Swelling after BBL 

Swelling After Thigh Lift 

It is very normal to have swelling after getting a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL surgery. This is due to fat graft and reinjection in your butt; however, swelling could likely last between three weeks and three months after BBL.

You should know that swelling and discomfort would be at their peak during the first few days after BBL surgery. Doctors recommended applying an ice pack to the surgical areas to help to calm your swelling. On the other hand, bruising will also appear in your lower body during this time; you may see a black, blue, or dark purple hue in the targeted areas. It is essential not to sit down or lay on your back during the recovery process, which could last for 4 weeks since applying any pressure to your butt could make you lose a large number of fat cells before they even had the chance to develop a blood flow.

Swelling could continue to persist during the first week; however, it should decrease after the second week of surgery. Bruising will also begin to fade after one week; it will be completely gone after several weeks. Discomfort and soreness feeling is normal too, do not worry, all of that will decrease after the first week. After about 6 months of surgery, BBL results will start showing, making your butt look rounder; most of the swelling and bruising will be gone by now; however, scars will continue to heal for a year or longer.

How to reduce swelling after BBL? 

Swelling and bruising are unavoidable in most cases; however, many things can be done to reduce this swelling, such as:

Take some time to rest: This is very important since it allows your body to devote its energy and focus to healing. Avoid intense physical activity and exercise, especially in the first weeks of recovery.

Wear a compression garment

Compression garments are designed to help you control the swelling and reduce the bruising. Make sure to wear them as much as possible. They are a crucial aspect of your recovery time and results.

Apply cold compresses or ice packs: It can help ease and reduce the swelling, especially in the first week after your surgery, since cold temperature makes your blood vessels constrict, such as natural anti-inflammatory medicine.

Stay hydrated: drinking plenty of water helps you improve hydration after surgery; it also helps flush your system and improve the healing process.

Take natural supplements: Taking bromelain or arnica Montana could help to speed your healing process; however, you should consult your doctor before taking any herbal or natural supplement after surgery.

Eat healthy food: Such as fresh fruits and vegetables will improve your recovery and final results. Moreover, it will help with residual swelling.

Avoid smoking, too much caffeine, blood-thinning medications, and Excess salt since they will slow down your healing process.

You can get a full guideline from your doctor about the best things that can be done or undone to reduce swelling and improve your recovery after BBL.

How long does swelling go down after BBL?

Swelling timeline after BBL is a major concern for many patients. It would help if you kept in mind that every patient’s recovery is different due to individual considerations. However, it may take up to 2 or 3 months for the majority of this swelling to fade. One of the most important things that can be done to reduce swelling is to avoid sitting and lying on your backside. Sitting during the recovery period will harm the new fat graft by putting pressure on the sensitive cells and tissues after this procedure. 

Another important instruction that could reduce swelling is wearing the compression garment; you should wear a compression garment for 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery since it helps prevent tissue swelling and help the targeted sites heal properly and quickly. However, we can say that a full recovery from the BBL procedure depends on how well patients follow their surgeon’s instructions. That is why we think it is necessary to take care of your incisions in the first few days and weeks after BBL. The outcomes of your BBL procedure will be visible when the swelling completely fades; this will usually take about 6 months.

If you are planning to do Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, we advise you to choose a professional plastic surgery center that provides safe treatment along with the best recovery and results. Consult your surgeon about this surgery and the recovery process, as well as the safe amount of expected swelling and bruises.