Can you reverse a BBL?

Can you reverse a BBL?

Yes, Brazilian butt lift or BBL is considered a reversible procedure. You can easily remove the injected fat from your buttocks simply through liposuction. However, your buttock could not return to its exact look before doing the Brazilian butt lift. That is why, we advise you to think carefully before reversing BBL, since you may not be happy with your appearance afterward.

We consider the process of sculpting the butt with the patient’s fat as an art in itself; it requires a lot of talent and experience to achieve the desired results. Patients normally think about a BBL reversion operation when they do not feel satisfied with BBL results, which usually happens when choosing to do the operation by an inexperienced surgeon. You got sagging buttocks with more fat than ever. However, doing the reverse BBL operation has multiple risks and complications, like being unhappy with the reverse result after all.

That is why you should choose a talented and trustworthy plastic surgeon to operate BBL in the first place. , Brazilian butt lift results depend on the surgeon’s skills; do decent research before choosing where to do BBL surgery. This is very important to get the rounded and attractive buttocks you desire. You can also consult your doctor about the expected results from Brazilian butt lift before ever doing it.

Furthermore, you should not seek a reverse operation for your Brazilian butt lift only a few weeks after the surgery. Keep in mind that these results could not be final; most doctors say that results need about three months to consider as final. So, in the end, give your body the chance and the needed time to heal and recover before thinking about reversing the results and extracting the implanted fat using a liposuction operation after BBL.

How to reverse a BBL?

If you are concerned about the outcome of your BBL procedure, you may want to know whether it is possible to reverse the effects. The answer is yes in that scenario.

Liposuction is a simple procedure for removing the injected fat from your hips. However, your buttocks could not return to their previous position prior to executing the Brazilian butt lift.

As a result, it is advised that you proceed cautiously when reversing BBL, as you may be displeased with your final appearance.

So, if you wish to reverse the condition after a BBL, liposuction is the go-to procedure.