Will I have noticeable scarring after tummy tuck?

Will I have noticeable scarring after tummy tuck?

Scarring is an inevitable part after a tummy tuck like any other surgery, or even after small cuts. The wound activates more collagen fibers, which gather in an untidy manner, forming connected networks of fibers, making the scar appear irregularly. However, the matter is different after the tummy tuck operation, where very precise cosmetic stitches are used that help make the shape of the tummy tuck wound after healing smooth and similar to the body’s tissue, and not noticeable at all.

The types of scars differ according to the technique used, and therefore the shape of the tummy tuck wound differs according to it, as there are incisions. Surgical operations around the navel, lower abdomen, or around the abdomen, depending on the degree of sagging and the tummy tuck technique used.

In any type of tummy tuck surgery; there will be a scar in the pelvic area, lower abdomen, and above the pubic area extending between

 The bones of the hips and their length varies according to the technique, and the length of the scar ranges only a few centimeters, and sometimes it exceeds the back of the hip bones, in the case of lower back sagging, or severe sagging. Some tummy tuck techniques are in which a surgical incision is made around the navel, in case the appearance of the skin has changed so much that the navel is lowered below the midline level. In other cases, the abdomen is wrinkled, or the skin is slack and hangs around the navel from both sides to the point of they are hidden behind the skin.

 It may be due to the separation of the abdominal muscles after multiple experiences of pregnancy and childbirth, or the muscle separation resulting from harsh exercise. The surgical incision may be vertically extending from the navel longitudinally to the lower abdomen or around it in a circular motion.

In all cases, the incision is in the lower abdomen. If the lower part of the abdomen is relaxed, the incision extends below the abdomen for several centimeters, which is called the mini-abdominoplasty, and in the case of flabbiness along the abdomen, there is a lower surgical incision the abdomen and around the navel together, which is an enlarged tummy tuck.

It is above the abdomen and lower chest when performing a reverse tummy tuck, and it is one of the uncommon techniques, and it is done for those who have looseness and excess skin in the upper part of the abdomen without the lower, or from the weakness of the muscles of the upper abdomen.

What is good for scars after a tummy tuck?

Scars result from any type of cosmetic surgery that requires incisions. With appropriate care and these helpful hints, the scarring from your tummy tuck procedure can be visibly minimized to the point where they are scarcely detectable.

All you need to do is to follow the elements written below, they are the main things you should know about.

  • If you feel your incision is infected at any moment, notify your doctor right once.
  • Avoid using irritant-causing items and apparel.
  • Begin following the incision care instructions we provide you with immediately after your operation.
  • Don’t let your scars get tanned.
  • Do not pick at your scars and apply moisturizers directly to them.

So, you have control of your recovery period to some degree in terms of the scars and recovery of them.

How to heal scars after tummy tuck

To heal scars after tummy tuck, you may try many things. For example, it’s critical that you implement your surgeon’s post-operative instructions to the letter. To begin, attempt to walk as quickly as feasible after your tummy tuck to speed up the healing process. Inflammation and the danger of blood clots are reduced as a result. Try to abstain from cigarettes and intimate activity for at least six weeks. Finally, some studies show that applying vitamin E externally to scars might help them seem nicer. So, you may use vitamin E treatments to help keep your scar moistened.