Recovery after a Beard Transplant

Recovery after a Beard Transplant

There is no difference in the technique used by surgeons to transplant hair in your scalp and facial area. So, a beard transplant involves just removing hair from one area of the body and transplanting it to your jawline or wherever you want your beard to grow. That may appear to be a straightforward operation, but it is far from it.

Follicular unit extraction is used by surgeons in the same way that scalp transplants are (FUE). This method involves extracting entire follicular units from the donor location one at a time. FUE is less painful, which could explain why it is the more widely used treatment.

So, the recovery process is also very similar;

  • You will require one day to recover from the beard implant operation. 
  • After roughly a week to ten days, you should be able to resume normal shaving and trimming of your new beard.
  • However, be aware that your new beard hairs may fall out after 2 or 3 weeks. This is natural, and new hair should grow in to replace them.
  • In the recovery period, you should also care for yourself and your target zone which is the beard line.

However, you may have some adverse effects during the recovery period, therefore the harvested area on your head and the implanted area on your face should be kept clean following the procedure. But, this will not be enough.

The other things you should know to get a minimum pain in the recovery period;

  • Swimming
  • Direct sunlight exposure
  • Smoking
  • utilizing a sauna or hot tub
  • Hard physical exertion, particularly anything that makes you sweat
  • Rubbing, scratching, or touching the harvested or implanted parts

To summarize, there will be a healing period following the beard transplantation operation, just as there will be after any hair transplant surgery; however, if you follow the aspects listed above, you will ease this period and have no problems.

How long does beard transplant take to heal?

After the beard transplant operation, you’ll require a day to rest. Small slices may develop over each freshly transplanted hair follicle, but they should go off after a several days. Within a week to ten days, you must be able to resume regular shaving and cleaning of your fresh beard.

Nevertheless, be aware that your freshly implanted beard hair may come out after two or three weeks. This is natural, and fresh hair will grow in to replace them.

If you get a thick, strong beard that you can care as if it had always been there after 8 or 9 months, you understand the beard transplantation was effective.

How long does swelling last after a beard transplant?

Edema is a situation that more than half of the patients who have a beard transplant face, although they feel uneasy and will never go away for the patients. Edema lasts about 3 to 5 days and then disappears completely within a week.