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When Should You Dye Your Hair After Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation, which is not a surgical operation and rather a cosmetic and aesthetic process, is known for its short response time. Although the healing process varies from one to another, it takes about 3 or 4 weeks. That is, you can dye your hair to whichever color you want after getting over a period of approximately 20-25 days.

There is no need for a new or different process to be able to dye your hair. However, dying your hair is not recommended in the first weeks of hair transplantation for the hair’s growth and strengthening of the roots.

It has been determined that most of the people who has been through hair transplantation process, have been dying their hair regularly before the operation. Experts state that those who dye their hair at regular intervals should do it at least a few days before hair transplantation. This is because hair dye colors and contacts with the scalp along with the hair. As the scalp also gets color and it becomes hard to determine where to make the cut, precautions are taken. They need to be more careful during the procedure.

If you have had hair transplantation done or if you think about having this procedure done, waiting for an average of 3 months, which is seen as the healthiest time, to dye your hair after the procedure is recommended in order to prevent any problems. As the hair starts to grow form the 6th month onwards, you will notice that your new transplanted hair will grow faster than the previous months. Also, keep in mind that the good effects of hair transplantation may decrease for people who dye their hair regularly. Nonetheless, the newly transferred hair is stronger than others and they are less affected by the dying process. Hair color differences may occur when the hair is dyed until six months after the operation. For this reason, it will be more appropriate to wait at least 3 months before dying your hair after hair transplantation.

This is related to whether new roots will thrive or not and how much time it will take for the hair follicles to grow. Although it is said that it can be done in 2 weeks in terms of health, there is no need to rush in order for the operation to be beneficial and for the reason that it will affect the improvement of the roots.

First of all, since the hair roots transferred after hair transplantation are quite sensitive, the hair’s exposure to chemical products such as detanglers or dyes can be harmful. This is a process in which your patience is really important. You are recommended to wait for at least 4 weeks before applying any chemicals to your hair. Because chemicals and dyes can damage hair roots. It will be better to be a little patient so that you can use your beautiful hair with whichever beautiful color you want.

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