Swelling after labiaplasty 

Swelling After Thigh Lift 

Swelling is one of the normal side effects of labiaplasty surgery; however, it will usually fade within a few days. You should know that the majority of labiaplasty swelling would be gone after one week of surgery. Doctors will recommend using a cold compress or taking certain medications to reduce the swelling. It is more comfortable to wear loose-fitting underwear and clothing during labiaplasty recovery. In addition to that, using a donut pillow will be useful to decrease pressure and discomfort related to the swelling.

Patients can resume the majority of normal activities after a few days or weeks of labiaplasty surgery. However, doctors recommend avoiding intense exercise, sex, and tampon use. You may also need to visit your doctor to monitor your healing progress and let you know when it is safe and appropriate to have sex after labiaplasty, which is usually needed up to 6 to 8 weeks after labiaplasty.

Patients can return home to begin their recovery immediately after the procedure. You may also experience some levels of discomfort, swelling, numbness, and itchiness. No need to worry. This is very normal after labiaplasty surgery. However, these effects are usually tolerated and can be relieved by applying ice packs and taking medications. Most women who do a labiaplasty surgery can return to their work after a week of this procedure. Doctors recommend avoiding intense exercises, sex, and other activities that may slow down or affect your results; however, final results will take up to six weeks after labiaplasty to appear.

How to reduce swelling after labiaplasty? 

Swelling will appear in the first few weeks after labiaplasty surgery. It will generally peaks in the next 48 to 72 hours after surgery. However, many ways can help you reducing labiaplasty swelling during the recovery:

Applying a cold compresses

Applying cold compresses for the first 48 hours or so will effectively reduce labiaplasty swelling. After that, we recommend patients place crushed ice in small bags into the targeted areas; prepare them in advance to be ready immediately when they return home. You can also wear underwear or a thin towel to lower the risk of developing a cold injury from cold compressing. 

Gentle compression

In addition to the cooling effect of cold compresses, you can reduce swelling by applying gentle compression to the labia minora and Majora region. Gentle compression will reduce labiaplasty swelling through direct mechanical pressure.

Rest as much as possible

Resting and lying for the first days after surgery as much as possible will reduce swelling to develop. However, we recommend patients walk short distances around the home or from room to room to avoid blood clots risks. It is also important to avoid intense exercises and sexual activity for 4 to 6 weeks after labiaplasty surgery to lower the risk of complications.

Avoid applying creams that may cause allergic reactions

Topical antibiotic ointments are not recommended during recovery from labiaplasty. Many patients could develop a contact allergic reaction after applying topical antibiotic agents, which could increase labiaplasty swelling.  

How long does swelling go down after labiaplasty? 

Swelling is very normal to appear during the first week after labiaplasty surgery, do not worry; this swelling should decrease two weeks from the procedure. In addition to that, bruising will also appear at that time. However, it will begin to fade after the first week and completely disappear after several weeks. Soreness and discomfort will start to fade after about 6 days; all of this is very normal.

Labiaplasty surgery is considered a safe and effective procedure that enhances the appearance of the labia, typically the labia minora, or construct labia. It takes up to 6 weeks to fully recover from labiaplasty, and patients can return to normal activities, such as driving, after 1 or 2 weeks of surgery.

Patients are advised to take a few days or even a week off work. Especially since swelling will be at its peak during the first few days after surgery, the targeted areas could be uncomfortable when moving. You must also sleep on your back for at least 2 weeks after the labiaplasty; this is necessary to avoid irritation in the affected area. In addition to that, you can resume your daily routines, like going to the gym and sexual activity, after 4 to 6 weeks of labiaplasty surgery.

Listen to your body and do not push yourself, which could risk delaying your recovery process. In addition, patients who do a labiaplasty surgery will likely need a follow-up appointment one week after surgery.