You may be experiencing a hair lost whether you are a man or woman, it is so natural and all is about your health and appearance. But, if you do not take it as a natural process, you may want to chance situation. At that point, you may be looking for a hair transplant surgery.

For any client looking for a dependable, economical, and cost-effective approach to tackle the life-changing problems that inevitably emerge from receding hairlines, genetic baldness, and scalp damage, one of the greatest clinics in Spain is Barcelona.

Of course, there is a cost for this luxury, because a hair transplant surgery is a delicate operation, the surgeons should be experienced. And, as you may guess, you cannot buy experience but deserve. As a result, you should at least have $3100 in your bank account.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Spain?

Language Spanic
Capital Madrid
Medical Tourism Centers Barcellona, Madrid, Malaga
Popular Regions Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia
Currency Euro

In Spain, the estimated price of a hair transplant is €10300, with a starting cost of €6900 and a peak cost of $14100. Malaga, for example, has become one of the towns in Spain with the most of the facilities, with 19 already offering such type of surgery. Hair transplantation is performed in medical centers, hair centers, and independent hospitals, and in recent years, an increasing number of people are considering a hair transplant surgery to boost their moods. Remember that hair transplantation plans in Spain vary in price depending on the facility and may offer several benefits in different cities.

Hair Transplant in Turkey vs Spain: Which is Better ?

If you have been considering hair restoration treatment and comparing two countries, Turkey and Spain, it’s no surprise you to choose the first country because Turkey is one of the top venues for a hair transplant. Every year, approximately 20,000 people travel to Turkey for medical treatment, expecting the same or higher quality than they would receive at home. Prices for 2000 grafts using a FUE hair transplant process start at $1,750, which is roughly 70% less than what you would pay in Spain. On the other hand, the holiday you will get in the south cost of Turkey will be the complementary gift for you.

Price Comparison Turkey and  Spain

Patients are generally concerned about costs when considering a hair transplantation, as costs are one of the most important factors to address when making a selection. It is critical at this moment to pick a facility that provides a hygienic and cheap procedure. A hair transplant in Spain is expected to cost €10300, with a beginning price of €6900 and a maximum price of €14100. However, in Turkey, the costs are considerably cheaper, and you will get a really excellent process and perfect outcomes. In Turkey, a hair transplantation is likely to be between €1760 and €2460.

Why is Turkey the Best Place to Get Hair Transplant if You Are from Spain?

If you are from Spain and want to get a hair transplant at a lower cost than in your home country, you should definitely fly to Turkey. The reasons for this unequivocal recommendation are;

  • Turkey’s expert surgeons
  • Certified clinics
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Tourist attractions

As a result, Turkey has emerged as a popular destination for people looking for a high-quality hair transplant at a cheap price. The country’s medical operations are recognized as some of the best, and the low cost of medical treatments when compared to the United States and Europe make Turkey a popular location for hair transplants.