How Long Does a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Last?

How Long Does a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Last?

As you already know the Brazilian butt lift or (BBL) is a surgery that basically being transferred fat from a part of the body such as thighs or tummy to the butt. It is a cosmetic procedure that aims to create bigger and more appealing buttocks by increasing the fullness of your hips. Using advanced liposuction techniques to safely suction the fat cells from your abdomen, low back, hips, thighs, or any unpleasant part of your body and inject them again into your buttocks. Fat cells need certain preparation to be used as an implant again; we inject them to the targeted places of your body to create a shape that is more attractive and pleasant for you and others around you. This surgery also solves the sagging and shapelessness in your buttocks that can happen with aging.

A Brazilian butt lift does not use silicone implants, like other buttocks surgeries, it is using your fat, which provides more natural results compared to other kinds of cosmetic procedures. This makes this surgery very safe since it does not use foreign implants inside your body. In addition to that, BBL has lower infection risks than using silicone buttock implants.

The results of Brazilian butt lifts can last several months’ even years since the fillers are your body fat. However, you may need up to 6 months doing more than one surgery to achieve better results. You should know that final BBL results could take up to six months to be noticed.

You can discuss the operation with your plastic surgeon; he would inform you about the surgery steps in addition to preparations and the guidelines that need to be followed to achieve the best possible results. As you know, taking care of yourself in recovery is essential to maintain results for years to come. 

How long does a non-surgical Brazilian bum lift last?

The usual lifespan of a non-surgical Brazilian bum lift is 2 to 3 years; however, this varies from patient to patient. A few proportions of people have had their surgery endure up to four years.

You should massage the treated spot, guard your against from sun damage, keep your body weight stable, and perform butt workouts to have your butt look beautiful for as much as physically possible. A simple weightlifting workout, for instance, may firm up your glutes and make them appear puffier. Squat leaps, single-leg weight training, and burpee squat pushes should all be included in your exercise routine.

What happens to BBL after years?

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), also known as gluteal fat transfer, is a beauty operation that employs liposuction and fat transfer technology to give a woman a bit of a belly and a wider butt.

But, what about the coming years?

After the surgery or procedure, your butt will be more attractive and the first thing to acknowledge is the outcomes of a BBL will differ based on how the buttock is handled following surgery.

Nevertheless, there may be a small generalization about the things that you will get face to face after years.

If you care for your BBL in the right way, it could very well last around decades. As a result, based on how diligently you maintain your buttocks during the healing time, you should anticipate the benefits of a BBL to last for several years.