OSL (Oblique Simi-Lateral)

OSL (Oblique Simi-Lateral)

OSL blade

In every day and every moment science is evolving in every direction. Medical science continuously making rapid advance steps towered the comfort and satisfaction of both doctor and patient. Cosmetic surgeries and hair transplant have the lion’s share of this progress. Thanks to microscopes and amplifying lenses hair follicles are now visible to us and we can see it and analyze its structure. We are capable of watching the way healthy hair follicles grow in the scalp, so researchers and doctors started looking for ways to make transplanted hair grow as healthy and strong as natural hair and in the desired direction. Day after day techniques were improving.

Developed by Dr. Yetkin Bayer, OSL is the latest of these techniques.

The Reason behind OSL

Dr. Yetkin Bayer has more than 21 years of expertise in hair transplantation. Lead by passion, scientific curiosity, his love of researching and discovering what’s new in his field, his devotion to his job and his wish to give the most natural looks that his patient deserve, Dr. Yetkin Bayer has dedicated his time and effort to research and preforming ideal operations that lead him to invent OSL method.

A Closer look at OSL

OSL is a new technique in hair transplantation to open the canals that the grafts will be implanted in. OSL can be used in all hair transportation methods (FUT and FUE). And it doesn’t utilize any electronic or complicated equipment.

OSL is an advanced hair transplantation technique that depends mainly on the hand skills of the surgeon, his experience and knowledge of the type of grafts that he is implanting and their nature, properties of the scalp’s layers in recipient area. To open the oblique canal with OSL we don’t use needles or scalpels, we use blades tinier and sharper than a needle. And the dimensions are related to the type of the grafts and the nature of the scalp.

Advantages of OSL

  1. It’s easy to open the canals in oblique or vertical direction under the scalp’s skin.
  2. OSL doesn’t cause damage in tissues and cells of the scalp.
  3. With OSL the grafts are implanted in the right place and direction that ensures keeping it alive.
  4. The blades used in OSL makes it possible to transplant more number of grafts without damaging the pores and cells of the scalp.
  5. Using OSL the canal can be in the right size for the graft to lock it, make it stronger and keep it from falling.
  6. With OSL the wounds are smaller and tinier so they heal faster.
  7. Gives natural looks and hair grows in the desired direction.
  8. Makes the operation unnoticeable by people unless the patient told about it.