Benedikt Höwedes Hair transplantation 

Benedikt Höwedes Hair transplantation 

Benedikt Höwedes is a retired German footballer who spent most of his career as a defender for Schalke 04 and was a member of the German national team from 2011 to 2017. In the 2014 World Cup, he also represented Germany and won the title.

If you are unfamiliar with Benedikt Höwedes, don’t worry; he is best known in Germany for spending his whole professional career in the Bundesliga. He has led Schalke 04 for the past six seasons. Although the German defender retired young at the age of 32, he is still well-known in the German media and the Bundesliga as a commentator, which is why the media noticed when the football player got his hair transplant done. 

Did Benedikt Höwedes Actually get a Hair Transplant?

The hair of the German defender Benedikt Höwedes could be seen on television for a long time while he was falling out. In the last 16 of the 2014 World Cup against the USA, many noticed this – because it was raining. On Facebook, fans made fun of Höwedes’ dwindling head of hair. This hit the athlete so badly that he appeared at the World Cup celebration at the Brandenburg Gate wearing a hat and soon saw a doctor. So our experts confirm that  Höwedes has got his hair transplant done as the media noticed that after the world cup celebration, he had red dots in the back of his hair taken from his donor area. So most likely, he underwent a DHI Technique Hair transplant. 

Transplant patients like to put on a hat for the first few days. This covers their hair transplant and protects the newly implanted hair from the sun, wind, or any damages. 

Höwedes, at least, has been looking years younger since then and has blown his hair to a great extent, just like defender Christoph Metzelder, who has gone through the same procedure.

Benedikt Höwedes has even admitted to having a hair transplant. In a recent interview, he mentioned that his receding hairline was very obvious at that moment in the WorldCup against the United States, so he wanted to go and do the operation after. 

He mentioned that he had undergone a hair transplant and why he would lie about it. It is always good to hear celebrities admitting to having operations done on them, to show that we are all normal and want to take extra care of ourselves just like the great athlete Benedikt Höwedes did. 

What is the DHI technique?

As we have confirmed that Benedikt Höwedes has gone through a DHI hair transplant, you must be wondering what a DHI hair transplant is? 

Direct Hair Implantation is shortened to DHI. DHI – like the FUE technique, is a relatively new hair transplantation technique. This procedure also requires implanting hair follicles one by one into the bald or thinning area of the head. Hair transplant doctors frequently use DHI unique pen-like equipment called CHOI Pens. 

The DHI implanter and the certified, trained specialists who utilize the tool manage the depth, direction, and angle. DHI offers a solution for people who do not want the hair in the implantation area to be totally shaved off because implantation is done simultaneously. The donor area is trimmed in the DHI hair transplant technique, so shaving is unnecessary.

Aftercare after a DHI Hair Transplant 

You should follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions to get the best possible outcome as with any operation. To reduce the danger of infections and inflammation, you will be given post-operative medications and drugs. It’s also vital to note that you won’t be able to smoke or drink for two weeks following the procedure.

You’ll need to take several precautions to ensure good grafts and a stable physical condition, including:

  • For at least four weeks, avoid sun exposure and intense exercise.
  • In addition, take your meds as directed by your surgeon regularly.
  • For at least a month, refrain from using any chemicals, such as hair products or shampoos. Instead, only use the products recommended by your doctor.
  • After the procedure, do not wash your scalp for a few days.
  • Patients should avoid excessive heat or cold.
  • Get enough rest to allow for a quick recovery.
  • Avoid drugs that can disrupt blood flow for at least a week, such as alcohol or cigarettes.
  • For about a month, avoid combing your hair harshly.
  • If you observe any irregularities, such as an infection symptom, call your doctor right away.