Recovery after Hair Transplant

Recovery after Hair Transplant

You may be wondering about what awaits you after a hair transplant surgery. 

Firstly, your scalp may be very sensitive after surgery. So, your doctor most probably gives these medications:

  • Pain relievers for a few days
  • Hair bandages for at least a day or two
  • Antibiotic or anti-inflammatory medication to take for a few days.

You can go back to work 2-5 days after the operation. Nevertheless, the length, complexity, and type of surgery you’ve had determine how quickly you can return to your typical routine. After a few days, you may feel good enough to return to work and resume normal light activities. 

On the other hand, many patients who have had hair transplants are disappointed to discover that their new hair comes out six weeks after surgery. Nevertheless, you should be aware that this is a common and nearly invariably transitory ailment. It will take another five to six weeks for hair growth to restart after it has fallen out. 

Furthermore, because vigorous activity increases blood flow to the scalp and may cause your transplants or incisions to bleed, you may be advised to refrain from vigorous exercise and contact sports for at least three weeks. Sexual activity should also be avoided for at least 10 days after surgery, according to some doctors.

To sum up, you will heal up day by day, nevertheless, it depends on the complexity of the procedure. And, your doctor will most likely want to see you multiple times during the first month after surgery to ensure that your incisions are healing appropriately. It is critical that you carefully follow any advice given to you during these follow-up sessions.

What is hair transplant recovery like?

The duration, difficulty, and surgical technique you have determine how quickly you can return to your typical schedule. After a few days, you may be good enough to return to your job and maintain ideal, moderate activities. Most transplant patients are disappointed to discover that their “fresh” hair goes off in six weeks following the operation. You must be aware that this is a common occurrence that is usually typically brief. It will require additional five to six weeks for the hair to regrow after it has fallen out. A half-inch increase each month is to be expected.

How can I speed up healing after a hair transplant?

You should not smoke and drink alcohol until at least 2 weeks after the hair transplant operatiın since smoking and alcohol cause the healing process to be prolonged. In addition to this, sleeping regularly and having healthy eating habits help you to speed up the healing process after a hair transplant. Do not forget to add dense-nutrient food to your eating plan.


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