Did Elton John Get a Hair Transplant?

Did Elton John Get a Hair Transplant

Elton John, who has been in the music industry for more than a half-century, has come a long way and had a significant impact on the music industry world. Elton John is a singer and songwriter, and composer from England. Because of his accomplishments, he is well-known all over the world. However, the music industry’s and music’s stress took a toll on Elton John’s talent early on. In 1976, he lost a lot of his hair.

Elton John First Hair Transplantation 

Elton John was born in 1947, and he is one of the most popular entertainers of the late 20th century. It must have been hard for him to handle all the media and being a famous pop star and have a certain image to keep perfect from the media, as they can be cruel sometimes 

Mr.Elton John decided to have his first hair transplant early back in the 90s, which we cant say was the very best time to undergo hair transplantation procedure compared to how simple hair transplant today not just techniques wise but also with all experienced doctors who were in the early stages of hair transplant development and pushed forward.

There are no clear details about what went wrong with his first hair restoration attempt, but he claimed it was a failure and a painful process, and that he felt constant pain in the head even a while after the procedure.

What Type of Hair Transplant First Procedure Elton John Had? 

The first attempt, as previously stated, was unsuccessful. It happened at a very early stage in hair transplantation’s development.  Still, based on what Mr.Elton described, it was most likely done with a FUT method, which we can’t completely dismiss because it is one of the most successful hair transplant methods that paved the way for many other techniques available today. And many men who suffer from hair loss have found it to be effective.

Although After undergoing the procedure, many men who suffer from hair loss have seen positive results.  it is rarely used these days in the world of hair transplantation. 

Why was Elton John’s Second Hair transplant Procedure Different?  

What you see today is the result of Elton John’s second hair transplant. Yes, after the second hair transplant procedure, Sir Elton’s own natural fabulous hair can be seen. It shouldn’t come as a surprise; with all the advances in science, aesthetics, and medical advancements, Elton Jonh, like any other ordinary person who has undergone a hair transplant, has regained his hair.

Elton John is a 74-year-old. If he had three hair transplants, we wouldn’t be surprised. After all, why not? Sir was always known for his fecklessness and for living the only life we have to the fullest…

But what type of hair transplant method sir Elton john had this time? He most likely used the FUE procedure, well-known for its natural-looking results and long-term hair restoration.

In An FUE procedure, your Individual hair follicles are extracted from your skin and implanted elsewhere on your body in FUE or Follicular unit extraction hair transplants. The hair in the new area will appear thicker as a result of this.

How Can We Help?

Let’s take a break and talk about you for a moment. Do you have balding patterns or hair loss?

Someone with thinning hair or balding who still has enough hair in the donor area to use for a transplant is always the best candidate for an FUE hair transplant.

Although it is much more than that, a hair transplant surgeon will have to examine your current health condition, medical history, and, most importantly, the causes of your hair loss, as well as a few other factors that may contribute to the success of your hair restoration procedure.

We use the FUE technique and other advanced methods to provide excellent natural results to our patients from all over the world in Istanbul, Turkey.