What are the main risks of a breast lift?

What are the main risks of a breast lift?

Breast lift surgery has some risks and complications, although it is considered typically a very safe procedure. However, breast lift risks could include:

  • Intense bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Blood or fluid accumulation in your breasts, which may need to be drained.
  • Some thick and noticeable scars.
  • Poor healing or recovery.
  • Temporary loss of sensation in the breast or nipple. 
  • Uneven breasts.
  • Blood clots forming in your veins.
  • Possible need for another surgery.
  • Very rare loss of the nipple and areola.

You can discuss all possible risks with your surgeon before doing the procedure. In addition to that, you should call your doctor after breast lift surgery right away if:

  • Your breasts looked red and felt warm to the touch.
  • You had over a 101°F fever.
  • You suffer from continuous seeping of blood or other fluids from your incision.
  • You had chest pain or trouble breathing.

Your surgeon can provide more details about the potential risks and pre-and post-surgery instructions. Do not hesitate to ask him about anything you have in mind. One other thing that should be taken into consideration is that breast lift surgery is usually for people with good health, which are close to their healthy weight. 

The best candidates for any plastic surgery procedure are in good health and close to their ideal weight. If you follow your doctors’ orders, you will get the best results after surgery. Doctors do not advise women who are preparing to get pregnant or breastfeeding not to do the operation since those things change your breast size and shape.

Breast lift surgery may have some risks but it can improve your life quality and enhance your appearance and your self-confidence greatly, so we can say in the end, a breast lift is a risk worth taking.

Is it safe to get a breast lift?

It is very natural to have some questions and hesitations before surgery, especially your life would change in a big scope along with your appearance.

As the issue is your health and appearance, you may be asking this question, nevertheless, the answer is yes.

Unless you have a circumstance or disorder that suggests otherwise, a breast lift is a safe surgery. Furthermore, according to a record of ladies who have had the treatment before, there is no cause to be scared.

On the other hand, you should keep in touch with your doctor both before and after your breast lift, and notify him or her immediately away if your breasts become red and heated to the touch, or if you experience chest pain or breathing difficulties.

Does a breast lift increase the chance of breast cancer?

No, a breast lift does not increase the risk of breast cancer. There seems to be no link between breast cancer and a breast lift or any other type of breast reconstruction, according to the data. Breast cancer is linked to anomalies that start in the breast tissue’s veins. Across many cases, the condition is detected by recognizing pathological changes on mammography as it progresses. Self-examination is very crucial for detecting breast abnormalities immediately and getting them assessed. So, no, a breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is not linked to the development of cancer.