Kim Gloss Hair Transplantation

Kim Gloss Hair Transplantation

It’s no secret that Kim gloss had hair transplantation, and she is probably not the first or the last woman to undergo a hair transplant because it is more common than you thought. 

Hair transplantation might be a more famous remedy cosmetic procedure for men, as the percentage of male pattern baldness is much higher than women, nonetheless to say it’s quite an obvious fact. But women are also estimated to have or experience more than 50% noticeable hair loss, including alopecia and other female pattern hair loss. 

And If you want to know more about Kim’s gloss hair transplantation process and what type of hair transplant she chose, here is a quick Information that you might relate to in your state of hair loss, or maybe you are looking for a solution.

Kim Gloss Hair Transplant 

If you are not very familiar with Kim Gloss, She is a German singer, Tv host, and Actress superstar of Deutch descent. She is mostly known in the German region due to her appearance in the German show Deutschland Sucht den Superstar. She is also a YouTuber and skincare influencer.  

She recorded her debut album Rockstar with Jan-Eric Kohrs and Stephan Moritz from Wunderkind Entertainment, released on May 13th, 2011.

Kim gloss, 25 years old, had her hair transplant in January 2018. A video of Kim gloss undergoing a hair transplant procedure in a German clinic circled in fact. The clinic uploaded the video to their channel. 

What causes women’s hair loss patterns? 

Women generally do not have female pattern baldness before their 30s, but their hair may start to fall out after their 40s and 50s like men. However, it can generally be caused by androgens, as it plays a big part in female pattern hair loss. And what causes men to lose hair in their early 20s. On the other hand, Smoking may also increase your risk of developing female pattern hair loss, and stress is a big contributor.

How is a woman’s hair transplant performed? 

Women’s hair transplant is similar to a standard hair transplant; however, more care and attention are given throughout the procedure because women have different types of hair loss.

  • Hair follicle Harvesting

To protect the grafts and the donor area, grafts are harvested with a minimum transaction. In most cases, a woman’s scalp is not shaved before a hair transplant. To reduce wasting, the grafts are well-preserved and used to their full potential. As a result, the shaved area won’t be visible.

  • Transplanting The Grafts 

The overall aim is to obtain results that are both natural and attractive. As a result, the grafts are implanted into small incisions made in the recipient area while paying attention to the angle and direction of the existing hair.

  • Following The Procedure 

Female hair loss patients will receive postoperative instructions from a hair transplant surgeon. The transplanted hair will usually fall out after three weeks, and you’ll notice the new hair effect begin around the 4th month period. After the hair restoration, women’s heads will be fuller in less than a year.

Aftercare for Women’s Hair Transplant 

To reduce the danger of infections and inflammation, note that you won’t be able to smoke or drink for two weeks following the procedure.

You’ll need to take several precautions to ensure good grafts and a stable physical condition, including:

  • Do not get exposed to the sun and do heavy exercise for at least four weeks.
  • Only use hair products such as shampoo that your doctor recommends.
  • Do not wash your scalp for a few days
  • Allow yourself to rest for faster healing.
  • Refrain too much heat and cold.
  • Do not use drugs that make your blood flow slow, at least for a week.
  • Do not smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol at least for two weeks after the procedure.
  • Take medications according to your doctor’s suggestion.
  • Do not comb your hair harshly.
  • Call your doctor if you have any health-related problems such as infection.

If you are suffering from any female hair loss pattern and want to know more? Try out our free 5-minute consultation that will provide you with an immediate diagnosis and solution from our hair transplant surgeon.