Tom Brady Hair Transplant 

If you are not a fan of American Football, and you are not familiar with Tom Brady, Tom is a Hall of Fame quarterback and a living legend in the NFL. Tom Brady began his professional football career in 2000 with the New England Patriots.

Starting his career with the New England Patriots, he played there for 20 seasons and won multiple awards and four Super Bowls with the New England Patriots. Brady has a record of seven Superbowl championships, which only he owns, and nobody has come close to breaking his record.

Brady left the New England Patriots after 20 seasons to pursue other opportunities, eventually joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

This man is an inspiration to all the Football fans, and this is why the fans and media were surprised when they heard the rumors about Brady’s hair transplant. And this is what we will be discussing as well today. Follow along 

Tom Brady’s Hair Transplant 

Because Tom Brady is a megastar on the football field, and his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen is constantly attending shows and being on the red carpets, there are many pictures of Tom Brady’s hair over the years.

Fans and sports journalists began to notice Tom Brady’s thinning hair as it became less noticeable. Depending on whatever accounts you read, the significant change was attributed to either hair loss treatment or, more commonly, a hair transplant surgery was performed on the quarterback. The 44-year-old has never spoken publicly about the state of his hair.


Brady’s hair did appear to be thinner back then as it is now, indicating male pattern baldness. His father, Tom Brady Sr. has shown signs of this genetic hair loss problem, so it’s tough that his son won’t develop the hair loss.

And Going through previous pictures of Brady, from 2002 till the present, you can see signs of a receding hairline and hair loss, and Up until 2007, when his hair started looking fuller around the hairline, there were recurring indications of thinning corners seen in images where his hairstyles didn’t cover his temples.

Because Brady was seen with a shaved head during the off-season in 2005, our experts believe he had a hair transplant; this is a common occurrence following a hair transplant procedure. As patients must shave their heads before hair implantation. So He most likely received the transplant during the offseason, and it will take anywhere from 5-7 months to see the final results.

As evidenced by photos, Brady now has the healthiest and thickest hair he’s ever had, which is the outcome of a highly successful hair transplant.

What Type of Hair Transplant did Tom Brady Have?

Based on the before and after photos, we believe Tom Brady has undergone a FUE hair transplant, as he does not have a scar on the back of his head like the standard FUT method.

The FUE procedure begins with the use of local anesthesia to numb the head so that the patient does not experience any pain or discomfort. Then the doctor starts by opening the channels in the empty area of the scalp.

The hair follicles are extracted from the donor area, which is usually in the back of the head. If you don’t have a large donor area in the back of your head, the doctor can take hair follicles from your chest or beard, depending on which site has more follicles and is more robust.

The surgeon will wrap the donor area with bandages after implanting the hair follicles in the empty area. You will receive them the next day and will need to rest. The next day, you will need to return to your doctor for hair washing, which will be done professionally by the nurse, who will carefully ensure that the new grafts are not damaged. A special lotion will be used to wash your new hair.

How Can We Help You?

To begin, if you believe you are suffering from hair loss or similar male pattern baldness to Tom Brady and would like to receive a hair transplant or learn more? 

You can take advantage of our free 5-minute consultation to learn more about hair transplants and receive your hair loss diagnosis if you’re not familiar with Fue hair transplants or other methods. Here

Perhaps it might seem impossible to you; however, it is very possible, a successful hair transplant may require a more skilled surgeon to ensure the implantation and the outcome you desire, And you can get a hair transplant in Turkey at cheaper cost with high-quality standard.


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