Why would someone get a labiaplasty?

Why would someone get a labiaplasty?

The most common reason for labiaplasty is that the inner lips sag out of the outer lips. So it is done due to labial hypertrophy. It is also performed in symmetry problems where one lip differs from the other. Genital aesthetic applications cover a wide range of surgical operations and non-surgical operations that can be applied to the external genital area or vagina for cosmetic concerns, structural disorders or functional reasons. One or more of these practices may be preferred according to the person’s characteristics, expectations, complaints, medical requirements. As a result, improvement in the appearance of external genitals, functional improvement in genital structures, removal of the person’s ailments, improvement in sexual function and psychological improvement in the person can be achieved as a result of all these. Currently, the most preferred among genital aesthetic operations are labiaplasty operations performed to surgically shrink the small lips and ensure their symmetry.

Large and saggy inner lips cause some problems in a woman. The Genital area is rich in sweat glands. Internal lip growth leads to the genital area remaining moist. This, in turn, causes various infections and skin irritation, especially fungi. Large inner lips also make it difficult to use swimwear and underwear. It impairs concentration during sexual intercourse and negatively affects sex life. It lowers a person’s self-confidence. One of the reasons that lead to the need for labiaplasty may be complaints such as difficulty in sexual intercourse, pain due to the stretching of the lips into the vagina during intercourse. In addition, in women who are uncomfortable with appearance, there may be situations such as embarrassment and hesitation from their partner, avoidance of sexual intercourse, and decreased sexual pleasure. Junta Asymmetry in the lips can lead to problems when urinating, such as urine going in an undesirable direction and wetting the legs. One or more of these causes may lead to the need for corrective surgery in this area.

What is the purpose of a labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that lowers the size of the skin folds along either side of the opening of the vagina, known as the labia minora.

The main reason for implementing this operation is because some women prefer to get the surgery because they loathe the appearance of their labia. Having visible skin folds surrounding the opening of your vagina, on the other hand, is completely normal. In most cases, it rarely causes difficulties, which is why labiaplasty is rarely recommended.

Nevertheless, it is an unwanted situation for some ladies and so they get this surgery to be more self-depended and attractive.

What can labiaplasty help with?

Labiaplasty can help with many problems related to the look of the vaginal parts. The discoloration of the skin and poor muscles of the interior vaginal lips might be addressed during a labiaplasty operation. A little portion of this wrinkled tissue is carefully removed to show a softer, lighter-toned look.  If the labia majora is somewhat too large, a little portion of flesh can be eliminated. It’s even possible to remove extra skin around the clitoral tip in some cases. On the whole, this procedure results in a relatively small, nicer, and more cosmetically pleasing vagina.