Hair Transplant vs Hair Weaving

Which is better: round or anatomical implants?

Many people confuse hair weaving with hair transplant, so, it is very important to explain the difference between these two procedures. You should know that hair weaving is only a hair wig or extension which is attached to your scalp. While a hair transplant is a surgical procedure done by a plastic surgeon. While hair weaving is done by a trained hairstylist, its cost varies from one hair salon to another.

Many people tend to use hair weaves to hide the patch of baldness over their scalp, these artificial hair extensions will be tied to the existing hairs on the sides of the scalp. Those ties which are usually called weaves are tied to prevent the extensions from falling.

The larger the bald patch is, the larger the weaving area will be, you would need more extensions in that case. Hair ties should be frequently removed for cleaning the scalp and re-tying the hair extensions on for about 2 to 3 months or even 6 to 7 months.

On the other hand, a hair transplant is a medical procedure, the surgeon will harvest hairs from one part of the scalp and implant them on areas that suffer from hair loss. We know that a hair transplant can be a little expensive, and will need to have plenty of hairs to perform the procedure. While hair transplant is common among people who suffer from permanent hair loss, bald spots, or scalp injury. However, it is not considered a good option for men and women who have widespread hair loss throughout the scalp, insufficient hair follicles, or hair loss are due to medication like chemotherapy.

Which one is better: Hair Transplant or Hair Weaving?

Each one of these two procedures has its own advantages, and disadvantages, as we already know hair weaving is non-surgical, that is why anybody can do hair weaving regardless of their medical illness. You should also know that hair weaving is less expensive than a hair transplant, in addition, you can get immediate results after hair waving since the extensions cover up the bald areas instantly.

However, there are many problems connected with hair weaving, such as Unnatural look, people around you can spot even the best hands hair weaves easily, in addition to, scalp hygiene deteriorates since you can’t remove your hair weaves every day to wash your scalp, which may lead to dandruff, folliculitis, bad smell, and many other infections. Some of these infections may lead to permanent loss of existing hair follicles especially in the summer season.

As we have mentioned, hair weaves are tied to the original hairs, which usually suffer from permanent traction alopecia. This requires frequent caring, such as untying, cleaning, and retying the hair extension, which cannot be possible on a daily basis.

Hair transplant, on the other hand, doesn’t require any maintenance expenditures following surgery, it is a one-time treatment, that may cost more, but has a long-term result that is worth your money.

Hair weaving can be better for men who are experiencing temporary baldness, while hair transplant is for people who seek more long-lasting results. If you choose hair weaving, you can’t change their haircuts regularly, you would also require specific shampoos and conditioners after the treatment for a long time, and its effects will fade after only two months, whereas hair transplant does not need frequent visits to the clinic and give you more natural permeant results.

How to choose between hair transplant and hair weaving?

Some people may choose hair weaving over hair transplant when they don’t have enough hair donor supply due to any medical illness, which makes hair transplant unable to be performed. While other people don’t prefer hair weaving because of its unnatural look since it will be often visible in the frontal area. That is why a hair transplant is the best option for your troubles since it relies on your own hair to cover the bald areas of your scalp. 

You should also take into consideration the cost of both methods. Of course, since it is a medical procedure, a hair transplant will be more expensive than hair weaving. However, hair weaving is only a temporary solution for your hair loss problem, so it is not the best investment for your money. Both procedures can take hours to be performed, however, hair weaves will require your visit again, either to change extensions or attach more of them. While hair transplants need only one session to perform the surgery.

So, if you want a long-term natural result, and only one session procedure, then a hair transplant is the right choice for you, while hair waving can be the answer for people who don’t care about natural results and only want to cover their bald scalp with a temporary solution. Hair Transplant can be a costly surgery. However, the expense can be different from one country or one clinic to another, more people are leaning toward hair transplant now, especially since it has zero reactions.