Bepanthol Cream Usage After A Hair Transplant

Bepanthol Cream Usage After A Hair Transplant

The use of Bepanthol cream is crucial after hair transplantation, especially during the first week after surgery. The main purpose of using the cream, which is called Bepanthol, is to moisturize the transplanted areas of the recipient’s hair. After the moisturizing period is done, you can have your shower.

Can you moisturize after hair transplant?

After a cosmetic operation, particularly a hair transplant, you have some duties. For example, after gently washing your head, dry your new hair with a paper towel. Please do not rub when doing so, but rather softly pat it. After that, apply moisturizer to the scalp until the scabs come off or the scalp feels dry. If the sensation of dryness persists, it is also possible to apply the moisturizer in between hair washes. To summarize, moisturize your scalp after a hair transplant to achieve the greatest outcomes. You should care yourself, because it is your second chance!

How do you moisturize after a hair transplant?

3-4 days after the hair transplant, you should do the first washing on the day specified by your doctor. During this process, you can soften the crusty area with lotions and gently wash your hair without damaging the hair follicles.

Why Is The Use of Bepanthol Lotion Important?

The use of Bepanthol lotion is crucial since the postoperative period of hair transplantation is critical to the operation’s efficacy. During this time, new follicles require attention, nourishment, and moisture. That is, you will require Bepanthol lotion.

Furthermore, washing your hair after a hair transplant is critical during this time. Because the transplanted hair may not fully settle into the target or recipient area in the first few days after the transplant, an inappropriate method may have a detrimental impact on the surgery’s outcome by harming the hair follicles. However, the act of washing your hair is not the only aspect to which you should pay attention; you need also pay attention to how you wash and what product you use while taking a shower.

At that point, Bepanthol will give you;

  • Moisture
  • Vitamins
  • Relieved and soften skin-scalp
  • The chance of alleviating itching and burning

To conclude, the use of Bepanthol Lotion is usually to quickly remove crusting from the patient’s head area after the procedure. The use of needles is common in hair transplant procedures performed with the FUE technique. Injecting hair into the bald area with a needle leads to the formation of edema on the patient’s scalp and crusting of these formations. The use of Bepanthol Lotion largely eliminates the patient’s discomfort of crusting and accelerates the healing process along with minimizing the risk of bleeding that can occur after a hair transplant.

How Should Bepanthol Lotion Be Applied?

Bepanthol Lotion should be applied slowly from above to the treated scalp of the patient. The crusted area should then be covered with a tampon. Never press on the patient’s scalp when applying the lotion. Otherwise, the crusted area may be damaged and serious health problems may occur. There is no problem if the lotion is applied to healthy skin. Nevertheless, you should remember that it is important that the lotion is applied evenly to all treated areas.

Furthermore, washing your hair is a two-step process that begins with hydrating and ends with gently shampooing the scalp. At that point, usage of Bepanthol comes into the stage again. You should set aside at least an hour to achieve the finest effects. Apply our softening and moisturizing lotion, Bepanthol, to the recipient areas 45 minutes before washing the scalp. Then, unwind for 45 minutes as the moisturizer absorbs into your scalp. After 45 minutes, apply our neutral shampoo to your moistened scalp and gently shampoo the entire scalp before rinsing.

Keep in mind that you should always be aware of reasonable amount of the lotion. The excess use of Bepanthol cream will not boost the effects of it. Thus, only a thin coating covering the grafts is required.

The steps you should follow to get the best results;

  • Apply Bepanthol, moisturizing lotion, to the transplanted recipient hair sections, wait 45 minutes, and then shampoo with a neutral shampoo.
  • While applying Bepanthol, you should never use your nails, instead, you should be very gentle.
  • You will shower at least once a day, but not more than two times a day, which means you will use Bepanthol at least once a day.

How Many Days Is The Lotion Used After The Hair Transplant?

Since each person’s metabolic characteristics are different, each person’s healing process is also unique. Therefore, it is not possible to give a specific time or period of use for products. However, this does not mean that there is not enough data to determine how many days you should use the aftercare products to get the maximum benefit and relief.

In our case, the product is Bepanthol lotion. Since you will be using the lotion to help yourself in the healing phase, the best feedback will come from your own body, especially your scalp.

So, you should at least use Bepanthol lotion in the first two week after the surgery until you see that your scars are totally cicatrized. Then you will wait for loosing these crusts.

To summarize, 15 days for the first phase and 5 days for the second phase would enough.