When can you sleep on your back after BBL surgery?

When can you sleep on your back after BBL surgery?

A BBL or Brazilian butt lift usually takes around 3 to 4 hours to be done. Doctors advise the patients to wear a compression garment right after the procedure since it helps reduce bruising and swelling, allowing at the same time proper blood flow and circulation for the sake of the recovery process. 

You can clean the incision sites at home by accessing the liposuction sites beneath the compression garment at home. Experiencing some bruising, slight bleeding, discomfort, or numbness at the sites where fat was liposuction and around your buttocks is very normal. The recovery period for a BBL procedure usually takes around three weeks, during this time; you should avoid sitting, squatting, and buttocks stretching movements. In addition to that, doctors insist not to sleep on your back during recovery and especially in the first week after surgery to achieve the best possible results.

If you cannot avoid sitting in this timeframe, we advise you not to sit for a long time. You must also lay on your stomach or side all the time, this may sound like a very difficult thing to do, but you should know that doctors advise you to do that to avoid any pressure on the targeted area, since applying any pressure could destroy the transplanted fat cells.  

Patients need to dive their bodies enough time to recover allowing the surrounding tissues, transferred fat cells, and blood vessels to combine and grow strong enough and create a successful procedure and beautiful buttocks, this usually takes around 2 or 3 weeks to be achieved.

We advise you to follow all the instructions and guidelines given by your doctor to ensure a successful BBL surgery and the best possible results without the risk of causing any damage to the implant fat cells. 

What happens if you sleep on your back after BBL?

Patients must lie on their face or side when lying down. Although it may appear to be a challenging operation, applying pressure to the target location can destroy or displace transplanted fat. Patients must allow enough time for surrounding tissues, transferred fat cells, and blood arteries to join and grow strong enough for a successful fat grafting treatment, which typically takes 2–3 weeks.

So, sleeping on your back after a BBL will put pressure on the area, reduce blood supply, and perhaps cause difficulties with the fat grafting process. 

To sum up, patients who want to enjoy their fantastic results right away don’t want to risk inflicting any harm, therefore it’s vital to follow your surgeon’s instructions during the regular Brazilian butt lift recovery time.

How to sleep after BBL surgery?

During the time of BBL recuperation, stomach lying is the best method to sleep. Laying on your sides is a possibility, but just if you are confident you might need to rest on your backside.

Lying on your back or rear in any manner is not suggested or recommended in any respect. For at least two months, avoid sleeping on your backside. To have a good fat transplantation treatment, people must provide enough time for nearby tissues, grafted fat tissue, and veins to join and develop power adequately, which requires around 3 months.