How to Tell If You Need a Breast Lift?

To know if you are a perfect candidate for a breast lift procedure, there are some surgical signs that you could consider, such as the following:

  • If your breasts sag or lose their youthful shape. When you feel discomfort or less confident about your breast appearance and you think that it is time to lift them by doing surgery especially after the effects of aging, child-rearing, or weight loss. After this surgery you will feel confident and satisfied with your appearance again.    
  • If your breast skin has stretched or your areolas have become larger. This could be a result of many things such as childbearing, breastfeeding, or significant weight changes. However, these effects could be reversed with breast lift surgery.
  • If your breasts have an elongated or pendulous shape. You can do a “pencil test” to see if breast lift surgery could help you, where you put a pencil in the fold under your breast. If the pencil stays in its place, or you need to lift your breasts to put the pencil, then a breast lift procedure could help you.
  • If your nipples and areolas point down, rather than pointing up or forward. As you know, breast skin could stretch with age or with weight changes, your breast weight could also pull the nipple and areola down. In that case, breast lift surgery would be excellent for tightening loose skin and repositioning the breast tissue, and making your nipples point forward.
  • If one breast is lower than the other does. A breast lift will make your breasts more symmetrical, and place them both in the right position.
  • If your nipples are below their lower crease or no longer in the center of your breasts. This can be tested by placing a sheet of paper underneath your breast and making it rest in the breast crease. Then see if the nipple falls below the top edge of the paper, this could be a sign that you have enough sagging to do a breast lift.

Why would you need a breast lift?

A breast lift is needed if your boobs seem sagging or drooping and you want them to restore to a more young and appealing state. The position of the nipple on the tissue is one of the most important elements to consider while making this decision. Breast mass moves downward in the breast when it begins to droop. A lift may be required if the bulk of the breast tissue slips underneath the nipple. You’ll undoubtedly require a lift if your nipple points downward rather than outward. Overall, for a fresher look, you would need a breast lift.

How to know if you need a breast lift or just implants? 

The position of the nipple on the breast and existing cup size are quick indicators of whether an implant or surgical lift is more likely to aid you.

If the nipple is near the bottom of the breast and pointing downwards, or if the breast is larger than a B cup, an implant alone will not provide enough lift in the long run, so you should need the lifting operation at the same time.

If your nip is noticeable and facing front, and you are a B cup or smaller, you may be a potential candidate for a lift operation.


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