How long will you have pain after a breast lift?

How long will you have pain after a breast lift?

Patients often feel some discomfort or pain after doing breast lift surgery. Pain will be at its peak in the first 2 -3 days of the surgery. Most women told us that this procedure is way less painful than what they have expected, saying that it’s more discomfort and pain limited to the incisions rather than pain within the breasts or over the chest.

You need to take some medication after surgery such as regular paracetamol and anti-inflammatories, they are very effective in reducing your pain and discomfort levels after breast lift surgery.

You could feel a little bit tired for the first few days after surgery, which is due to the effects of anesthesia. Keep in mind that your body is using its whole energy for healing; so, sleeping at night before and or after the surgery is good to reduce any tiredness after breast lift surgery.

We advise you to organize things in your house before surgery such as having somewhere comfortable to rest, having some meals cooked, having people around to help you, and of course, having some Netflix shows to watch. These things will distract you from feeling any pain and will keep you comfortable during the recovery period.

It is normal to feel that your chest is tight and sore after your breast lift. You can ask your doctor to inject you with a local anesthetic; however, it is common to feel the following in your breasts:

  • Tingling or shooting pains.
  • Itching in the incision.
  • Burning sensations.
  • Numbness in nipples.

Most of those sensations should have gone after six weeks from surgery. Some patients experience shooting pains in their breast up to six months or more after the breast lift procedure.

It may take over a year for some sensations to disappear completely. This is because some of your breast nerves have stretched during and after surgery and it can take a long time to return to normal. Report to your doctor if you feel any unusual pain, he will tell you what is normal and can describe some powerful painkillers to help you feel relief.

Is it normal to have pain after breast lift and augmentation?

Yes, it is normal to have pain after breast lift and augmentation. For the first two to three weeks after breast surgery, pain and soreness are frequent, especially around the scars. Implementing  postoperative recommendations, especially scar care, is a smart method to avoid problems that might cause more pain.

Soreness usually goes away with edema, which can take a month, and it can take up to six weeks to restart all of your routine activities. In your follow-up appointments, doctors will assist you in determining when to restart various hobbies.

How bad is pain after a breast lift?

Individuals want to know what happens after any surgery, especially those in which surgeons make incisions to perform. One of the things that patients want to know is how much pain they will experience.

You will have some pain in the chest and breast area following breast lift surgery. Nonetheless, the pain will be no more or lesser than that of any surgical procedure. The majority of those who report discomfort rate it as a 6 out of 10.

However, this does not imply that you will experience pain, as pain concerns are directly tied to the general condition of the body and nerve system.

So, there can be no generalization, but if you are concerned about the discomfort and have any doubts, the best thing to do is to consult a specialist.