the cheapest country in the world which offers high quality hair transplant operations in the most sanitized operating rooms.

To sum up, the cheapest and the best country or place in the world for you to get a hair transplant surgery, if you consider to have one, is Turkey.


Do health insurance companies cover a hair transplantation surgery?

Surgical procedures are classified as either reconstructive or cosmetic by insurance carriers. Then they decide whether or not to pay for the procedure. Furthermore, aesthetic surgery often refers to modifying or enhancing normal tissue, whereas reconstructive surgery is considered medically required. As a result, because hair transplant surgery is done to boost a patient’s self-esteem or physical beauty, it is not considered medically required. As a result, most health insurance companies do not cover these treatments, particularly for international patients. Nonetheless, it is preferable to inquire about it, you will get the best answer from a professional who is related to this topic.

Can you get a finance for hair transplant?

Using finance to pay for a hair transplant would be a great option. For instance, it would allow you to have the treatment you want right away because there is no large initial outlay and you may divide the expense to match your budget. Nevertheless, some facilities want the money in advance or just after the surgery in one time. The main idea behind this is about the wide range of treatment expenses which make it impossible to apply for financing to cover the cost of a hair transplant. So, as you may guess, you cannot finance a hair transplant, but you may ask for it.

Is it safe to go abroad to get a hair transplant?

Yes, it is safe to go abroad for hair transplant. Many clinics with experienced medical staff are doing their best every day. All you need to do is a careful research about the possible clinics that you can choose for the transplant. If a foreign clinic can offer the same quality of hair transplant as in your home country at a much lower price, it is advisable to get the surgery done there.