Scalp After Hair Transplant

The patient who has undergone hair transplantation does not feel very well in the first hours with the effect of narcotic drugs and in the next few days with the effect of edema. It becomes difficult for us to protect any organ in our non-sensory body against external influences. Scalp after hair transplant, of course, can experience extraordinary situations. If there is a nerve injury in the arm and hand cuts, there is a feeling of disturbance in the areas where this nerve goes, and it is often seen that there are injuries in these areas without realizing it. After the hair operation, the patients should protect the operated parts very well for at least 3-5 days.

How scalp looks after hair transplant?

Since the interventions in the transplantation area during hair transplantation operations cause slight bleeding and incision fluids, these fluids crust over a few days after transplantation. This process, which appears as crusting after hair transplantation, is not a cause for concern as it occurs due to healing.

How long does scalp stay numb after transplant?

The reason for numb in the head area after hair transplant is the drugs used during treatment. These drugs are applied to ensure that the least pain is felt during treatment and that the root penetrates the skin in the best way. Numb will pass within 2-3 months of treatment. After hair transplant surgery, your scalp may appear red and swollen. There will also probably be crustacean at the transport site. Note, however, that the discomfort is mild. Within two to three days, all side effects will be gone.

How long does the scalp hurt after hair transplant?

There will be some discomfort and suffering related with the operation, ranging from minor to moderate and oral drugs will be able to cure this.

Within 48 to 72 hours of operation, the pain and agony should start to subside. If your discomfort worsens significantly after this time, you should contact the hospital.

The stiffness in your head is likely to be the source of the majority of your suffering. Stiffness will be noticeable in both the target area and the area where the donor hairs were removed. Over the course of a few weeks, the stiffness will progressively decrease.

How long does it take for your scalp to heal after hair transplant?

Hair grafts planted after hair transplantation will go through several stages before the exact desired results are achieved. Hair growth can take about 1 year or a little more than a year before the desired results are achieved. After hair transplant, the processes of flushing and crust, shell loss and shock loss occur. These processes are completely normal. All of the planted hair comes out and the success of the treatment appears exactly within a year. Hair transplantation is done by transplant of grafts taken from the donor area to the target area one by one. After this procedure, rashes appear on the skin. The formed shells are shed for up to fifteen days. In the process one to three months after the shedding of the shells, a shock shedding phase occurs. The remaining parts of the hair planted with shock loss are shed on the skin and the production of new strands of hair begins.

How can I take care of my scalp after hair transplant?

If you have to work in a dirty environment for the first 3 days after hair transplantation, you should definitely wear a hat. Do not apply hair spray or gel to your hair for the first 15 days. After 3 weeks, the hair in the transplanted areas may fall out, do not worry. Hair will grow back in 8 weeks. The actual care process begins 2 – 3 days after the hair transplant operation. After 2-3 days, the first hair washing process will be performed. But you will not do it, your doctor or medical team will do it. The first hair wash will be performed with extremely delicate touches using special shampoos and lotions. After washing, no towels will be used, only hair dryer drying will be provided. The issue of towels is one of the care recommendations that you should pay attention to for a long time.

How do I moisturize my scalp after hair transplant?

3-4 days after the hair transplant, you should do the first washing on the day specified by your doctor. During this process, you can soften the crusty area with lotions and gently wash your hair without damaging the hair follicles.