Adam22 The no jumper Podcast had a Hair Transplant? 

Adam22 The no jumper Podcast had a Hair Transplant 

 Did you know Adam22 had a hair transplant??  Yes shocking, adam22 from the no jumper podcast admits to getting not 1 but 2 hair transplants. 

First of all, are you even familiar with hair transplants? If not, here’s a quick explanation:  

Hair transplant is pretty self-explanatory to be honest, as the name suggests. But the most common confusion might be where does the transplanted hair come from? 

well, it comes from your own hair, in the hair transplant world there are what’s called donor areas, as it is with any transplantation procedures… 

 But with a hair transplant procedure, you are your donor, so hair loss has a wide range of patterns and often the male pattern baldness affects the top area or the crown, the top of the head, and the hair loss might slowly progress later and affect the whole head, but 90% of the time it only recede from the hairline and to the back an of the head

So what about the whole parts of the head, you ask? 

Well, that’s your donor area, from which hair will be extracted and transplanted to areas where you have hair loss or baldness. That’s all there is to it.

Now Here is What Happened with Adam22 Hair Transplant  

If you’re familiar with Adam22, a podcaster, YouTuber, and media critic, you may recall a time when he went completely bald.

Adam had shaved his head for more than a year back in 2013.

Many of the no jumper podcast listeners simply accepted it, as Adam himself didn’t seem out of place, proudly displaying the bald look with his numerous tattoos. Others simply thought it was time, and Adam had no choice but to accept his male pattern baldness.

But time passed, and he is now growing his hair again. Fuller than ever before and looking incredible.

Well, Adam has finally admitted that he didn’t just get one but two hair transplant procedures!

What Caused Adam’s 22 Hair Loss? 

In 2010, Adam had been going through a tough breakup, and the stress of the relationship itself was hard enough. 

Adam said it was surreal to watch his hair fall out in front of his eyes, adding more stress to his daily life, so he decided to go bald.

Stress is a major contributor to, and even a cause of, hair loss.

How Did He Get a Hair Transplant? 

After a while, he went for the first alternative to get his hair back. 

Adam said his first attempt was a miss and it was an awful experience, which is what usually happens with patients who undergo a Fut hair transplant procedure 

If you are not familiar with a Fut hair transplant, t’s essentially an old method of harvesting more hair follicles that is no longer widely used.

The procedure itself is more invasive than the newest method like Fue and Dhi or even Sapphire procedure 

It also leaves a long scar on the back of the head and is a much more difficult procedure.

What Did Change in the Second Hair Transplant Procedure? 

Well, simply technology improved, and Adam’s timing was impeccable. This time, he underwent a Fue procedure. And that’s where everything changed for Adam and his beautiful new hair. 

He regained his hair, and it didn’t take long for it to grow back. Adam stated that he was only out of work for 4 to 5 days before returning to his business, podcasting, and interviewing rappers. And, if you look at his before and after photos today, you’d never guess he had a hair transplant.

How Much Did Adam22 Hair Transplant Cost? 

Well the exact of it is unclear, but what adam had said himself was the first one was around $3000 and the Fue one was more expensive and cost him around $12,0000 

And that was back in 2016 which is a pretty good deal, given the fact the average cost for hair transplant in the USA cost around $15,000.


And the no jumper listeners have praised Adam after coming out finally and getting the secret out of his chest. And all were thinking the 12k was a good deal. 

Well, it is a good deal. But compared to what you can get abroad is still just a little bit expensive, if this is not your first time hearing the topic of hair transplant, Turkey has been thriving with it, giving many men around the world a cheaper cost to similar natural result Adam have. 

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