Why is Istanbul, Turkey so cheap for hair transplant?

Why is Turkey so cheap for hair transplant?

Turkey is a renowned country that does hair transplants at a lower cost than other countries. However, this does not imply that the clinics or services are unqualified, or that their qualities are low or ordinary. Because the prices in other nations are so expensive, hair transplant surgeries in Turkey sounds cheap. As a result, there are various explanations for the low cost of effective hair transplant procedures.

First of all, Turkey is one of the few countries in the world where all health-care services are offered free of charge to all citizens. This permitted the establishment of hospitals in all Turkish cities over the years, as well as the employment of thousands of medical doctors. Naturally, medical education has evolved at both the university and clinical levels. Nevertheless, the high number of hair clinic or the services does not mean that the personals working there are not randomly selected to afford the need. Instead, it is a must to hold a qualification to actively participate in an operation due to the strict medical standards. Long to short, the first reason why hair implant surgeries or operations are so cheap is the fact that there plenty of doctors and clinics.

The second reason for this cheap operations is the accommodation costs. For instance, if you want to hire a place which nearly is 1000 square- feet, you must pay approximately £6000. But, when it comes to Turkey, things are different. For the same place, you will pay only £2500.

Another factor for the low expenses is that life in Turkey is inexpensive for foreign visitors. The dropping Turkish Lira and continuous foreign currency revenues enabled various clinics in getting attractive rates within hospitals, which has undoubtedly been reflected in their cost structure, from which patients from outside can benefit greatly. On the other side, Turkey’s economic crisis necessitates that workers or employees work for cheap wages. So, when it is analysed, it is crystal clear why getting hair transplant in Turkey is definitely a “win and win” situation for a patient who visits Turkey as a medical tourists. On the side of the clinics or hospitals, when labour expenses are this low and earnings are much greater, to run a business and increase revenues, some clinics employ a large number of technicians and accept more than ten patients per day. That means that you are not welcomed as only a guest or patient but also as a financial instrument. Nevertheless, it is still so profitable to go to Turkey and get hair transplant. All you need to do is a meticulous research to discriminate.

Last but not the least, among these positive and profitable elements, there is one bad and ugly reason why these transplant operations are so cheap. The ugly reason is that some doctors are not properly trained for their positions. The surge in demand offered opportunity for numerous doctors who specialized in completely other fields of medicine. Some clinics have overnight become a hair transplant centre, and with a beautiful website, making it difficult for potential patients to realize how qualified or not the clinic they are working with is. Luckily, it is not that bad or difficult to comprehend the clinic is good or not. For instance, there are a lot of websites which enable reading the patient reviews about the operation that they got. There, you are able to see photographs and videos that taken by the real-patients. As a result, you will be able to see where the good or bad is.

In conclusion, the reasons aforementioned makes it cheap to get a cosmetic surgery in Turkey. As it said before, all you need to do is a meticulous research.

Why do so many people get hair transplants in Turkey?

Although there are dozens of board-certified hair transplant surgeons throughout the US and Europe who provide clients with natural results that last a lifetime, some people choose to travel overseas for a hair transplant, such as to Turkey.

The fundamental reason for Turkey’s fame is the low cost of highly trained surgeons. Because clinics in Turkey employ domesticated materials manufactured in the nation, surgeons can manipulate the prices.

Another significant cause for its fame is the country’s excellently planned side shores, which provide you with the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful holiday with sun and golden sand.

To summarize, the country’s low costs and geographical location make it one of the most sought-after destinations for patients undergoing surgery.

Why Is Turkey Popular For Hair Transplant?

Turkey is popular as a hair transplantation center in the world for a bunch of reasons. First of all, the prices are so affordable and the success rates are so high, up to 98%. On the other hand, the surgeons and their health care team are so qualified that you will nearly feel at home, they are so frequent in many languages. Lastly, Turkey is a tourist destination and many people go there for their summer holidays, which means it is so safe to go there for any reason. The only thing to do is to buy a ticket and wait for the goodness you will have.