Prp Treatment 1

Prp Treatment

what is prp therapy?

platelet rich blood plasma ‘prp’ therapy is a non-surgical, regenerative procedure that can accelerate the natural healing of tissue. for example; when we have a cut on our body, thrombocytes accumulates in the cut area and heals the tissue.

how do you perform prp therapy?

15-20 ml blood from the patient is taken and put in to centrifuge machine. prp part of the blood separated by the machine. later on prp part is taken in to a syringe and injected to the requierd area.

is prp therapy beneficial?

in normal state of the body these thrombocyts remain in passive mode. to activate this cells, we add special dna activators into prp solution. when we inject prp solution into the body, they act as if the body has an injury.
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what are the effects of prp therapy on hair transplantation?

when we inject prp solution into hair planted area, it nourishes newly planted hair roots and also hepls to strengthen already present thin and weak hairs. it also helps to recover operation area rapidly.
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