Breast lift recovery time – stages and tips to speed up

Breast lift recovery time – stages and tips to speed up

Are you tired of seeing saggy and drooping boobs when you look in the mirror? Then, a breast lift operation is a solution to your problem.

However, you should now that this operation is not an instant solution; that is, you will experience a recovery period progressively.

Post breast lift is not a period to be afraid of, since so long as you take care of yourself as recommended, you will be at ease.

Below are the some typically addressed issues about the recovery period of breast lift operations. Please bear in mind that results may change from one patient to another.

What is the recovery time for a breast lift?

Several of the effects of breast lift operation are noticeable pretty quickly. People can begin to appreciate their youthful glow even more when post-surgical swelling has subsided. As a female’s new boobs eventually settle into form and place, the complete outcomes of a breast lift treatment usually take a couple of months.

It is estimated that your swelling will subside in approximately 6 weeks, and after that, you will see the ultimate result of your breast lift.

Breast lift recovery stages week by week

At each point of the recovery stages, you’ll need to consider different measures, from what you dress to what you consume, as well as how much you work out. You can place a recovery period schedule on your bedside table or other often visited places to keep telling you about what to assume at each stage.

Week 1 Post Breast Lift Surgery

The majority of breast lift patients are allowed to go home the same day. Your pain will greatly reduce in the first week, while bruises and swelling will persist. You will be capable of engaging in some moderate everyday forms of exercise. Avoid twisting, moving, or stretching your arms over your head as much as possible. You might be able to return to work in your breast lift healing process at this stage, based on your job.

Week 2 Post Breast Lift Surgery

Your pain will be mostly gone at this phase in your breast lift recuperation, but you should keep avoiding intensive workouts and exercise, together with sexual intercourse. If your sutures do not dissolve on their own after two weeks, your surgeon is likely to extract them. The scar locations themselves should be healing by this week, and you will be able to continue routine showering. Still, you should be careful while you move your arms around, and pay close attention to the surgical area.

Week 3 Post Breast Lift Surgery

During the first three weeks, the boobs are more elevated than usual, giving the illusion of being artificial. Moreover, the breasts start to settle into their correct posture after week 3.

It’s crucial to avoid exercising for the first 21 days. Afterward, though, the surgeon and you can work out a program to get you back to mild exercising. This should not worry you, since in 6-8 weeks, you should be able to resume your usual exercise routine.

Week 4 Post Breast Lift Surgery

Apart from weight training and other activities that place significant pressure on the upper chest, you will be able to resume your previous routines and exercises after one month. You will be able to remove your customized backing garment at this point in your breast lift recuperation.

In addition, between 4 to 6 weeks, you will be able to resume most, though not all, of your previous activities, even vigorous ones. Remember that this timing may vary from patient to patient.

Breast lift recovery tips

There are a few tips for you to have a more pleasant recovery period post-breast lift. Your surgeon will inform you in detail; however, you can try the following:

  • The first several nights are always the most challenging. There will be some pain and suffering for you. Lower bodily flow can be improved by moving the foot upward and downward, similar to pumping the gas pedal in a vehicle.
  • Showering should be done with caution because there are stitches that must be preserved.
  • You must prevent putting any additional weight on your bosom after a breast lift and stop sleeping on your front.
  • Breast lift operation necessitates a two-to-three term of no hard weightlifting or intense activities after the treatment. If the profession does not involve a rigorous bodily daily activity, the person can resume work around a week after the operation. Mild carrying is permitted after two weeks. More strenuous exercises necessitate a six-week recuperation period. Tugging, pressing, lifting heavy objects, or any other activity that requires pressure, for instance, should be prevented until your doctor advises it’s okay to restart.
  • You must keep an eye out for any odd alterations. Inform your healthcare professional if you notice any leakage, blood, or increased bruises or swelling.
  • Use a bra without a rough strap unless your surgeon says it’s okay.
  • A further important aspect of full and efficient recovery is properly fueling your system. Make sure you maintain healthy meals on hand and consume sufficient water during your recovery period.

How painful is breast lift recovery process?

After the breast lift operation, the majority of women feel mild to severe soreness. The pain is usually the worst for the first 2-3 days following the treatment and then goes away. Your doctor can provide painkillers to help you cope with your suffering. All in all, the pain is bearable and fading.

How to speed up healing after breast lift?

Wearing the compression garment that was put on you following your breast lift will help you heal faster because they reduce swelling. Also, while you’re healing, you should avoid using nicotine and alcohol. Although refraining from alcohol can be a significant psychological effort, you’ll enjoy the rewards of avoiding by recovering quicker.