When Can You Sit Down After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

When Can You Sit Down After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Patients are advised to wear a compression garment immediately after Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL since it improves the healing process by reducing the swelling and bruising around the targeted area. Brazilian butt lift is considered a slow recovery operation. Plenty of patients can return to work in around two to three weeks after the procedure. Your body needs time to fully adjust to the new shape and size of your buttocks, that is why the final results usually take around three months after BBL appears. 

To achieve the best possible results, doctors say you should try to avoid sitting for about two to three weeks after the BBL. Although this could look like a long time, this is very important to the recovery, since applying any pressure on your buttocks could damage the implanted fat cells. You should know that this timeframe is estimated, our bodies and healing process are different from one another. Some patients can sit down after only two weeks, while others are advised to wait for six weeks to sit down again after BBL. Your surgeon is the only one who is qualified enough to give you the exact required recovery time for your case. 

 You are not allowed to sleep on your back for six weeks after the procedure. Although it puts less pressure on your buttocks. Sleeping or lying on your side or stomach is recommended during this crucial time to avoid any unpredictable results. 

However, since individual cases are very different, we encourage you to talk to your plastic surgeon about BBL operation, risks, complications, and recovery. You should follow your doctor’s healing advice and guidelines precisely to achieve the most successful and the best possible results for your case.

How to sit after BBL?

Males and ladies can undergo a Brazilian butt lift to correct a droopy or flat rump caused by heredity, age, gravity, or significant weight reduction.

But what about the side effects, especially while sitting on the buttocks?

Even though it will be challenging, individuals need to avoid exerting pressure on or resting directly on their cheeks for at least 3 weeks after the BBL procedure. Sit only when necessary and for brief periods of time. Using direct pressure on the target area during this critical healing time has the potential to damage or move the transplanted fat.

As a result, you should avoid sitting on your buttocks. You should only sit for 10 or 15 minutes if necessary; otherwise, you should lie on your face.

How to avoid sitting after BBL?

When resting, watching a movie, or reading, it’s best to sleep on your sides or face down. If you must sit, put a cushion between your buttocks and upper thighs to prevent the recovery process from being disrupted. You may acquire BBL pillows that are expressly made for the process. As a result, the hips will be largely protected from force, and you will be able to avoid the dangers of sitting. For two weeks, you must lay down and drive with a pillow under your buttocks for a month. It is critical to just sit when absolutely necessary and for brief periods of time.