Joe Rogan Hair Transplant 

Joe Rogan Hair Transplant 

If there is one man who can do it all, it is Joe Rogan; Rogan is an actor, standup comedian, UFC commentator, and the host of the world’s largest podcast, his own (The Joe Rogan Experience), which landed him a deal with Spotify worth an estimated $100 million.

Joe Rogan began performing stand-up comedy in his hometown of Boston in the late 1980s before moving to New York and becoming well-known in the stand-up community. Then he landed his first acting role, which he performed admirably in the sitcom “NewsRadio,” where he played the character “Joe.” Nonetheless, Joe Rogan gained popularity when he became the famous MTV show “Fear Factor.” When you could see that his hairline was receding and he was already losing his hair.

Fans loved Joe’s voice and his knowledge of MMA, and he is a JIU-JITSU Black belt and a former kickboxer. Rogan then left Fear Factor and became a full-time commentator and the voice of the UFC, the largest MMA organization. However, because Rogan is completely bald, many fans were unaware that he had a hair transplant.  Read along to find out what happened with Rogan’s hair transplant.

Did Joe Rogan have a Hair Transplant? 

Yes, Joe Rogan did have a hair transplant, many people didn’t realize this because he always rocked a clean shave, but a scar on the back of Joe’s head proves differently, there is a big scar on the back of his head, and there is a U-line on the donor area”. 

Which meant he went through a FUT hair transplant. Usually, an incision will be made at the back of the patient’s head, and a strip of skin will be extracted with the hair follicle, which is the oldest technique in hair transplant; many clinics do not perform this technique anymore.

Joe Rogan did open up about his hair transplant experience on his podcast (the Joe Rogan Experience) and in a video posted on his YouTube channel titled “joe reacts to hair transplant and plastic surgeries.”

Rogan discusses plastic surgery and how he believes it is unnecessary and that anyone can get fit instead of having surgery on their body. He advised people with little fat to go to the gym and eat a healthy diet instead of having Liposuction.

He then came clean about his hair transplant, saying that he had it done when he was 28 years old because he was afraid that losing his hair would cause him to lose acting jobs and confidence.

In the end, we are all responsible for making the most of the time we have on this planet and making it possible to feel confident, happy, and love ourselves. 

Why did Rogan’s Hair Transplant fail?

Joe said that he had the surgery when he was 28 years old; he is now 54 years old, implying that he had the surgery in the 90s. He must have undergone the FUT technique because it was the only one available at that time, and he also had an obvious scar on the back of his head.

So the chances of your hair growing back are minimal. However, hair transplant technology has advanced, and the procedure has become much simpler due to advances in each operation today. The success rate is 97.5%.

Due to hair transplants being relatively new back in the 1990s, the surgeon’s lack of skill could also have played a role; Joe then added that he is happy with his baldness now and is very confident in it. And even if he had hair, he’d shave it. That’s how happy he is with his appearance.

After all, if you were the UFC commentator and only worked once a month, and you landed a $100 million deal with Spotify, you wouldn’t be thinking about getting your hair back like Joe. Instead, he is pleased with his appearance and feels more at ease; he claims to shave his head every 4 days, and it looks clean. 

Joe Rogan is an inspiration to most men worldwide because his podcast is very influential and discusses many interesting topics. 

How Can We Help?

Joe Rogan’s failed hair transplant is clearly a boomer. Nonetheless, with today’s methods and advancements in the hair transplantation world, there are few reasons for your hair transplant operation to fail. If you live in the United States or the United Kingdom and cannot afford the procedure, you can get a hair transplant in Turkey at a cheaper cost and with excellent results. Learn more here.