5 Steps to Working Out After a Tummy Tuck

5 Steps to Working Out After a Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is the best solution for patients who get rid of unwanted fat, such as those located in the waist area, but if you do not exercise after surgery, you may end up suffering from one problem after another.  According to research, when fat is removed from the abdominal area, the body replaces it with increased levels of abdominal fat, which may expose the patient’s body more and more to the risk of diabetes or heart disease.  Therefore, in order not to have any side effects, doctors recommend patients follow a regular exercise regimen after surgery. Exercising is the best solution to get long-term results after liposuction and tummy tuck operation.

 The patient should start exercising after undergoing liposuction, at least two to six weeks after the surgery, to make sure that the wounds are completely healed and that they will not open again due to pressure.  However, light activities such as walking can be done to get the body used to exercise (without the risk of bleeding), before moving on to more intense activities after the recovery period.

The patient can also gradually ramp up the pace of regular exercise, such as using a treadmill, each week following surgery.  For example, the patient walks at a speed of about 1.5 km per hour during the first week, then increases the speed during the second week to about 3 km per hour, in the third week, about 4.5 km per hour, and so forth.
 If the patient feels discomfort during exercise, they should stop.  This is a warning indication that the incisions resulting from the surgery may be damaged.

If the patient follows a regular exercise regime, they must adhere to it.  Strength training and cardio exercises are surefire ways to burn the excess belly fat that the body may have to produce to compensate for the lost fat.  One study showed that women who exercised regularly, about 3 times a week, can lose fat, while women who did not exercise gained excess belly fat.  Therefore, you should exercise for at least 20 minutes a day.

No exercise will work if it is not supported by a healthy diet.  Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are good sources of carbohydrates that will not leave you hungry.

It is preferable to eat small meals during the day rather than adopting large meals.  In this way, the patient will avoid overeating and the risk of gaining weight, especially in the abdominal area.  Also, the body can maintain high levels of energy. Going gym would be a good idea to not gain extra weight. Membership makes the patient excited to exercise regularly, especially since he pays the subscription fee.

How long after a tummy tuck can you start working out?

Every person is distinct, and every process of healing is personal, thus, your restoration will be different from the other patients’. Your physical make-up, well before physical health, dietary practices, surroundings, and support system all play a role in your recovery period – and your surgeon’s guidance takes these and many other aspects into consideration. To get the desirable outcome, it is vital to carefully follow your surgeon’s recovery guidelines for care following a tummy tuck. Attempting to bypass rehabilitation phases or driving through the process of recovery too quickly not only leads to irritation, but it can also undo the results you’ve already achieved.

So, you should wait at least 8 to 10 weeks to start working out, even then, you should not force yourself and your muscles.

What exercises can I do after tummy tuck?

The basic exercise you can do after tummy tuck is walking. Walking is vital after tummy tuck operation; per day after your treatment, you must move a little better while more and further than the previous. Most patients can resume mild weightlifting exercises approximately 3 weeks following a stomach tuck treatment after they are comfortable with light cardiovascular activity. In addition to modest aerobic activities, they should include workouts that develop your biceps, chest, neck, and thighs. However, significant weightlifting should be avoided at this period. You can slowly begin to increase your workout regimen, like Pilates and yoga, after around 5-6 weeks after your tummy tuck operation, and provided that your surgeon has granted you consent.