How dangerous is getting a BBL?

How dangerous is getting a BBL?

Brazilian butt lift or BBL is a procedure that improves the fullness and shape of your buttocks. Doctors use your fat after performing liposuction in areas that have excess fat such as your abdomen, sides, hips, and lower back. Patients choose to do this operation to improve their lower back shape and harvest fat from unwanted locations in the body. 

The removed fat is often purified and prepared for reinjection in your body. Your cosmetic surgeon will strategically inject the collected fat into specific areas of your buttocks to give you a fuller and more attractive shape.

Although this surgery sounds simple, you should know that taking fat from one spot and putting it in another is a complex procedure, which is why we encourage you to find an experienced and well-trained surgeon to perform a safe and successful BBL. 

Choosing unqualified surgeons to do this operation could lead to many risks and complications, such as Injecting fat too deeply or even placing too much fat in your buttocks which may lead to dangerous results. This can lead some people to be afraid of doing a Brazilian butt lift or BBL especially due to fat embolism, however, we should inform you that the estimated death rate from fat embolism is not high as you think, it happens to one in 3000 cases only. A 2015 study confirmed that the deaths related to BBL surgery occur because of the damaged gluteal blood vessels during this operation, this could allow the fat cells to enter the bloodstream, travel to the lungs, and cause death.

Consult your doctor about the possible risks and complications; understand what could happen and what can you do to prevent them. In addition, as always, choose a trustworthy doctor from the start.

What are the dangers of a BBL?

The Brazilian butt lift is a safe and successful treatment when performed appropriately by a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon. On the other hand, every cosmetic surgery has the potential for adverse effects and dangers. The following are some of the risks and dangers associated with BBL procedure:

  • Bruises
  • Marks caused by stretching of the skin
  • Infections
  • Clots in the blood
  • Blood loss that is severe
  • Difficulties with the heart and lungs, and consequently, breathing
  • Thrombosis of the deep veins
  • Embolism of fat
  • Liposuction or anesthesia-related side effects
  • Fat or adjacent cellular damage

Why is BBL dangerous?

According to the research, fat embolism has lately been recognized as the primary cause of death in aesthetic surgery. For BBLs, the estimated fatality rate from fat embolism may be as high as one in 3,000.

This negative reputation for BBL is most likely due to gluteal blood arteries being broken during the surgery, allowing fat to enter the bloodstream.

Surgeons, on the other hand, feel the cause could be an injury to gluteal blood vessels.

However, the main reason is improperly qualified personnel especially in non-settings, such as residences and garages. So, you should know whom to believe in!